AMX Male Enhancement

One Jacked Factor supplement formulated to shore up Testosterone presence in men is AMX Male EnhancementJacked Factor proffers its Androsurge through: 


Let’s check Androsurge prices there before shining this Jacked Factory striving. sells one Androsurge bottle, carrying 60 capsules, for $35.99. One time purchase, precisely. Consequently, one Jacked Factory prepared capsule casts $0.60. adds 5% discount when subscribed. Consequently, one $0.60 capsule decreases to $0.57 price. This 5% Androsurge discount quadruples if 5 products are subscribed. There is another way. presents 2CTBAGE2 to avail 5% discount on two Androsurge bottles. Three Androsurge purchases fetch 10% discount. It needs writing 2E7CMEDY too. Purchasing 5 Androsurge bottles from gives 15% discount when PMA3VHDM code is used on checking out form too sells on Androsurge bottle for $35.99. gives 10% discount on mere subscribing to Jacked Factory messenger list. When a person pays for two Androsurge bottles on, Jacked Factory presents ANDRO15, a promotion code, to avail 15% discount without: 

  1. Emailing 
  1. Involving a human contribution  
  1. Ruffling the smooth sailing 

Jacked Factor increases its 15% Androsurge discount to 20% provided three Androsurge bottles are bought. For this 20% Jacked Factory offered discount, presents ANDRO20 to write while checking out on  


Features of AMX Male Enhancement At A Glance 

  1. A Powerful anti-Estrogen solution by Jacked Factory with all-natural construction 
  1. Aromatase Inhibition is highly effective 
  1. Boosts testosterone as nature does 
  1. Adds to lean muscle 
  1. Burns fat. It makes one smart. 
  1. Boosts vitality in men 
  1. Increases energy availability 
  1. Improves strength 
  1. Improves recovery 
  1. Muscle growth occurs 
  1. Made in the USA 
  1. Transparent Label 
  1. Highly Bioavailable Androsurge ingredients 
  1. Clinically doses formula 
  1. Research backed ingredients 
  1. Veggie capsules 
  1. Free from: 
  1. Proprietary Blend 
  1. Artificial Dyes 
  1. Fillers 


The Product In Detail 

AMX Male Enhancement is a Jacked Factory product priding in: 

  1. First scientifically-dosed 
  1. Without Proprietary Blend pseudo shield 
  1. Suppressing Estrogen naturally 
  1. Using research supported ingredients. Two fine examples are: 
  1. Grape Seed Essence 
  1. DIM 

 This dietary elixir, available on, maximizes body’s natural potential for: 

Maximum muscle building 

Maximum fat loss 

 Androsurge muscle building task rests on Promoting Muscle Fullness. This happens during exercise. At the same time, Androsurge by Jacked Factory reduces muscle catabolism. Next Jacked Factory provided benefit range is: 

  1. Boosted energy level: 
  1. It powers user all day 
  1. During workout session 
  1. Vitality marked life 
  1. Besides, said Androsurge advantages on an unprecedented level.  
  1. After this,  a admirer feels one’s  
  1. Overall confidence growing 
  1. Sex drive boosting 
  1. Stress having a dive 
  1. Relentless alpha drive 

 Ingredient Profile 

Jacked Factory prints on Androsurge label whatever comprises it. One capsule makes on Androsurge serving here. Hence, every bottle serves 60 Androsurge servings.  


The first Androsurge ingredient Jacked Factory chooses is Vitamin D. Here, Cholecalciferol provides Vitamin D. Jacked Factory finds 1,000 IU potency sufficient in Androsurge. This 1,000 IU amounts to 250% DV. Without Vitamin D, informs, health issues begin haunting. Two relevant examples are: 

  1. Low Testosterone presence 
  1. Looming osteoporosis 


The second Androsurge ingredient Jacked Factory chooses is Zinc. Here, Zinc Orotate provides Zinc. Jacked Factory finds 9.5mg potency sufficient in Androsurge. This 1,000 IU amounts to 250% DV.  


The third Androsurge ingredient Jacked Factory chooses is Grape Seed Essence. ensures 95% Proanthocyanidins in procured Grape Seed Essence. Jacked Factory finds 150mg potency sufficient in AMX Male Enhancement. No Grape Seed essence %DV is available. This nodded nutrient blocks: 

  1. Testosterone into Estrogen change 
  1. By retarding Aromatase Enzyme. 
  1. Besides, NO production increases.  

Thanks to Jacked Factory’s discerning choice. 

 The fourth Androsurge ingredient Jacked Factory chooses is DIM. Jacked Factory finds 150mg potency sufficient in Androsurge. No DIM %DV is available. DIM neutralizes Estrogen inflictions. Another DIM advantage is an anti-Carcinogenic attribute. 


The fifth Androsurge ingredient Jacked Factory chooses is Rhodiola Root essence. ensures 3% Rosavins, and 1% SalidrosideM. Jacked Factory finds 125mg potency sufficient in Androsurge. No Rhodiola %DV is available on AMX Male Enhancement label. Salidroside here in active. Salisdroside suppresses Cortisol. This stress hormone is dangerous. Even for vitality. Second, Salisdroside supports Natural Testosterone presence. 

 The sixth Androsurge ingredient Jacked Factory chooses is Eurycoma Longifolia root essence. Jacked Factory finds 100mg potency sufficient in Androsurge. No Eurycoma %DV is available. Jacked Factory finds it: 

  1. Testosterone production boosting 
  1. Inherently, Eurycoma smothers Estrogen.  


The seventh and last Androsurge ingredient Jacked Factory chooses is BioPerine. It is patented notion. Jacked Factory finds 5mg potency sufficient in Androsurge. No DIM %DV is available on AMX Male Enhancement. 

 Usage Directions 

  1. Jacked Factory provides AMX Male Enhancement usage instructions too. Purposes are: 
  1. Convenience 
  1. Customer satisfaction 
  1. Maximum results 
  1. Take on Androsurge capsule with 250ml water. Take two capsules in total 
  1. Take one Androsurge capsule in the morning. Take other in the evening.  
  1. Take capsule before meals. 20 minutes before.  
  1. It takes Androsurge 8 weeks to 12 weeks to show progress. 
  1. Don’t over dose, It is strictly prohibited. 

 Safety Information 

Jacked Factory provides Safety Information too. Purposes are: 

  1. Customer care 
  1. Avoiding a contingency 
  1. Ensuring smooth sailing 
  1. Firstly, Jacked Factory declares that Androsurge serves adults only.  Healthy adults in particular.  
  1. Jacked Factory conditions Androsurge intake if its user: 
  1. Is taking some medication. Prescribed medication, precisely.  
  1. Is having any: 
  1. Known 
  1. Suspected 

Medical condition(s) 

  1. Jacked Factory proscribes its AMX Male Enhancement if its user: 
  1. Is expecting a baby 
  1. Trying to become pregnant 
  1. Nursing an infant 
  1. Jacked Factory advises stop taking Androsurge if: 
  1. Adverse inflictions emerge.  
  1. For smooth sailing, advises to start taking one Androsurge pill first. It will ascertain tolerance.  
  1. Jacked Factory reiterates its warning of not overdosing Androsurge. 

 Besides, Jacked Factory stops altogether from taking Androsurge capsules if its bottle: 

  1. Safety seal is broken 
  1. Safety seal is missing.  


Obviously, Jacked Factory produced AMX Male Enhancement is fine.

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