DuraFlex Male Enhancement

\Men’s Lab LLC takes it upon itself to formulate a marvellous product: 

  1. To enlarge the penis 
  1. Increase the testosterone amount 
  1. Add to the libido count 
  1. Provide free “Free Bonus Penis Health Manual 
  1. Increase penis length  
  1. Give results fast. Rather in the fastest manner 
  1. Long lasting results 

under the name of DuraFlex Male Enhancement Formula (MSMEF). Men’s Lab LLC put its MSMEF on Amazon.com for selling. Its one bottle carries sixty MSMEF capsules.  


Product Highlights 

Men’s Lab LLC prides in developing its MSMEF on: 

  1. An improved formula 

 Men’s Lab LLC gives hope to all men: 

  1. Going through decreased libido count. Finding bedroom a boring place.  
  1. Pure herbs join hands together here. Hence, it becomes natural. Rather: 
  1. Powerful 
  1. Safe  
  1. Natural 

 Erection Quality 

  1. Spontaneous erections return. 
  1. Erection timing grows 
  1. Erection frequency increase 
  1. Erection intensity (hardness increases) 
  1. Regarding “Bonus Sexual Health Manual,” Men’s Labs LLC suggests Clicking on Adding to Cart Now. 

 Why Trust Men’s Lab LLC Claims? 

Men’ Lab LLC copes with it: 

  1. Simply 
  1. Productively 

by mentioning what makes comprises DuraFlex  Male Enhancement Formula 


BioPerine, a Piperine derivative, A patented notion adding ability to MSMEF. Adding to nutrient bioavailability, lets Men’s Lab LLC product do wonders. Then, BioPerine is only Piperine derivative: 

  1. Getting through tests. In the USA. 
  1. Earning clinical support. In the USA. 
  1. Establishing its safety. Being safe for human consumption.  
  1. Sustaining its efficacy for nutrition cause. 

 Simply, MSMEF, equipped with MSMEF, helps metabolism to: 

  1. Utilize maximum nutrients in least time 
  1. Maximize benefits of nutrients.  
  1. Experts estimate, with BioPerine presence, 700% better results occur in the aforesaid. 


The Orient has been collecting Longjack medicinal blessing since ages. Centuries, to be exact. The Longjack gusted boon here is men relevant. It is boosting testosterone. The testosterone boosting and Longjack benefits: 

  1. Increasing the libido count 
  1. Bettering sexual wellbeing. Over all sense.  
  1. Bettering erection matters to the max 

 Men’s Lab LCC has evidence, scientific one, that demonstrates Longjack alleviating: 

  1. Tension. Reduction here was -11%. 
  1. Anger. The decrease here was 12%. 
  1. Confusion. The drop here was 15%. 
  1. Similar data is available regarding: 
  1. Cortisol 
  1. Testosterone 

The vicious cortisol is fettered. Owing to Longjack presence in DuraFlex  Male Enhancement Formula, Men’s Lab LLC expects its MSMEF reduction -16% Cortisol dominance. The is a study’s figure. The Longjack presence in MSMEF, rubs off on similar boon magnitude. Regarding Testosterone, same Men’s Lab LLC study informs 37% improvement.  


Shilajit Essence 

powerhouse elevating MSMEF from its rivals. High Altitudes in the Himalayas beget this edible tar. Nature begot it in Himalayas over centuries if not millennia. Rock fissures are usual Shilajit stores. It oozes out gradually. Quite gradually. Quarrying it requires human effort: 

  1. In time 
  1. In money  

Regarding Shilajit, Men’s Lab LLC lists following benefits. These benefits earn the MSMEF formulary nod for Shilajit. For example, nature furls: 

  1. 85 diverse minerals  
  1. A natural Fulvic Acid source. Rather a rich source. There is another attraction. Nature blesses only Shilajit with Fulvic Acid. Fulvic attributes are awesome. For example, carrying around Fulvic capacity is 6000% more its weight in: 
  1. Minerals 
  1. Vitamins 
  1. Enzymes  
  1. Directly into cells. Hence: 
  1. Shilajit 
  1. Other ingredients 
  1. become bioavailable700% more available. Besides, Men’s Lab LLC collective data, excerpts from different studies, portrays Shilajit blessing Testosterone hormone: 
  1. in a powerful manner 
  1. in a direct manner.  

 Another bit of data, taken from third study, show Serum Testosterone growing 23.5%. The fourth study data, of course available with MSMEF formulating teamparticipants witnessed 19% increase. Almost an incredible addition. What makes 19% incredible here? it is very simple. The added Testosterone is Free Testosterone. 

 Panax Ginseng 

Quite an old notion here. on the earth, precisely. The benefit range is eclectic. There is a glitter added to gold too. It is its documentation. The benefit documentation. With Panax Ginseng inside a corporeal existence: 

  1. Nervous system serves better 
  1. Provides plentiful Ginsenosides. These Ginsenosides benefit/ promote/ increase Arginine conversion into Nitric Oxide.  
  1. Blood flow grows.  
  1. Muscle mass building grows 
  1. Muscle strength increases 
  1. The endothelial function gets better.  
  1. Protection against muscle damage grows.  
  1. Protection against inflammation increases. 
  1. Protection against DNA damage develops further.  
  1. Protection against General Oxidation grows. 


All these Panax Ginseng attributes available through DuraFlex  Male Enhancement Formula. 

 Maca Root 

Relevance brings Maca Root into MSMEF formulary: 

  1. Conceived 
  1. Formulated 
  1. Developed  
  1. Made available for sale 
  1. by Men’s Lab LLC. For example, Men’s Lab LLC finds Maca Root ( in the essence form here) oozing with: 
  1. Phytonutrients 
  1. Complex Carbohydrates 
  1. Fatty acids 
  1. Twenty amino acids 
  1. Seven Essential amino acids 
  1. Plentiful, effective, relevant, etc., minerals, such as: 
  1. Calcium 
  1. Pohosphorus 
  1. Zinc 
  1. Magnesium  
  1. Iron  
  1. There are vitamins too: for example: 
  1. B1 
  1. B2 
  1. D 
  1. E 
  1. finally, Men’s Lab LLC finds another Maca root justification, i.e., Iodine. This eclectic and rare Maca nutrient gamut supports: 
  1. Endocrine system 
  1. Keep body working like a well-oiled machine. 
  1. Ensure hormones contributing smoothly. Properly too.  

 The human corporeal existence: 

In an intricate notion. Its contribution resembles: 

  1. Diverse 
  1. Eclectic  
  1. Bearing multiple notions 

an orchestra. It isn’t an orchestra. It isn’t the factor here. It supports it. The crucial nutrient range is the tool. Relevant benefits here are: 

  1. testosterone production growth  
  1. adding to erection strength 
  1. augmenting well-being 
  1. adding to libido count 
  1. These factors: 
  1. Nurture 
  1. Sustain 
  1. Wring maximum benefits 

 Safety Information  

There are some instructions. The purpose is: 

  1. Maximum convenience 
  1. Maximum MSMEF productivity 
  1. Maximum MSMEF convenience 
  1. Keep it away from children. 
  1. Suits best to healthy users. 
  1. Suitable for men alone 
  1. Not for women, let alone: 
  1. Women expecting a baby 
  1. Mothers nursing their infants 
  1. Men’s Lab LLC conditions its DuraFlex  Male Enhancement Formula with a doctor’s nod: 
  1. prescribed medicine using 
  1. already using a supplementing 
  1. having health conditions: 
  1. heart 
  1. liver  
  1. Kidney  
  1. Liver 
  1. Read the label first. 
  1. Don’t overdose. 
  1. Stop taking MSMEF if adverse reaction appears. 

 Legal Disclaimer  

Men’s Lab LLC makes a clean breast of following DuraFlex  Male Enhancement Formula notions. 

FDA evaluation is missing here. 

Ability to: 

  1. Diagnose 
  1. Prevent 
  1. Treat 
  1. Cure  

any disease.  

 Usage Directions 

This Men’s Lab LCC provided information doesn’t appear that crucial here. However, it does have an impact. The impact comprises: 

  1. Customer care/ convenience 
  1. Customer satisfaction  
  1. Worth following approach 


Men’s Lab LLC advises taking two DuraFlex  Male Enhancement Formula capsules a day.  

  1. Take one MSMEF capsule in the morning. 
  1. Take the other MSMEF one hour before: 
  1. Training  
  1. Mating  


  1. Take with or without food. 
  1. Ingest capsules regularly. Irregularity may dent return. Direct proportion marks the link. 


Evidently, DuraFlex Male Enhancement Formula is okay.  

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