Direct Lean Keto

Keto Pills, a Euphoria Nutrition product, refers to a solution of a present day demand, challenge, or trouble. It is gaining: 

  1. Weight 
  1. Fats 
  1. Etc.  

This notion inflicts all facets and aspects for human life. These vary from: 

  1. Work 
  1. Personal 
  1. Intimate 
  1. Social 
  1. Day-to-day life 

phenomena. Science informs Ketosis may provide: 

  1. An easy 
  1. Free from time dimension   
  1. Free from location dimension  
  1. Free from struggle dimension 
  1. And likewise notions.  


Direct Lean Keto is available on for a price of $25.99. Besides, it relates to: 

  1. Human health  
  1. Long term consumption  

These two aspects, health and money matters, comprise raison d’être of this passage. This passage reviews the aforesaid Euphoria Nutrition product to separate chalk from cheese, for readers/ users / unfortunate people (fat people)’s sake. The only information source, about Euphoria Nutrition, are: 

  1. Two sides of label 
  1. Information available on  

 The Concern Benchmark 

The label suggests Keto is a, the, or the only Euphoria product. The back label confirms it. It adds Euphoria Nutrition. Let’s Google. Google, the internet giant, magnet, superemo, etc., fetches nothing about the said label. However, it says a Euphoria Nutrition, electronically though, exists in Canada. Its gamut is completely unaware of Direct Lean Keto and its label. It rather suggests something unpleasant. The Keto Pills’ Euphoria Nutrition might have stolen title from A quite bad omen. Might be a plagiarism marked omen.  Let’s review other Euphoria Nutrition information available on webpage. 

 The story doesn’t end here. The other pictorial information bit, Keto Pills relevant, is the back side of labelLet’s see what is there. It shocks the reader. The reason is simple. There exists no Euphoria Nutrition but Euphoria Supplements. Is it a joke? Isn’t it an obvious negligence. An error by commission, most probably. If its Euphoria Supplements then why main Keto Pills label side pens Euphoria Supplements. Anyhow, let’s turn to Google regarding Euphoria Supplements, the change of heart. Google result find no concern bearing Euphoria Supplements. The doubting clouds grow thicker rather than dispersing. It suggests mala fide, plainly  

 The Webpage 

A full-fledged webpage shines Direct Lean Keto. The second line there, on aforesaid webpage, supports said product is Euphoria Nutrition striving. However, right said credits some Health Begins Here. Is it a third party? Is it a Euphoria Nutrition distributor? No information is available. It weakens the: 

  1. Maker 
  1. Product 


 Ketogenic Fat Burner 

The first claim Euphoria Nutrition webpage on lists is Ketogenic Fat Burner. Quite appealing for over-weight smothered living souls. The entire Keto Pills devoted webpage fails: 

  1. Carrying  
  1. Mentioning  
  1. Suggesting  

information supporting the claim. Links of supporting: 

  1. Evidence 
  1. Clinical data 
  1. Scientific yardstick 
  1. Feed back 
  1. Watch dogs  

could have strengthened and proved claims. But nothing exists there. Nothing reliable, verifiable, quotable, and solid notion exists on the webpage.  


The next Euphoria Nutrition claims about its Keto Pills is its suiting: 

  1. Men  
  1. Women 

Fine, apparentlyBut what supports it? The entire page again draws a blank. Why? is there space restraint? It cannot be. There are two popular choices. For on a budget concerns. 
provide textural information  

Provide links to supporting data 

Neither exists here. Almost another slur on Keto Pills from Shark. 

 Burn Fat Fast 

Truly? Let see if Euphoria Nutrition or Supplements provided information puts it in: 

  1. Wishful thinking 
  1. Reality  

sector. The ingredient profile of Keto Pills or its Supplement Facts should provide support. Let’s see it. There are three variants of Beta Hydroxybutyrate 


Chief questions stay unanswered. What convinces Euphoria Nutrition that penned variants and coffee activates Ketosis. Let’s visit the These ingredients/ factors find no mention there. Supporting evidence isn’t available elsewhere. Let’s take example of Its webpage centring Ketosis don’t find beneficial for all. This webpage, like webpage, finds carb-shortage triggering ketosis. NCBI NLM NIH GOV website too finds nothing supporting Direct Lean Keto label claims. Worse is, Euphoria fails in providing any supportive, let alone: 

  1. relevant 
  1. Verifiable 
  1. Logical 
  1. Established 
  1. Likewise information bits.  

Neither webpage nor label estimates results, any empirical data, likewise.  

The webpage selling the only Euphoria Nutrition product is silent. What does it suggest? Simply, claims are false.  

 Then, no potency is mentioned. Not even %DV 

 Carb Blocker 

Next Direct Lean Keto label claim is blocking carbs. Wow. On what ingredient basis? No valid, established, scientific, verifiable, etc., information imbues Caffeine or other variants with carbohydrate blocking ability. The page is again silent. No fabricated story is mentioned.  No evidence is available. Building castles in the air. There is no: 

  1. Suggested 
  1. Estimated 
  1. Experiment oriented 

data suggesting Keto Pills can do this, that, etc. Limited space excuse loses validity on webpage availability.  


Next Direct Lean Keto claim says the aforesaid Euphoria Nutrition product is the best. The superlative degree needs three nouns at least. There exists no comparison, neither on label nor on webpage, with single counterpart. How Euphoria Nutrition justifies its superlative adjective use. Simply, it is another trick to shine Direct Lean Keto, which had nothing supporting Euphoria penned claims.  

 The Address Benchmark  

The label says Euphoria Supplements address is 975 N. 1430 W. Orem, UT 84057. Let seek Google help. Google results embedded here finds neither Euphoria Nutrition nor Euphoria Supplement existing on the said addressGoogle maps 3d rather shows At Cost Apparel existing on said address. Simply, another lie. 

 The Telephone Criterion  

The Direct Lean Keto label shows 801-709-8742 providing a telephonic channel to communicate with Euphoria Supplements. Let’ seek Google help again. Google result brings total of 16 results. None mentions: 

  1. Keto Pills from Shark Tank 
  1. Euphoria Nutrition  
  1. Euphoria Supplements 

What does it portray? Another lie. 

 Other Label Aspects 

Besides, Keto Pills label and Keto Pills webpage provides no further information like: 

  1. How to use
    words of precaution  
  1. Legal disclaimer 

The webpage of Keto Pills mentions Guarantee but the label doesn’t 


Having reviewed several Direct Lean Keto aspects, it becomes evident: 

  1. The product 
  1. Euphoria Nutrients 
  1. Euphoria Supplements 

are fake. Avoid these.  

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