Keto 900

Giant Sports International claims Delicious Weight Management Indulgence on take the patented Keto 900® manifestation tasting either

  1. Dark Chocolate Caramel,
  2. or Milk Chocolate.

However, it isn’t gratis. charges $29.99 for 280 gram packed under patented Keto 900. Giant Sports International claim certain Keto 900® attributes on This passage examines those.

 Keto 900®

Giant International Sports maintained lists ‘Patented’ first Keto Coca feature. USPO catches attention. One expects:

  1. Patent Application Request
  2. Patent Approval Letter
  3. Patent Number
  4. Some USPO link.

Does bear something likewise. Pin drop silence! Why? is Giant International Sports being modest? What involves modesty? It entails integrity. must keep its word, i.e., patented Keto 900. Giant International Sports backs out. Obviously, owing to falsehood. First impression goes wrong.

 Keto Friendly

One expects delineating:

  1. Keto
  2. Keto Cocao being friendly

Giant International Sports:

  1. presenting its data.
  2. Referring some third-parties
  3. Supporting Keto Coca user:
    1. In most cases:
    2. Irrespective of:
      1. Age
      2. Gender
  • Health condition
  1. Life Style

What presents. Drawing a blank! Just, another disappointment.

Paleo Friendly list Paleo Friendliness another Keto 900. Hence, stirs expectations:

  1. what Paleo is.

How Paleo links to’s weight management claim. How Giant International Sports loops Paleo into Keto 900. Besides, How Keto 900® formulary delivers:

  1. Irrespective of determents
  2. Health condition
  3. Food habits
  4. Age fact
  5. Gender

No wonder a visiter expects Giant International Sports waiting with its:

  1. Quarried
  2. crafted
  3. Borrowed

evidence. What is available? Disappointment! Another, falsification.

 Lacto-Vegetarian Friendly

FDA finds Lacto capable of:

  1. Some evils:
    1. Sounding alarm
    2. Inviting pain
    3. Interrupting smooth sailing

Hence, some formularies avoid lacto. Giant International Sports too claims. Right. Good. What colors trustworthiness. Not a word. No certification. Certifying agencies are many. However, knows none.

Vegetarian Friendly

Some communities:

  1. Jews
  2. Hindus
  3. Muslims

find animal-sourced ingredients offensive. Market crafts cooling certifications. Examples are:

  1. Kosher
  2. Vegetarian

likewise certifications. Turning to what awaits there. Nothing. Falsification appear two-folded here. Look at ingredient list. How many stir controversy? A farce! More than it. A falsification. Keto 900® lacto-vegetarian claim nullified.


Giant Sports International lists Gluten-Free a Keto 900® attribute. Wow!. Wait a minute. What Gluten comprises. Three natural manifestations:

  1. Wheat
  2. Barley
  3. Rye

Do you see Giant International Sports using any in Keto Coca? No. Following bear Keto 900® ingredient list as does. Nothing relates to:

  1. Rye
  2. Barley
  3. Wheat

What is the point? Simple. Pulling wool over eyes. What else!

 Non-GMO Procurement

Genetically Modified Organism still stirs doubt. Reasons are simple. Organism resistance taken from:

  1. Rival
  2. Enemy
  3. Adverse
  4. Bacteria
  5. Virus
  6. Plants
  7. Animals

don’t have documented:

  1. Smooth sailing
  2. Toeing dna retrofitted to
  3. Retrofitted dna asserting itself.

Likewise notions freak people. Hence, Non-GMO lulls souls. Does Giant International Sports calm nerves? No. Why? Look at the ingredient list. No ingredient entails GMO question. Another false claim. doesn’t support with:

  1. Shoddy
  2. Baseless
  3. Evidence

Another falsehood.

 No Artificial Ingredient

Nature cannot serve:

  1. Everywhere
  2. Rocketing needs
  3. Exploding populations

Pharmaceuticals employ/ use/ consume/ trust artificial ingredients. Harvard Medical Publication announces:



associations approving/ nodding/ okaying even synthetic sweeteners. Let alone other ingredients. Nature can go wrong:

  1. If ingredients decay
  2. Expiry occurs
  3. Quality dips provides nothing how:

  1. avoiding artificial fosters

Keto 900. No data whatsoever. Another claim busted. Giant International Sports appear building its Keto 900® on false/ ill-supported notions.

 No Synthetic Flavour

Previous logic applies here. Giant International Sports does not:

  1. Suggest
  2. Stress
  3. Support
  4. Prove

Synthetic flavour(s) downplaying Keto 900. Not even otherwise. Obviously, another falsification.

No Artificial Color

Well, lists it one Keto 900® properties but omits:

  1. Defining
  2. Explaining
  3. Supporting

artificial color (s) yanking away or contributing to Keto 900® capabilities.

 Environment Free

Sounds good. But not when is sought evidence. Is it Keto Cocao:

  1. Making
  2. Packing
  3. Storing

leaving least carbon foot print. What is it? What helps environment? doesn’t list any. Let alone supporting.

Giant International Sports is Distributor

Label on drops a bomb. Who lists/ prints/ pens distributors on products? does. Why? what is purpose. Where is manufacturer information. Nowhere. Who will provide? stays silent.

 FDA Registered Facility

Very easy for to support it. A few images. An FDA link. Repute surges. Worthiness rockets. Expectations mushroom. But what presents? Nothing. Why? It is so easy. Simply, another falsification.

 Made in USA

some documents would do. Like tax document. Renting a facility. Even a US address. A few lines’:

  1. effort
  2. struggle
  3. space
  4. management doesn’t mends its way. No support. Another lie.


Keto 900® belies expectations on once again. Some certification would do. Image pasting ease further. Linking is also there. However, abstains from all. Why? Obviously, no evidence.

besides bearing label, the content on bears some (Trade Mark Registered) Keto 900® attributes. Those are:

A Satisfying Drink brings no evidence.

A Most Distinguished Gourmet

Evidence field on remains empty.

Sweet Teeth Satisfying

Really? What about Ketosis efficiency? No reply on

 So Creamy

So Chocolaty doesn’t defend Ketosis results/ consequences/ developments.

Most delicious form, says, carb management

Aids in Weight Management

Evidence is missing.

Dawns Ketosis

Evidence is wanted.

Fully Certified Facility

No Keto 900® proof.

Rigorous Microbiological Testing

No test name. Let alone evidence.

Ingredient List

74 is calorie count says

  1. com/product/keto-cocoa/ finds 6g Total Fat worth of 8% enriching (Trade Mark Registered) Keto 900® formulary.
  2. com/product/keto-cocoa/ finds 2g Total Carbs worth of 30% enriching (Trade Mark Registered) Keto 900® formulary.
  3. com/product/keto-cocoa/ finds 3g Protein worth of 6% enriching (Trade Mark Registered) Keto 900® formulary.
  4. com/product/keto-cocoa/ finds 213mg Sodium worth of 8% enriching (Trade Mark Registered) Keto 900® formulary.
  5. com/product/keto-cocoa/ finds 2.5mg Iron worth of 14% enriching (Trade Mark Registered) Keto 900® formulary.
  6. com/product/keto-cocoa/ finds 280mg Potassium worth of 6% enriching (Trade Mark Registered) Keto 900® formulary.

Nothing on supports these giving listed Keto 900® gains.


Evidently, Keto 900 isn’t genuine.

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