Glamour Skin Cream

Ray Viear is a Korean manufacturer, accessible by URL The Korean soil introduces three products through in the virtual world: 

  1. Night Cream 
  1. Day Cream 
  1. UV Essence Sun 

This passage shines (PPNC) Plant Placenta Night Cream by Ray sells PPNC for ฿1,280 Baht, while cells PPNC for $45. Net weight of PPNC is 30grams. Made in Korea. Ray Viear doesn’t snap PPNC information off. Further information is available. provides Ray Viear registration number too. It is 10-2-5920465. 


About the Product 

The said Ray Viear product, PPNC, is: 

  1. Natural  
  1. Plant-based 
  1. Nano-Encapulation bearing. 

Through Nano-Encapsulation, Ray Viear delivers DNA: 

  1. From 14 plant species 
  1. to Ray Viear Plant Placenta Night Cream 

The chief purpose is: 

  1. Restoring vital skin moisture 
  1. Returning softness 
  1. Bringing back health 
  1. Reinstating radiance advises using PPNC regular to: 

  1. Hydrate 
  1. Soften 
  1. Tone  

the skin. Similarly, the regular PPNC application leaves: 

  1. Pores feeling smoother 
  1. Firmer 
  1. Younger-looking. 

Ray Viear furls anti-aging support too. With Placenta skincare serum: 

  1. Dark spots are eliminated. 
  1. Discoloration is deflated. 
  1. Fine lines are reduced. 
  1. Scares are minimized. 
  1. Scars are reduced. 
  1. Soothing occurs. 

 The hallmark of Glamour Skin Cream is Nano-Encapsulation. delivery methods. Extracts reach: 

  1. Skin cells 
  1. Directly 
  1. In the best way 

Without letting decomposition haunting 

Besides, PPNC delivers nourishment to: 

  1. The DNA level. 


Ray Viear formulating team cherry-picks: 

  1. Organic Stem Cells. Of 14 types. Amassed through best technology. 
  1. Through the best technology. 
  1. In addition, Nano-Encapsulation features PPNC. Nutrition reaches DNA level. 

AQUA cream: 

  1. Skin draws in easily. 
  1. Light in nature. 
  1. Increases skin moisture. Up to 10 times. 
  1. Eliminate facial dark spots. 
  1. Reduces freckles. 
  1. Reduces wrinkles. 
  1. Makes skin clear. 
  1. Reduce scars. 


Increasing moisture is PPNC’s one feat. This moisturizing brings; 

  1. Smoothness in skin. 
  1. Cleans pores 
  1. Wrinkles are reduced 

Reduction occurs in: 

  1. Acne 
  1. Acne scars 
  1. Clogged pores 


The website invites Ray Viear Placenta Night Cream dealers, globally. Hence, gives opportunities of: 

  1. Becoming rich 
  1. Becoming beautiful.  


About us 

Glamour Skin Cream and other Ray Viear products are: 

Factory certified. The #1 skin factory. This Korean concern, Ray Viear, expended two years in: 

  1. Inventing 
  1. Researching 
  1. Developing  

formulas basing Glamour Skin Cream. A medical team led it. The aging science in Korea, the Ray Viear, serves Thai skin. In most cases. Emphasis in Korea is: 

  1. urgent skin rejuvenation.  On the dermis level. 
  1. restoring damaged skin. 
  1. Returning beauty 
  1. Restoring skin glow. As children’s skin exhibit. 


The PPNC Formula 

Ray Viear Plant Placenta Cream (Night Aqueous cream) formula owes to: 

  1. A tissue expert team. Tissues physicians precisely. They formulated PPNC formulary. In Korean milieu, aging-science is expected: 
  1. Nourishing to deep levels 
  1. Resolving wrinkles 
  1. Resolving deep wrinkles 
  1. Managing skin inflammation 
  1. Clearing pores 
  1. Tightening pores 
  1. Moisturizing the skin. 
  1. These benefits are delivered. Simply because, Ray Viear cherry-picks: 
  1. Natural extracts 
  1. 14 types of those. 
  1. All contribute to Ray Viear Plant Placenta Cream user in: 
  1. Getting radiance back. Making skin perfect.  


Research at Ray Viear informs that: 

  1. Increasing human cell growth 
  1. Human cell division  
  1. can be increased 80%.  

This increases cellular resistance: 

  1. To UV Radiation 
  1. To prolong life. 
  1. Anti-oxidant efficiency. 
  1. Hydrogen Peroxide. A skin damaging notion.  
  1. In one month. 


Glamour Skin Cream helps/cooperates/expedite stimulating collagen. Collagen product helps: 

  1. Beauty gets support 
  1. Worn-out cells are supported. 
  1. Aged-skin looks younger. 
  1. Reduced wrinkles. Even deep wrinkles. 
  1. Reduced freckles 
  1. Reduced dark spots 
  1. Cleared skin 
  1. Reduced acne 
  1. Tightened pores 
  1. Strengthened skin layer.  
  1. Increased cellular energy. 
  1. Increased firmness 
  1. Glowing skin 
  1. Faded away scars. 

Accelerated new cell formation. New tissues entailed. 


Nano-Encapsulation helps: 

Nourishing the skin. Even deeply. Even tenderly. Thanks to Nano-Encapsulation. Actives are encapsulated. Active ingredient degradation is avoidedThanks to specific techniques. Stability is ensuredDelivery system becomes effective. Actives, chief actives, reach cells: 

  1. Timely 
  1. In right amount 
  1. In right condition  


This is what 1,280.00 ฿ gets. The chunk of Ray Viear Placenta Night Cream comprises: 

  1. 51 amino acids. 
  1. Brought from Switzerland. 
  1. Produced in Korea. Certainly, in leading labs. Matching international standards.  

Ray Viear Plant Placenta Night Cream focuses: 

  1. Reducing freckles 
  1. Fading skin marks 
  1. Resisting dullness in skin. From pollution, daylight, etc.  
  1. Assists skin exfoliation. 


PPNC in Brief 

Switzerland originated Principle ingredients 

  1. 30ml content. price tag of1280 Bhat. 
  1. Ray Viear Registration 10-2-6100000522 


Nano-Encapsulation Technology? 

Ray Viear uses Nano-Encapsulation to: 

  1. Encapsulate actives. 
  1. Specific techniques protect: 
  1. Actives from degradation. Various factors cause degradation.  
  1. Stability marks deliver method. Chief ingredients reach cells. In a better way.  
  1. Decomposition is avoided. 
  1. Cellular nourishment is organized.  


Usage Method 

Ray Viear provides Plant Placenta Night Cream usage guidance/instructions. 

Wash the face first. Face wash is ideal. Use lukewarm water.  

Dry, afterwards. Soft towels are ideal. Hard ones can hurt. Swipes should be soft. Hard swipes are bad.  

Take a dab. Apply to face. Massage gently. Keep massaging until blend. Completes in 5 minutes.  


Word of Caution  

  1. Ray Viear advises keeping Plant Placenta Night Cream away from children. 
  1. Shield PPNC from excessive heat.  
  1. Save PPNC from direct sunlight. 
  1. Shield PPNC from excessive moisture.  
  1. Store PPNC at room temperature. 
  1. Apply to healthy skin. 



Carbomer, Capryloyl salicylic acid, Butylene glycol, Benzyl alcohol,  

Ammonium polyacryloyldimethyl taurate, Ammonium polyacryldimethyltauramide Alcohol denat., Ci 77891 Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Dimethicone, Dipropylene glycol, Disodium EDTA, Eugenol, Geraniol, Paeonia, Paeonia suffruticosa extract  Mica, MethylsilanolLinalool, Limonene, Hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyrantriol, Glycerin, Parfum Propylene glycol, Silica, Silicate crosspolymer, Sodium hyaluronate, Zinc PCA, Water, Titanium dioxide, Suffruticosa root extract, and Sodium hydroxide.  This is how Ray Viear makes Plant Placenta Night Cream that good.  



Obviously, genuineness exudes in Glamour Skin Cream. 


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