Hero Testosterone Booster

Hero Testosterone Booster: Stops Aging Manhood

Title suggests purpose. Amazon.com sells Hero Testosterone Booster (HERO) for a price of $99.58. HERO is certainly a bonanza. Bonanza! For who? Well, men above 30. Why such restriction? What comprises this bonanza? How to avail it? Is there smooth sailing? Is there some limits? Following attempts replying these.

  1. Testosterone production support is HERO’s cornerstone. Here, HERO exhibits following attributes.
  2. Satisfaction guarantee. Stakeholders compensate if dissatisfaction surfaces.
  3. 7-day power. 7-day sexual might support. Simply, erection support.
  4. Increases time. Mating time. simply, time withholding ejaculation. All know its miser-ability. Whatsoever edgy/ assertive/ dominating/ fascination the beauty may be, ejaculation throws cold water. The beauty doesn’t get good aftertaste either. What a pity! It can get worse. There are many contingencies. What if the:
    1. Beauty doesn’t turn up.
    2. Girlfriend minds. She lets other thoughts creep. Likewise contingencies.
  5. Next, it is size. Love muscle size does count. It is beyond visual satisfaction. The act gets ever better. For both partners. A new ecstasy horizon. HERO heeds this aspect too.
  6. What about repeated ecstasy. Something to die for. No doubt. But how? Some preconditions assert themselves? Yes. Chief is only one. Stamina. HERO formula stamina too.

Before elaborating Alpha-Male 400 Gold, it is apt shining HERO’s raison d’être. It is Testosterone Hormone. This hormone:

  1. Develops:
    1. The love muscle
    2. Testes
    3. Deepens voice during puberity.
  2. Surfaces hair on:
    1. Face
    2. Body
    3. Pubic area
    4. Underarms
  3. Grows:
    1. Muscle size
    2. Muscle power
    3. Bone size
    4. Bone strength
  4. Begets sex drive. Libido is the fuel.
  5. Produces sperms. The fathering instrument.

The testosterone deficiency, obviously, is catastrophic. Harvard Medical School finds Testosterone deficiency inviting:

  1. Depression
  2. Deflated self-confidence
  3. Problematic concentrating
  4. Prone to disturbance sleep

In mind’s horizon.

Harvard Medical School enlists:

  1. Declining muscle mass
  2. Decreasing bone mass
  3. Smother fatigue
  4. Breasts swelling
  5. Breasts going tender
  6. Hot flashes marked skin
  7. Flushing

issues in physical world.

Regarding sexual area, Harvard Medical School lists:

  1. Lowering sex drive
  2. Spontaneous erections going fewer
  3. Sustaining erection with difficulty
  4. Imagine the plight. An embattled poor male soul. Pathetic lifestyle. What life’s fascination survives? No wonder elderly men:
  5. Being a wet blanket
  6. following abstinence
  7. poor they. What choices they are left?

Hero Testosterone Booster appears as a:

  1. Silver lining
  2. coloring brush
  3. Youthfulness revival

How does HERO do it?

Very simple. Ingredients are the conveyer belt. Following shines those ingredients. Why shining those? Some simple reasons. Information increases. Ability of taking informed decisions grows/ increases/ betters/ matures. Comparison becomes:

  1. Easier
  2. Richer
  3. More beneficial
  4. Quicker
  5. Determining value for money grows easy.

What else is needed?


D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate

First carefully chosen HERO ingredient iss DAACC. HERO claims restoring 4-decade testosterone loss (aging causes it) in two weeks. DAA plays two roles:

  1. An amino acid
  2. A neurotransmitter

Both roles help DAA releasing:

Luteinizing Hormone. Testes pump out further. One consequence. Rather, the loved consequence. Alpha-Male 400 Gold invokes many studies. Take example of one. Men exhibiting impaired facility participated. They were administered:

  • gram DAA a day
  1. For 90 days.

Results showed improvements in:

  1. Motility
  2. Semen concentration
  3. On percentage standard
  4. 50% to 100%.

Regarding serum testosterone:

  1. An increase took place.

On the percentage scale:

  1. 30 to 60%.

Why calcium chelate? Solubility recommends this DAA form. DAACC dissolves in water better. 75 times better than typical DAA. HERO steals the show again. Returning to greater solubility. Greater solubility suggests:

  1. Improved absorption
  2. Improved bioavailability
  3. Without inviting stomach outages. Conventional DAA leads trouble to stomach.


Alpha-Male 400 Gold chooses 10mg effective/potent BioPerine. It is about availability. The availability matters. HERO booster availability surges 20 times further. HERO mentions US clinical studies. Those mentions:

  1. Nutrient absorption better 20-fold. Hence, HERO nutrients deliver quicker. The journey to youth speeds up. Testosterone deficiency restores quick. Sheen of listed joys re-emerge. Life exhibits attractions again.


Hero Testosterone Booster chooses Boron. Boron Chelate, precisely. An amino acid. The HERO formulators see 4mg Boron fine for:

  1. Increased bioavailability. Bigger testosterone boosts. Besides, boron influences:
  • Hormones
  • Inflammation
  • Blood plasma
  • Vitamin D
  • Bone maintenance
  • Cognition

HERO outshines its rivals. DAA acid chelate. Acid Chelate increases bioavailability. Simply, ingredient efficiency increases. Benefit becomes available quickly. Proportion of benefit increases. HERO quotes a study. Naghii organized it. Men comprised that study. They were administered:

  1. 10mg boron a day.
  2. For a week.

SHBG decreased. Not a simple decrease. A significant one.

Result emerged on T side too. 28% Testosterone increase. Besides, Free Testosterone. Type that serves. Serves what men hanker. Benefits don’t end here. Estrogen levels too drop. 39%, that studied revealed.

HERO quotes another study. Miljkovic organized it. Men participated it. They took Boron. 6mg Boron for 60 days. Their Free Testosterone level rose. The average is 29.5%. Mind it, some hormones undo. These are girlish ones. But male bodies produce these. These drain/ extract/ wring male benefits. Bonded testosterone, good-for-nothing.


Alpha-Male 400 Gold is made in:

  1. FDA registered facility.
  2. GMP shone/ guided production. Serving both:
    1. Makers
    2. Users
  3. Vegetarian in building.
  4. Non-GMO featuring ingredients.
  5. Clinically tested.
  6. Effective dosage.

Usage Instruction

Alpha-Male 400 Gold stakes holders ease HERO easy for HERO consumers. There are a few. Easy to remember. Easy to follow.

  1. Take two HERO pills.
  2. One in the morning.
  3. The other in evening.
  4. You can take two HERO pills if:
  5. One HERO in evening belies expectations.
  6. More performance is required.
  7. Take HERO with water. One glass though.
  8. Drink lots of water.

Words of Caution

  1. Keep it away from children.
  2. Alpha-Male 400 Gold doesn’t tend to:
    1. Serve expecting women.
    2. Nursing mothers
    3. People under 18.
    4. People with medical issues.
    5. People prescribed medicine.
    6. Already taking a supplement.
  3. Don’t overdose.


Evidently, Hero Testosterone Booster does benefit.

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