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When Keto Optimized Diet is searched on amazon.com, Absolute Keto Pills comprises one result. On Keto proffers its one OKOBUS bottle, carrying sixty capsules, through amazon.com. Following lines review many On Keto embedded OKOBUS features to ascertain veracity there. Let’s begin reviewing.  

  1. The Newly Refined Formula 

Amazon.com shows On Ok crafting this OKOBUS feature to catch attention. Let’s probe. According to it, Newly Refined Formula powers OKOBUS. Right, some OKOBUS related questions rise their heads. For example, what attributes, properties, facilities, etc., make present OKOBUS better. How On Keto came to realize? What are its findings? Where is the old formulary, at least? What else entity, concern, laboratory, government acknowledge and support it? No reply emerges. This is how OKOBUS earns its first dent. Let’s move on.  


  1. The Manufacturer Information 

This bit of information, even regarding Absolute Keto Pills is a must. Reasons are many. It is first trust building step. It helps better, deeper, and more encompassing searches of various aspects. These shore up repute. Genuine maker provides this information. Rather, they pride in doing so. Visit Microsoft, Cisco, and likewise concern. They provide plentiful information. The targeted market increases, etc. Let’s see On Keto situation here.  

 There is shocking news. Except the front label, nothing on OKOBUS specific amazon.com webpage explain the manufacturer whereabouts. Let’s see label behaviour. Propriety Blend marks the top. O/K follows it. On Keto appears afterward. What amongst three OKOBUS label showed names make it? Why it isn’t clear. Let’s peruse the remaining label. Let alone On Keto, Proprietary Blend, and Ok, the word manufacturer doesn’t appear. Why a successful, (self-claimed though) manufacturer wouldn’t cash its success. There is no such example. Even people cash their: 

  1. Own success 
  1. That of their kith and kin 


The OKOBUS label’s backside complicates the jigsaw further. It says Ribver, Inc. distributes Absolute Keto Pills. Fine, but where is the OKOBUS manufacturer? No answer. Let’s probe Ribver Inc. a bit. Its address on OKOBUS label is 750 Otay Lakes Road #148, Chula Vista, CA 91910. Let’s seek Google Maps help here. The findings are shocking, and OKOBUS trust shaking as postalannex.com emerges there.  


There is another doubtful notion. The email address following Ribver Inc., uses some imagesearch.com domain rather than that of Rivber, On Keto, etc., Let’s check the Imagesearch.com. Google finds it on sale. Blatant lies. 


  1. Turn Your Keto On 

Next Absolute Keto Pills claim is it Turns Your Keto On. Google returns with no Keto results. This Google try assures Keto exists nowhere; it means nothing, etc. What does Turning Keto On mean/ signify? Not OKOBUS content part mentions it let alone delineating for the product, i.e., OKOBUS, that is to earn profit. What does it suggest? Another devious gimmick. Let’s move forward.  


  1. Lab Tested 

Apparently, this OKOBUS information bit is to popularize, gratify, adore, etc., the raison d’être, the Optimized BHB Diet. Many lacunae emerge here. The presence of lacuna smacks the ramshackle repute. Let’s see. The OKOBUS tested Lab’s whereabouts aren’t mentionedWhy? Was testing illegal, shameful, unethical, etc.? Was the lab doubtful. What were its capabilities? What certifications, compliances, acknowledgement, affiliations, etc., it had earned?  What aspects were testedWhat was the date? Where are the findings? Do Lab findings of OKOBUS give a bad name to Absolute Keto Pills? What else can be OKOBUS Lab test finding withholding rationale here? Simply, the Lab Tested OKOBUS works otherwise by exposing reality 


  1. Made by Scientists 

Must be an achievement for OKOBUS making scientists. All discoveries, inventions, innovations, developments, etc., fetch pride, recognition, better prospects for their stakeholders. It is the norm. Why it isn’t so at Absolute Keto Pills. Do those scientists not find OKOBUS their success, achievement, pride, etc., Then, why On Keto leases amazon.com webpage is devoid of their: 

  1. Names 
  1. Experiences 
  1. Contributions here 

Overall contributions/ achievements, etc. This situation signifies one thing. This claim too is untrue.  


  1. Formulated in the USA 

The OKOBUS formulation on the USA soil must be pride for: 

  1. USA government 
  1. USA state 
  1. USA nationals 

Especially, the USA denizens who formulated Absolute Keto Pills, etc. Despites these facts, why OKOBUS doesn’t bother even mentioning those. Clearly, this claim is falsehood based.  


  1. GMP Compliant 

The next claim penned on OKOBUS specific amazon.com webpage is its, i.e., OKOBUS, being GMP compliant. Good for it. However, some questions emerge. The previous On Keto behaviour aggravates it further. What entity did GMP audit on what date? What was the place? As OKOBUS fails in pointing out its: 

  1. Manufacturer’s name 
  1. Its manufacturer’s address, etc.,  

so, answering need surges. Where lies the evidence? If it is real, why OKOBUS webpage is devoid of it. Despite it, there is no reply.  


  1. High Quality 

Firstly, On Keto Optimized BHB Salts should define High Quality remit her exactly. Secondly, evidence should follow. OKOBUS disappoints on both fronts. 


  1. Optimized BHB Complex 

How come? How OKOBUS stakeholders gets its BHB Complex optimized? What is the method? Is it recognized? Is it safe? What is its efficiency? What are its exact benefits? Again no reply.  


  1. Energy Surge 

OKOBUS is about causing Ketosis. It might be true. But one thing is doubtful. How surge visits Ketosis oriented energy production. Fat-burning does bring energy. What entity finds Fat brought energy more than that of carb brought? What exactly is that surge? How does OKOBUS find, quantify and harness it?  


  1. Increase Endurance 

No information is available.  


  1. Cognitive Performance 

 No information is available. 


  1. Safety  

No information is available. 


  1. Sanitation  

No information exists.  


  1. Innovative  

No information exists. 


  1. No Horrible Taste 

No information exists. 


  1. Risk Free 

No details are available. 


  1. Exogenous Ketones Proprietary Complex 

No details available. 


  1. Formulated for Ketosis 

No information exists. 


  1. Natural Energy  

No information exists 


  1. Keto Pills 

No Information exists. 

  1. Natural Cognition 

No data are available.  


  1. Fat Burner 

No data support available. 


  1. Shred Fat 

No details are available. 


  1. Energy Boost 

No details are available. 


  1. BHB Ketones 

No details are available.  


  1. Bio available 

No information is available.  


  1. Made in the USA 

No evidence available.  


  1. The FDA registered Facility  

No evidence provided here. 


  1. Focus 

No details are provided. 



Obviously, Absolute Keto Pills is a fake brand.  


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