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Weight management is a hot potato presently. The man is contemplating multiple weight solutions, including dietary supplements. In dietary supplements, 1Clinique Health Supplements presents its striving, i.e., Amayze Life Keto (CBKS) on and sells one CBKS bottle for $29.00. However, sells a value pack of six CBKS bottle for $91.84. lists many CBKS features. The present situation demands precautions. The chief reason is swarming fake products. The following is a review of 1Clinique Health Supplement’s foresaid striving.


  1. Dollar Sign

The first noticeable notion here, i.e., the 1Clinique Health Supplements website, is the wrong $ placement. Money symbols precede digits. However, appears ignorant of it. It signifies the content quality. It gives an idea too.


  1. The Manufacturer Information

Retrieving manufacturing information is important. 1Clinique Health Supplements provides this information on Amayze Life Keto label. Google results do reach 53 20 W Wells Park Rd Ste1, 84081-5615, West Jordan, UTAH, USA. However, no sign suggests 1Clinique Health Supplements has any connection with 53 20 W, Wells Park Rd Ste1, 84081-5615, West Jordan, UTAH, USA. Consequently, the 50,000 square feet claim is punctured. The label shows 50,000 square foot rather than 50,000 square feet. See the content quality.


  1. Let’s Try Phone Numbers
    1. The 1Clinique Health Supplements pens two phones numbers on Amayze Life Keto label, i.e., +1-801-210-8655, and +6581610324. Let’s see through Google lens one by one. Google results are disappointing for 1Clinique Health Supplements followers. Except forcom website, no other record, website, report, correspondence, data, registration even clues about the 1-801-210-8655 connection with 1Clinique Health Supplements.


  1. Next number is +6581610324. The country code, i.e., +65, separates chalk from cheese. The whole 1Clinique Health Supplements content blares and prides in the USA origin. The Country Code Organization informs +65 is International dialling code of Singapore. Singapore emerges nowhere here. What does it suggest? A pack of lies. Besides, dispatching from Singapore to the US mainland would incur backbone breaking postage.


  1. About US blends confusion further. Clicking here takes to Interestingly, doesn’t mention 1Clinque any way. What does it suggest? spiral and devious information.


  1. BHB Salts Carry Necessary Nutrients
    1. 1Clinique Health Supplements claims that Amayze Life Keto comprising BHB Salts carry necessary nutrients. A shocking information. No other than claims likewise. Not even informative websites. Encyclopaedia Britannica,, NCBI, etc., and likewise information fountains are complete unaware here.


  1. Besides, the 1Clinique Health Supplements ingredient profile doesn’t even clue. Where are their names? Why content doesn’t shine 1Clinique Health Supplements provided Necessary Nutrients role here. Another blatant lie.


  1. Colon Cleanser

1Clinique Health Supplements content reveals CBLKS has Colon Cleansing ability. Attractive for a second only. One wonders what CBLKS ingredient does it? Where are Colon Cleansing efficiency and safety data? Does some independent and competent notion support and believe in this CBLKS claim? There is no answer.


  1. Diuretic

CBLKS claims almost another medical feature despites being a dietary supplement by 1Clinique Health Supplements. Just like the Colon Cleanser situation, the diuretic claim isn’t followed by efficiency and safety data. There is no response correspondence. This absence deflates it.


  1. GMP

1Clinique Health Supplements advertises its Amayze Life Keto GMP beautified. Let’s see. Many links are missing here. There is book keeping. No GMP auditor has been mentioned, let alone contact details. Time stamp information is missing. Simply, it is baseless.


  1. FDA Registered Facility

1Clinique Health Supplements ventilates that FDA Registered Facility adorns its CBLKS. However, 1Clinique Health Supplements pulls a long face regarding data based support/ evidence. No document, process, paperwork supports it. The chief evidence is 1Clinique Health Supplements doesn’t mention CBLKS making FDA Registered Facility’ name, let alone address, registration, ability range and likewise information.


  1. 3rd party Tested

Let’s put 3rd Party Tested claim on the anvil of reality. Reality reveals hollowness here too. The lab name isn’t stated. Similarly, its abilities, certifications, endorsements, experience, registrations aren’t mentioned. Similarly, what Amayze Life Keto aspects are tested, no one knows. 1Clinique Health Supplements doesn’t show results either. These phenomena signify one thing. It too is a lie.


  1. Gluten Free

This is an inappropriate notion. Gluten comprises certain cereals. Gluten Free applies to formularies utilizing one or more, Gluten entailing, cereal but saving the consumer from Gluten simultaneously. There are only ingredients. There is no such cereal. What does it suggest? No truth here too.


  1. Non-GMO

One wonders what CBLKS ingredient can be GMO first, let alone Non-GMO. There is no such mention. 1Clinique Health Supplements fails in presenting Non-GMO accreditation, as provided from Non-GMO Project USAD, etc. These two notions reveal falsehood here too.


  1. Made in the USA

Another false claim. Firstly, 1Clinique Health Supplements doesn’t present any evidence. No agreement, no registration, no test report, no correspondence, no lease document, no land/ building purchase document (FDA certified facility) is provided. Google has negated 1Clinique Health Supplements address and phone numbers already.


  1. Money Back Guarantee
    1. Apparently, 1Clinique Health Supplements gives Money Back Guarantee on its CBLKS. Wait a minute! Is it true? No idea! Let’s review it first. 1Clinique Health Supplements promised Money Back Guarantee finds no mention on Amayze Life Keto Why? Is there something shameful? Is there something illegal? If not, why 1Clinique Health Supplements doesn’t pen it on CBLKS label.


  1. Besides, no Money Back Guarantee terms and conditions are available. Why? Why dos and don’ts evade 1Clinique Health Supplements attention here. One USA based 1Clinique Health Supplements mentioned phone number is invalid. The other is non-American. These notions rip falsehood off.


  1. About Us

Genuine concerns enrich About Us as much as possible. Reasons are publicity, gaining readers/ visitors’ trust, outshining rival brands, shining prospects, etc., Here About Page takes to another website, that is, ‘ About Us doesn’t mention 1Clinique Health Supplements, let alone CBLKS. Another negation.


  1. Normalizing Sugar Level
    1. One wonders what makes 1Clinique Health Supplements draw a longbow regarding its ingredient profile. Three ingredients appear giving their shoulder to the wheel of Colon Cleanser, Diuretic benefit, fat burning, mental performance, supporting ketosis, fuelling body, increasing energy and fighting oxidative stress. Truly, unbelievable.


  1. 1Clinique Health Supplements doesn’t mention how its CBLKS normalizes sugar level. Every day dawns new Blood Sugar control aspect. What makes CBLKS succeed here? There is neither description, nor 1Clinique Health Supplements claim supporting challenge.


  1. Supports Ketosis

The raison d’être of CBLKS, however, 1Clinique Health Supplements doesn’t bother giving a dime. There is no CBLKS supporting Ketosis description, let alone evidence.


  1. Mental Performance
  2. Supports Ketosis
  3. Fuels Body
  4. Fights Oxidative Stress
  5. Increases energy



Having read elaborated and non-elaborated CBLKS points, Amayze Life Keto appears a fake product

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