Anatomica Rx

Anatomica Rx: A Hope

Elite Formula fashions Anatomica Rx (ARX). ARX revives testosterone production. Production matched youthful level. sells it. Elite Formula’s listed price is $39.99. sells ARX on a discounted price, $34.99.


ARX Increases Size. Love Muscle’s size. Elite Formula’s crafted ARX supplies more blood. Erectile tissues:

  1. Grow longer
  2. Girth too grow
  3. Grow harder
  4. Sustain hardness for longer

ARX enhances performance. Elite Formula gathers:

  1. All natural herbs
  2. Standard is simple:
    1. Scientific evidence
    2. Role in sex drive. For males exclusively.
    3. Energizing capacity.
    4. Enabling ARX user overwhelm partner.

 Boosting Libido

Elite Formula’s creation, i.e., Anatomica Rx, maximizes performance. Bedroom strung performance. The key is NO. Nitric Oxide level rise. Testosterone production follows. Greater testosterone translates into:

  1. Greater performance
  2. Longer performance
  3. Repeated performance

Naturally Effective 100%

Synergy marks ARX ingredient gamut. All ARX ingredients:

contribute to:

User’s reaching super sex. 100% natural soothes:

  1. Compatibility
  2. Safety


GMP Certified

GMP oversee:

  1. ARX ingredient procurement
  2. Processing
  3. Packing
  4. Storing
  5. Workforce
  6. Equipment up keep

well! What is for ARX consumer. A fair value of money.

 Modus Operandi

It is ingredients. Elite Formula selected:

  1. Ingredients
  2. Ingredients’ potency


Regarding Ginseng for Anatomica Rx, Elite Formula chooses:

  1. Red Korean Ginseng
  2. Its root
  3. In the essence form
  4. With 4:1 ratio
  5. With 120mg potency.

A rescue by Orient. Male vitality revival. Centuries witness Ginseng:


  1. the immune system
  2. Energy boosting
  3. Longevity increasing

Studies add to utility/ practicality/ usability. Studies add:

  1. Treating male potence.

Elite Formula invokes a Korean study. Double-blind in nature. The study reveals 8-week Ginseng intake influenced beneficially/ positively/ productively on:

  1. Erection matters. Erecting. Continuing for long. Erecting repeatedly.
  2. Performance matters.
  3. Sexual satisfaction

The participant count was 60. All men. There was one speciality/ precondition. Erectile Dysfunction haunted them. In some cases:

  1. Mildly
  2. Moderately

Korean Red Ginseng administration lasted/ continued for 12 weeks. There were improvements. Significant improvements.


Next elixir Elite Formula embeds in ARX is Luteolin. 60 mg serves Anatomica Rx purposes, according to Elite Formula. Chief Luteolin contribution is:

  1. Blocking girly hormone production. Chinese take Luteolin credit discovery. Chinese had to explore 1431 notions. Natural compounds, precisely. Luteolin is a:
  2. Citrus flavonoid. Chinese found Luteolin topping Aromatase Inhibitor list. Elite Formula employs Luteolin. Purpose is simple. Estrogen production dips. Current Cancer Drug bears evidence. Luteolin binds to:
    1. Estrogen receptors
    2. Estrogen production dips


Elite Formula employs Magnesium. Health experts see Magnesium:

  1. Support manliness.
  2. Elite Formula chooses Magnesium consequently. With 100mg potency. Magnesium abounds in energy.

Experts find:

  1. 60% of Testosterone goes wasted. Reason is simple. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. SHBG binds. This binding isn’t good. Magnesium rescues. SHBG presents downs. Testosterone binding possibilities dip. Free Testosterone count benefits. It rises. Who benefits? The male using Reserect Professional Male Enhancement.

Elite Formula mentions a study. Selcuk University was the venue. Athletes partook the experiment. 10mg Magnesium a day. The practice lasted 4 weeks. One sub-group avoided exercising. The other did take. 90 minutes a day. The other chief group:

  1. Didn’t take Magnesium.
  2. The former experience increased testosterone. A Considerable increase.

Elite Formula quotes another study. It is University Hospital of Parma. The data involved older men. Their diet exhibited high/ elevated/ rich magnesium. The result matched expectation. Higher serum testosterone concentration. Citrate serves the particular purpose:

  1. Significantly, better absorption.

Mucuna Pruriens

Elite Formula chooses seed of Mucuna Pruriens for Anatomica Rx. In essence form, though. Essence exhibits 15% Levadopa. The potency is 300mg. Testosterone accesses optimal mark.

Estrogen do some good. Prolactin follows Estrogen. However, high concentrations of:

  1. Estrogen
  2. Prolactin

in blood comprises a bad omen. Why? Testosterone count suffers. Very bad from manly perspective. Men don’t approve their concentration. ARX doesn’t approve either. The reason is clear. Mucuna Pruriens proves it. Mucuna Pruriens sharpens ARX’s:

  1. testosterone support
  2. Estrogen & Prolactin suppressing

Consequently, ARX admirer’s life grows:

  1. More vibrant
  2. Worthier of living
  3. What else is wished.

In men, Mucuna Pruriens lowers Prolactin levels. Free testosterone depletions begins stoping. Lowering testosterone becomes history. With Mucuna Pruriens, Anatomica Rx presents Levadopa as well. An amino acid. Clinical findings proves:

  1. Levadopa boosting testosterone
  2. Levadopa boosting HGH. Human Growth Hormone.

The benevolence doesn’t end here. Mucuna Pruriens cools mind. ARX rubs on off it too. Mucuna Pruriens suppress Cortisol. A stress hormone. Cortisol is fifth column. It kills all good. Testosterone isn’t spared. Cortisol annihilates before testosterone:

  1. Blends in blood
  2. Attempt pleasing men folk.

ARX quotes a University of Lucknow study. Duration was 3 months. Participant count was 150. Varsity administered:

  1. 5-gram Mucuna
  2. All 150 men
  3. For 90 days

Results were manhood supportive. Relevant ones here are:

  1. Men’s semen quality
  2. Men’s semen quantity

ARX turns to another study. 5g was Mucuna quantity. In essence form. Regarding T level, increases occurred. %27.3, precisely.

Nettle Root

Next tool with Anatomica Rx is Nettle Root. In essence form. The ratio is 10:1. The potency is 160mg. Nettle Root forte is:

  1. Blunting aging
  2. More pleasurable life.

Experts reveal not all testosterone serve. The reason is:

SHBG. Testosterone cannot evade this protein. SHBG preys the moment Testes discharge.

Its binding to testosterone

Binding leaves T inert. Un-usable for male cause. Testes’ effort go wasted. Life is denuded of:

  1. Attractions
  2. Pleasures

Experts at ARX extracts Lignans from Nettle. They see Lignans as SHBG anti-dote. Lignans see SHBG as SHBG sees T-Hormone. Binding, precisely. Nettle derived:

Lignans bind SHBG.

Lignans alter chemical composition. Threat for T-hormone neutralizes. ARX finds Beta-Sitosterol increasing Nettle’s worth. Certainly, regarding T-Hormone production. Testosterone find Beta Sitosterol supportive. Their count rises further. ARX finds more Nettle benefits. This time, it’s Nettle’:

  1. Estrange lowering.
  2. A proven strategy.
  3. Nettle roots stores:
  4. Better quality
  5. Better quantity
  6. This root shines Reserect’s:
  7. Struggle for better
  8. Customer care
  9. Professional approach.
  10. Outshining its rivals.


Obviously, Anatomica Rx deliver.

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