Green Force Keto

Ans Performance™ presents KetoSys, Green Force Keto on  for a price of $55.99. However, Ans Performance™ confers a discount. The $55.99 price dips to 44.99 USD, with an eleven USD discount. It is about health. It costs money. These reasons beget:

  1. This passage:
  2. Analyzing Ans Performance™ embedded features of KetoSys Green Force Keto for public’s sake.

Two ™ marks

Both maker i.e., Ans Performance™, and the specific product, that is, KetoSys™, exhibit ™. Both are electronically represented by and respectively. Nowhere ™ details are available. No where USPTO is mentioned. Ideally, a ™ claimant should mention:

  1. Us Serial
  2. Registration
  3. Reference No

Anyone helps regarding:

  1. Trademark Status
  2. Document Retrieval helps spreading chalk from cheese. Ans Performance™ could have availed. But, it didn’t. Rather, information is withheld. What does it suggest? Nothing productive.

Big Discount

Prices constitute the decisive factor. This factor alone stops populaces:

  1. From buying big homes.
  2. Big cars
  3. Availing quality education
  4. Availing quality treatment
  5. Engaging active social life
  6. Engaging top models

Reverting to KetoSys Green Force Keto, makers must be aware:

  1. Of cut-throat situation
  2. Striving for a toehold

Hence, prices reflect:

  1. To earn a toe-hold.
  2. Monetary appreciation. To retain workforce. Money galvanizes them too. an imbalance ousts from:
  3. Either field
  4. Both fields

$55.99 should be reasonable first. Why making ground for others. The 11 USD discount suggests:

  1. A cheap gimmick
  2. Immature marketing approach
  3. Suggesting something second-rate

There are many examples. Exceptions are there. Black Friday, etc., comprise that. Apple doesn’t do it. Toyota doesn’t do. Microsoft doesn’t do it. they work on prices. doesn’t let KetoSys™ label show the price. A bad message.

Incomplete Label

One rationale surging websites’ (entailing that of relevance is:

  1. Capacity of information
  2. Information type variety
  3. It is possible for:
  4. A maker
  5. A trader
  6. A service provider
  7. To provide satiating information to:
    1. Educate a person
    2. Compare and contrast
    3. Raise above rivals
    4. Outshine rivals
    5. Convince the targeted market
    6. Fine tune marketing techniques
    7. Earn more
    8. Serve more
    9. Help taking informed decisions

Information stays vital. However, doesn’t act sensibly. The KetoSys Green Force Keto lacks sense regarding label. Complete label isn’t available. Why? Only two more images. But, turns a deaf ear. It dents:

  1. Popularizing
  2. Image building
  3. Securing market share

Simply, a bad message.

 Green Force Keto Meal Replacement Formula

Another inflated claim. Look at KetoSys™ ingredients listed/ displayed by

  1. 32-gram total fats comprising 40% DV
  2. 10-gram carb comprising 4% DV
  3. 7-gram fibre comprising 25% DV
  4. 20-gram protein
  5. 165g calcium comprising 13% DV
  6. 2mg iron comprising 14% DV
  7. 200mg sodium comprising 9% DV
  8. 340mg potassium comprising 7% DV

With this ingredient profile, attributes Meal Replacement ability to KetoSys™. How come? Such a bad assessment! There other lacunae. shows:

  1. 32g fats adding 290 calories
  2. Rest adding 120 calories

Obscenely ridiculous and unbelievable.

Besides, despite fullyfledge webpage, Ans Performance™ doesn’t

  1. Mention
  2. Explain
  3. Corroborate

penned profile accomplishing listed benefits and features.

 Perfectly Balanced Macronutrient Profile. Suiting Keto Dieters

Another lofty claim. What makes penned KetoSys Green Force Keto ingredient profile:

  1. Perfectly balanced
  2. Suiting Keto Dieters
  3. Ans Performance™ doesn’t present:
  4. Its lab report
  5. 3rd-party report
  6. likewise

shoring up its claim.

 MCT Delivering Fast Energy

The claims KetoSys Green Force Keto energizing fast. Why to trust? KetoSys™ should bear some evidence. MCT is a popular phenomenon. Entrenched 3rd parties:

  1. WebMD
  2. NCBI
  3. Encyclopaedia Britannica

could have been quoted. But, doesn’t. Two possible causes:

  1. either KetoSys Green Force Keto doesn’t know it.
  2. or finds aforesaid advocating otherwise.

Plentiful Functional Phospholipids

A KetoSys™ feature by Ans Performance™. But, many gaps are visible. For instance, what plentiful means? Is there some yardstick? Is that binding? Then, doesn’t shine Phospholipids’ role in KetoSys™. Who’s job is it? KetoSys™ or Ans Performance™ rivals? Silence is the response.

 20g Protein

Is it ok? Despite variations in:

  1. Age
  2. Health level
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Activity level
  5. Genetics quotes no reference.

 Plentiful Fibre

How to know? doesn’t mention fibre amount:

  1. Matching plentiful mark
  2. Matching insufficient mark

Hence, feature is negated. Cheap intentions revealed. Furthermore, doesn’t corroborate either. A Baseless claim. cannot be ignorant of:

  1. Flooding fake products. Evidence less products.
  2. Fleecing products.
  3. Substandard quality products
  4. Unproven formulas
  5. Formulas with inadequate content.

Despite this fake trend, doesn’t mend its ways. No proof presented. Reflects bad intentions.

Low Net Carb

KetoSys™ doesn’t define Low Net Carb. How can a reader know? If doesn’t enlighten its KetoSys™ admirer who’ll. How a Ans Performance™ will tilt visitor’s view towards KetoSys™. Second, Ans Performance™ doesn’t prove it. Unsupported claim. Misleads the KetoSys™ admirer. Swells content with false/ unsupported/ unproven information. Gives a bad name.


Gluten Free

Shows syntax error. Gluten-Free is grammatically correct. The error suggests apathy. Word’s Spell Check could help. But KetoSys Green Force Keto content doesn’t bother. Poor approach. Poor product perception.

Where is the proof? An allergen-free certificate? Many concerns certify. could have lent credence. But it doesn’t. What does it suggest? Something evil.

No Artificial Dyes. Not Co lours Either

Not a good deal. Not at all. Nature cannot serve every time. Formulas help lab replication. Pharmaceutical concerns do. Besides, Ans Performance™ doesn’t list:

  1. Artificial color drawbacks.
  2. Even possible drawbacks.

A useless feature. Apparently, to:

  1. Swell the content
  2. Impress the reader
  3. Make hollow impression
  4. Mislead the reader.

Simply, a bad thing.

 No Banned Substances

Apparently, a tricky feature. Banned substances vary from:

  1. State to state
  2. Country to country
  3. Sports club to other
  4. Time to time

The second trick. KetoSys™ doesn’t mention what banned ingredients Ans Performance™ don’t employ. A hollow claim. Reality check deflates.


Evidently, KetoSys Green Force Keto isn’t genuine.

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