Huge Mule XL

Testosterone hormone founds manliness. Testicles produce it. Testosterone fashions following features:

  1. Bone growth
  2. Bone strength
  3. Concentrating ability
  4. Countless erections
  5. Deep Voice. Begins in puberty.
  6. Facial Hair growth
  7. Increase bone density
  8. Libido driven sex drive
  9. Makes those erections sustainable.
  10. Muscular Building. Size wise.
  11. Overcoming tiredness/ fatigue
  12. Penis Development
  13. Pubic Hair growth.
  14. Self-confidence building
  15. Sleeping fast
  16. Sperm production. The fathering tool.
  17. Strength building
  18. Support Red Blood Cell production
  19. Taking on depression
  20. Testes Development eases men’s life with Huge Mule XL Natural Male Enhancement Supplement (SNMES) whose low testosterone count would otherwise:

  1. Causing anemia
  2. Causing depression
  3. Causing hot flashes
  4. Causing impotence
  5. Declining sexual desire
  6. Decreasing energy
  7. Gaining weight
  8. Inviting anxiety
  9. Keep troubling them.
  10. Reducing muscle mass
  11. And making aforesaid upside down.

Simply, life becomes pathetic. Imagining doesn’t need being fertile. There is a hope. A 61.78 USD hope. This passage orbits SNMES. Firstly, the SNMES approach, followed by ingredient list.

The approach

SNMES rescues by:

  1. Increasing Nitric Oxide


  1. Estrogen
  2. Luteinizing Hormone
  3. Prolactin
  4. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Nitric Oxide

also called nitrogen monoxide is the other NO label. Nitrogen begets color-less yet toxic NO. No traits are:

signalling in:

  1. Humans
  2. Animals
  3. Benefiting the medicine.
  • Some industrial applications.
  • There is a flipside too.
  • 1620 beheld NO emergence. 1772 saw NO in studies’ company. Since then, NO didn’t look back. −241.2 °F liquefies, while −262.5 °F solidifies. Both states retain blue hue. Water doesn’t dissolve. NO is in-stable too. another NO feature is:
  1. Subtracting
  2. Adding

one electron

NO industrial production owes to:

  1. Ammonia oxidation.

Concentration asserts toxic attributes. However, NO assumes messaging role. Provided animate notions involves. Animal kingdom exclusively. Signalling areas are:

  1. Cardiovascular
  2. Nervous
  3. Immune


NO’s possessing Free Radicals grinds:

  1. NO’s reactive attribute. More than peer signalling molecules.
  2. NO’s small molecules is beneficial. Diffusion through:
  3. Cell membranes
  4. Cell walls

Performs wide range signalling. Obviously, various body systems gain. L-Arginine sources NO. Synthesis is the module. Nitric Oxide Synthase is the aid.

Endothelium is chief synthesis receiver/ beneficiary. Endothelium is:

  1. Blood vessels’ inner layer. Small NO molecules diffuse to:
  2. Underlying
  3. Smooth muscle cells
  4. Resultantly, these relax. This relaxation invites dilation. Blood flow increases. Next NO triggered benefit. Blood pressure decreases. Blood flow loops in further benefits:
    1. More oxygen for cells.
    2. Better waste removal
    3. More nutrients

Macrophage caused NO engulfs:

  1. Bacteria foreign particles
  2. Parasites
  3. Tumour cells.


NO application isn’t novel. 1800’s has seen NO helping. Dilating the coronary arteries. 40 years ago, NO potential surfaced. There is another medical use. It is treating:

  1. Impotence
  2. Erectile dysfunction

Obviously for men. This is what Huge Mule XL about. NO entails erections. Sexual stimulation triggers it. Blood inundating corpus cavernosa gets easy. Viagra emulates nature. On a gigantic level. Greater blood flow. Repeatedly erections. SNMES provides it cheap.

Luteinizing Hormone

SNMES employs D-AA-CC. A natural amino acid. A testosterone booster. Rather Testosterone power house. SNMES engages Hypothalamus. On brain’s part. Hypothalamus calls shots here. Simply, releasing Luteinizing Hormone. SNMES finds research confirming:

  1. Luteinizing Hormone supporting:
  2. Testosterone production increase
  3. In testes

Huge Mule XL quotes one study. Participants were 23. They aged between

  1. 27
  2. 37

3g D-AA was their dose. The 13th day saw a 42% increase. After 12 D-AA taking days. Great improvement. And days? Only 12. Hence, SNMES rightly claims:

  1. Turning back clock.
  2. In two weeks.

There is another T-Booster. It is zinc. Helps pituitary gland regarding LH. Luteinizing Hormone precisely. SNMES falls back on a study. Study showed 9 elderly males. 6-month Zinc administration did wonders. Serum testosterone doubled.

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Testosterone count may dip:

  1. despite testes’ working
  2. Testes working in overdrive

Science explores reasons. One is SHBG. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin exactly. SHBG renders T-Hormone irrelevant. Inactive precisely. The SNMES formulating team discovers SHBG’s antidote. There are two notions:

  1. Magnesium
  2. Nettle Root
  3. Boron
  • The first suppresses SHBG. The less presence, the more benefit. More testosterone precisely. The more the merrier.
  • The second behaves pre-emptively. SHBG is bonded. Before it binds Testosterone. Consequently, biological SHBG configuration changes. Changed SHBG is different. It cannot bind. a field day for Testosterone.
  • The third fetters SHBG. Boron is next SNMES instrument. Available testosterone serves better. Kudos to Huge Mule XL.
  • Estrogen and Prolactin
  • Next Testoserone villains are:
  1. Estrogen
  2. Prolactin

Many call these Girlish/ female hormones. Their sex hormones. All male bodies quarter them. Their one function is:

  1. Lowering testosterone level.
  2. This function costs men their:
    1. Orbiting women.
  3. Abilities to:
    1. Stay focuses
    2. Come over tiredness quickly
    3. Shrug off stress
    4. Sleep tight
  • SNMES rescues again. It is Huge Mule XL again. It is Boron again. SNMES reverts to a study. That studies supports SNMES’ reliance on Boron. The reason was simple. One-week Boron administration lowered:
  • Estrogen. 39% precisely.
  • Luterolin supported. Estrogen decrease is good. Testosterone benefits. It serves men better. Aforesaid benefits men.
  • SNMES takes on Prolactin as well. This time SNMES employs Mucuna Pruriens. Prolactin downs. Testosterone amount rises.

Usage Directions

Huge Mule XL usage is easy. Remembering too is easy. There are the few steps. A person hardly forgets.

  1. Take two SNMES pills a day.
  2. If you workout, split into:
    1. Morning SNMES ingestion
    2. Evening SNMES ingestion
  3. Regarding girl friend, take two SNMES pills.
  4. Increase water intake.

Words of Caution

Huge Mule XL potency warrants it. These aren’t several.

  1. Keep it away from children.
  2. Don’t overdose. Overdose is potentially bad. No overdose exception.
  3. SNMES doesn’t serve under 18.
  4. SNMES doesn’t serve:
    1. Women expecting babies
    2. Women nursing babies. Infants, precisely.
  5. SNMES doesn’t serve:
    1. Sick
    2. Ill
    3. In medical condition
  6. Under medical treatment


Huge Mule XL has disclaimer too.

SNMES doesn’t:

  1. Cure
  2. Prevent
  3. Treat

a disease.


Huge Mule XL has Guarantee. Money back guarantee.


Obviously, Huge Mule XL delivers.

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