Centaur Male Enhancement

Centaur Male Enhancement by Herbal Remedy


Herbal Remedy presents Centaur Male Enhancement through Amazon.com for a price of $22.90. Herbal Remedy infuses its Mr. Big formulary with:

  1. 500mg potency
  2. 100% Natural
  3. Provision of 60 pills in every Mr. Big Penis Enlargement Pills bottle.



Herbal Remedy ensures following malicious notions don’t comprise Mr. Big Penis Enlargement Pills. Its listed malicious notions are:

  1. Filler
  2. Binder
  3. Artificial Ingredients
  4. Harmful chemicals
  5. Preservatives
  6. Additives
  7. GMO sourced ingredients


About the Product

Penis getting Longer, Harder, and Bigger


  1. Many men feel About what? Their penis size. They find their size:
    1. Embarrassing
    2. Feeling low before girlfriend(s)
    3. Puncturing their confidence
  2. Herbal Remedy organizes a rescue. The rescue is Adding a few more inches. In what time? A few weeks only. A small dick would cease:
    1. Gnawing at one’s confidence
    2. Ruining self esteem
  3. In the form of Mr. Big Penis Enlargement Pills, Herbal Remedy provides its:
  4. Enlarging supplement
    1. Giving a bigger size. Certainly to users’ dick.
    2. Inflating the collapsing
  5. Besides, big cock fancies all men. Furthermore, their women to hanker.
  6. Herbal Remedy provides its Mr. Big formulary in the encapsulated form. Easy to benefit.


High Testosterone Levels

Abundant Testosterone benefits:

  1. Sexual function
  2. Many Body functions
  3. Many Mind functions
  4. The last two add further:
    1. Thrill
    2. Fun
    3. Attraction
    4. Satisfaction
    5. Relaxation

in acts. Mating acts, precisely. simply, said Herbal Remedy product, i.e., Centaur Male Enhancement, supports:

  1. growing the Love Muscle size
  2. adding to libido count
  3. increasing the sexual result/performance level
  1. Big Pills are a chance for:
    1. Living a new life
    2. Bagging splendid fun
    3. Blending further excitement. In sex life, precisely.
    4. Gifting greater joyful moments to:
      1. Partners
      2. Girlfriends


Boosts Libido

  1. Low sex drive haunts mature men. Men over:
    1. The 30s
    2. The 40s

find poor urge for:

  1. sharing bed with their:
    1. partners
    2. girlfriends
  2. in such gloom, Centaur Male Enhancement emerges as the silver lining. Natural libido booster marks Big. It takes a few weeks. Life puts on new colours. Sex drive increases. Girl friend(s) look more attractive. Intercourse yields more fun.



Another distinction in Mr. Big. Herbal remedy:

  1. Equips
  2. Adorns
  3. Powers

its Mr. Big Penis Enlargement Pills with natural ingredients. Some examples are:

  1. Tribulus
  2. Tongkat Ali
  3. Ginko Biloba
  4. Ginseng

These and likewise Mr. Big Penis Enlargement Pills ingredients are:

  1. Safe
  2. Highly effective
  3. Quick benefit yielding

Testosterone levels benefit quickly. This benefit leads to:

Better sexual function including:

  1. Stronger sex drive
  2. More spontaneous erections
  3. Greater erection longevity

and other:

  1. mind
  2. body
  3. related functions.


Money Back Guarantee

New users fear productivity expectations. Herbal Remedy heeds this reality. A convenient solution emerges. It is a Money Back Guarantee.  Herbal Remedy says its Mr. Big fails satisfying, it will refund. There are some conditions though. Time limit is one example.



Covering all Mr. Big ingredients nodded by Herbal Remedy is difficult. Limited space in one reason. Some are shone.


  1. Licorice

Herbal Remedy’s one choice, Licorice, is a perennial notion. One Legume family member, precisely. Powerful aphrodisiac influence, confirmed by Herbal Remedy, brings Licorice into Mr. Big ingredient list.


  1. Orchic

Herbal Remedy chooses Orchic for being rich:

  1. In testosterone boosting elements.
  2. Male enhancement gets a boost.
  3. Overall wellbeing benefits.


  1. Oyster Extract

Experts agree to Herbal Remedy chosen Oyster essence’s aphrodisiac attribute. Oyster gives it should to wheels of Centaur Male Enhancement. Consequently, reproductive health betters. Sexual endurance grows. Stamina increases. Life unfurls further joys.


  1. Boron

With the Turkish origins, Boron in Mr. Big formulary catches Herbal Remedy’s attention for:

  1. It occurs naturally
  2. Aids ingredient absorption. Absorption influences ingredient
  3. Results emerge quickly.


  1. Cayenne Pepper

Herbal Remedy chooses Cayenne Pepper  for its:

  1. Blood flow improving knack. Greater blood flow benefits a lot. Erections occur:
  2. Quickly
  3. With greater strength
  4. Exhibiting greater hardness
  5. For a longer duration
  6. Cayenne Pepper aids Centaur Male Enhancement in spicing up user’s life.


  1. Astragalus

Chinese regard Astragalus as:

  1. The Superior Tonic
  2. Herbal Remedy too selects Astragalus for its protection against:
    1. Physical
    2. Mental
  • Emotional

stress. Besides, Astragalus increases:

  1. sexual stamina
  2. sexual endurance


  1. Catuba

This Mr. Big’s sex desire enhancing ingredient is another Herbal Remedy choice. A prudential choice. Increasing blood circulation is Catuba’s forte.


Usage Method

Herbal Remedy provides Centaur Male Enhancement usage information too. There isn’t any rocket science. Regarding taking Mr. Big pills. Purposes are simple:

  1. Providing every possible assistance to Herbal Remedy enthusiasts.
  2. Ensuring maximum satisfaction to Mr. Big Penis Enlargement Pills’ user.


  1. Take one Mr. Big pill in the morning.
    Take with breakfast. Clearly, Herbal Remedy doesn’t approve taking Mr. Big Pills on an empty stomach.
  2. Drink water with ingestion. Minimum quantity is 250ml, instructs Herbal Remedy.
  3. If needed, Herbal Remedy allows the second Certainly, to serve intercourse purposes. However, Herbal Remedy conditions it with:
    1. A 4 hour lapse. Simply, Herbal Remedy says to take the 2nd Big pill after four hours pass.
  4. In the first week, Herbal Remedy advises taking one Mr. Big pill. When tolerance is established, 2nd Big pill can be taken.
  5. Herbal Remedy forbids exceeding 3g intake.


Words of Caution

  1. Keep it away from children
  2. Don’t overdose. Possible overdosing side effects surpass possible gains.
  3. Herbal Remedy conditions its Centaur Male Enhancement intake with doctor’s nod if:
    1. The user is pregnant
    2. the user is nursing. Simply, Breastfeeding infants.
    3. The user takes prescribed medicine.
    4. Already using a supplement.
    5. Planning another supplement with Mr. Big supplement.
  4. The Mr. Big Penis Enlargement Pills user has known medical conditions. Herbal Remedy names:
    1. Any heart issue
    2. High blood pressure issue
  5. Herbal Remedy conditions Mr. Big suitability to:
    1. Over 18 individuals
    2. Individuals in sound health
  6. Herbal Remedy advises Mr. Big Penis Enlargement Pills user with:
    1. Known medical conditions
    2. to secure a medical approval.



Herbal Remedy accedes that its Centaur Male Enhancement product doesn’t:

  1. Diagnose
  2. Cure
  3. Treat
  4. Prevent

any health issue.



Evidently, Centaur Male Enhancement by Herbal Remedy is okay.

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