Insta Enhanced Lift

Natural Escapes, electronically existing on, produces 20 products, including Insta Enhanced Lift. Its official title is: Lavender Aloe & Olive Hand & Body Lotion (LAOHBL). This 8.5 oz net weighing Natural Escapes product is sold on: 

  1. for a price of LAOHBL $18 on 
  1. for $19.95. 


Following shines Natural Escapes’s Lavender Aloe & Olive Hand & Body Lotion for reader’s: 

  1. Benefit 
  1. Informed decision  

Laoh restores skin’s: 

  1. Radiance 
  1. Health.  

Natural Escapes make LAOHBL: 

  1. All natural  
  1. moisturizing cream: 
  1. Delivering: 
  1. intense moisture   
  1. vital nourishment. 
  1. Antioxidants 
  1. Nutrients 

at cellular level. The Insta Enhanced Lift user’s skin becomes: 

  1. Silky smooth 
  1. Moisturized 
  1. All day 
  1. Without greasy feelings 
  1. Performs exceptionally regarding: 
  1. Extra Dry Skin. 

LAOHBL user cannot help loving: 

  1. Soft 
  1. Beautiful  
  1. Scent of pure 
  1. Lavender Essential Oil 
  1. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 


Laoh Exudes:  

  1. Antioxidant  
  1. Anti-aging  


Natural Escapes equips Laoh with: 

  1. Instant regenerating ability 
  1. With: 
  1. The best 
  1. All natural 
  1. Organic  

ingredients. Exemplified by:  

  1. Vitamin B5 
  1. Organic Aloe Vera 
  1. Oat Protein 
  1. Organic Olive oil 
  1. Avocado Oil 
  1. Coconut oil 
  1. Vitamin E. 

With these ingredients, LAOHBL nourishes skin: 

  1. Deeply  
  1. Gives smooth appearance. Silky Smooth, precisely.  
  1. Helps extremely dry skin 
  1. Helps preventing scars 
  1. Assists fading: 
  1. Scars 
  1. Stretch marks 

and calms skin.  

These ingredients transforms LAOHBL of Natural Escapes into: 

  1. an effective antioxidant lotion. 

 Effective Skin Regeneration  

LAOHBL owes its: 

  1. Hallmark 
  1. Other title 

to lemongrass Essential Oil. Experiments shows it: 

  1. Toning 
  1. Purifying  

the skin. Besides, it performs as: 

  1. An effective topical analgesic 
  1. Anti-fungal 
  1. Anti-bacterial 
  1. Anti-inflammatory 
  1. Astringent 
  1. Stress relieving ability 
  1. Anxiety management 
  1. Irritation control 
  1. Insomnia management 

story doesn’t end here. Lemongrass oil empowers LAOHBL treating: 

  1. Burns  
  1. Eczema 
  1. Other skin situations.  
  1. Psoriasis  
  1. Rashes 

Thanks to Natural Escapes’ skin regenerating ability. Quite powerful ability. informs Insta Enhanced Lift usage possibility as: 

Stand alone: 

  1. Psoriasis  
  1. Eczema  



Skin and Earth Friendly 

Natural Escapes embeds: 

  1. Cruelty-Free. Not tested on animals. 
  1. Vegan lotion 
  1. Parabens free. Hence, Insta Enhanced Lift suitable for sensitive skin.   
  1. Synthetic fragrance free 
  1. Dyes fee 
  1. Glycols free 
  1. Petroleum free 
  1. Phthalates free 
  1. EDTA free 
  1. Petroleum free 
  1. Suitable to sensitive skin 
  1. Okay for children 
  1. Made in small batches. Rather, handcrafted in Colorado.  

Being Natural 

Natural Escapes believes organic products: 

  1. Improve user skin 
  1. Improve overall health. 

Organic Lemongrass Lotion is one example. organic products not entailing lifestyle, invites: 

A range of issues. Exemplified by: 

  1. Petroleum by-products,  
  1. Alcohol,  
  1. Parabens,  
  1. Phthalates,  
  1. Sulfates,  
  1. Synthetic fragrances  
  1. Colors 


Chemical fillers comprise formularies. These project moisture feel. They don’t in reality. Those hardly benefit skin. Topical accretion comprises body. This comprising outshines eating. Eating is 10x slower. Regular topical application: 

  1. Keeps accumulating chemicals 
  1. Inviting unpleasant contingencies 

LAOHBL by Natural Escapes relieve from it. because, there are no: 

  1. Animal by-products,  
  1. Drying alcohols,  
  1. Fragrances 
  1. Parabens,  
  1. Petroleum by-products,  
  1. Sulfates,  
  1. Synthetic colors  

making Organic Lemon Grass Lotion: 

  1. A much gentler  
  1. healthier choice. 


The largest organ, the beautifying organ too: 

needs nourishment without toxic trail. 

Skin needs: 

  1. Vitamins,  
  1. Minerals,  
  1. Micro-nutrients 
  1. Many other compounds 

plentiful in nature.  

However, chemicals outshine nature. Reasons are: 

  1. Being inexpensive 
  1. mimicing moisturising ability 

Natural Escapes invites pondering here. What we bring to skin. What topical chemicals do. Considering bliss in going organic. Chemical products on shelves: 

  1. Appear bringing issues 
  1. Creating long term issues 


Chemical Fillers 

Alkyl Sulfates 


Let’s begin with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 

Even 0.5 SLS concentration can: 

  1. Irritate  
  1. while 10-30% causes: 
  1. skin corrosion  
  1. severe irritation 
  1. SLS inflicts: 
  1. Degeneration on cell membranes. The reason is: 
  1. Protein denaturing attribute. 


Even los SLS concentration causes: 

High level skin penetration.  

Accumulations in: 

  1. Heart 
  1. Liver 
  1. Lungs 
  1. Brain 

All through skin. A studies indication. Another informs: 

  1. SLS damaging immune system. Especially in skin.  
  1. Separating skin layers 
  1. Inflaming skin layer. Protein denaturing responsible here.  
  1. Epidermal changes to applied skin.  
  1. Damages hair follicle. 


Sodium Laureth Sulfate  

SLES, a commonplace sulfate, less severe than SLS though. Liver cannot metabolize SLES. Hence, SLES inflictions last longer.  


Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate  

Inflicts irritation as SLS does.  



0.5% Benzyl Alcohol, Avocado Oil, Citric Acid, Dimethicone, Distilled Water, D-Panthenol, Eco-Certified Preservative, Emulsifying Wax NF, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, Stearic Acid, Vitamin E Acetate, and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. 


Return Policy 

Natural Escapes guarantees its Insta Enhanced Lift 100%. provides: 

  1. Valid 
  1. Updated information. says if LAOHBL fails in satisfying, contact Natural Escapes. After it, return Organic Lemon Grass within 30 days. 30 days of ordering. This starts refund process. promises asking no question. LAOHBL is equipped with: 

  1. full 
  1. 100% 

guarantee from In case of load belying expectations: 

  1. ring 877 674 2476 
  1. email naturalescapes 

hence, Natural Escapes support helps: 

  1. Returning 


  1. Exchanging adds that LAOHBL: 

  1. Label 
  1. Webpage i.e.  

pens all Lemon Grass Lotion ingredients. Hence, expects LAOHBL buyers perusing: 

  1. Labels 
  1. Website pages 

ensuring no LAOHBL strung reaction stings.   


Natural Escapes 

A few words about: 

  1. Owner 
  1. Creator  

of Insta Enhanced Lift. Her journey began 15 years ago. She needed an elixir. Certainly, for her troubled skin. She resorted to nature: 

  1. Being healthy 
  1. Being vibrant 

the passion was aired by: 

  1. Plant based oils 
  1. Anti-aging botanicals 
  1. Regenerating vitamins 
  1. Cutting edge cosmeceuticals 
  1. Promising optimal nutrients delivery. 


Melissa Andrews ensure Insta Enhanced Lift is a: 

  1. Natural 
  1. Organic 
  1. Wholesome  
  1. Cruelty-free 

ingredient collection synergistically: 

  1. Nourishes 
  1. Moisturizes 
  1. Protects  

the skin. Loah benefits long. Rather, self-evidently. 



Evidently, genuineness marks Natural Escapes’ Insta Enhanced Lift 

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