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Purely Optimal® presents a weight decrease solution in its Keto Max crafted with an Advanced Formulation for sale on: 

  1. charges $19.00 for one single Keto Buzz Pills bottle carrying sixty capsules. While shows $50 Keto Max’s listed price but sells it on $20.00, a discounted price. Both platforms enumerate many dozen attributes, features, advantages. The following reviews Keto Max information available on and to separate chalk from cheese. This passage enumerates all points. However, explaining those Keto Max notions may not be possible. The limited space alone goes against this Purely Optimal Keto Max review.  


  1. What is Purely Optimal reality 

There are many dichotomies here.  


  1. The first doubt emerges about Purely Optimal® itself.. To begin with the Black colored striped on the top of It shows Purely Optimal followed by ®. Well, okay, where is subsequent information. For instance, when ® status was requested/ asked, what authority granted ® status on what date, what was charge, etc. Purely Optimal provides no information on either website.  


  1. Let’s view the label. It says Purely Optimal™. This situation grows stark when both and provide labels show the same. It isn’t a minor mistake. Legalities, professionalism, commitment to concern, commitment to customers etc., get involved. Keto Buzz Pills suffers at the hands of Purely Optimal. 


  1. Purely Optimal provided Keto Max labels add another confusion. These back sides show Purely Optimal as Purely Optimal Nutrition Inc. Neither any Keto Max label side nor the website mentions Inc. What is it? It isn’t a joke. These aren’t inadvertent lacunas. These appear commissioned ones.   


  1. The bottom of same, i.e.,, shows Purely Optimal as Purely Optimal Nutrition. What is this? Why the top part conceals/ withholds it? What is the justification? It isn’t a glitch. It is a deliberate Purely Optimal inspired confusion. The back of Keto Buzz Pills reveals Purely Optimal Nutrition alone.  


  1. Besides, the bottom of removes both ™ and ® from the end of title.  


  1. Let’ s visit the Terms and Conditions webpage on Another Pandora box. This Purely Optimal webpage mentions none of: 
  1. ® 
  1. Nutrition 
  1. Inc 


  1. Label provides Keto Buzz Pills making entity as well. Let’s check it, i.e., Purely Optimal Nutrition Inc., San Jose CA 95132, on the touchstone of Google Maps. With said information, Purely Optimal Nutrition Inc., San Jose CA 95132, Google Maps shows Purely Optimal Nutrition Inc. is missing. It makes only searching San Jose CA 95132 possible. Google Maps reveals that San Jose is a Californian city. How to find an entity here? No reply, no hint, nothing. 


  1. There is a phone number tooIt is 1-800-738-6018, according to label. When Google looked up 1-800-738-6018, no address, no communication, no advertisement, no agreement, no legal document, etc., nothing showed 1-800-738-6018 connection with Purely Optimal  


  1. Confusions don’t seem ending at Purely Optimal. The backside of Keto Buzz Pills label shows Purely Optimal Nutrition Inc., is merely a Keto Max distributor. The other label sides, the Purely Optimal webpage, terms and conditions webpage, etc., on don’t even mention the Distributor status let alone delineating it and removing confusion. Nothing on shows it as Keto Max’s distributor. 


See the dichotomy range here. These tricks rather smear the maker. This rubs on off Keto Max as wellSimply, confusions caused by Purely Optimal following ™, ®, Nutrition, and Inc. gives a bad name to Keto Buzz PillsThe first Purely Optimal impression goes bad too. 


  1. Get the max results. 

The second Purely Optimal embedded feature is ‘Get the Max Results’. It appears another trick. The reason is simple. What are these? Where these are listed? How many Keto Max users obtained these? What is its ratio? Subsequently, this Purely Optimal claim about its Keto Max proves to be hollow. 


  1. Money Back Guarantee,  

Next Keto Max attraction according to Purely Optimal, whatever its legal status is, is Money Back Guarantee ensuring 100% 30-day Satisfaction guarantee. However, No details, such as: 

  1. What about shipping charge 
  1. What about handling charge 
  1. What about discounted product 
  1. What about Purely Optimal’s mistake 
  1. What about damaged product 
  1. What if multiple Keto Buzz Pills bottles are bought? How many have guarantee? 
  1. Etc.,  

Purely Optimal addresses none of the aforesaid. It worsens the bad impression.  


  1. 100% Natural Ingredients, are these artificially available 

Purely Optimal says its Keto Max ingredients are natural. It raises subsequent questions. Where Caffeine Anhydrous is made artificially, especially featuring 50% extract. Besides, what is BHB original status. Are these natural or artificial? No answer is available. What assures the Keto Max reader or buyer that Keto Max comprising BHBs are natural.  


  1. Third Party Lab Tested 

Next Purely Optimal claim about Keto Max is its 3rd Part Lab checking. However, this too bears further questions. What is the lab name? What Keto Buzz Pills aspects are tested? What makes that lab: 

  1. That Trustworthy 
  1. Worth mentioning here 
  1. Etc. 

Where are findings? Why these aren’t provided? This non-provision stokes the Purely Optimal bad impression even further.  


  1. $30 Discount 

The Purely Optimal webpage shows $50 as Keto Max listed price. But, it gives $30 discount. It is doubtful. No brand gives 60% discount in routine. Besides, one wonders: 

  1. If Purely Optimal was profiting obscenely 
  1. What made Purely Optimal stop fooling and fleecing Keto Max admirers 
  1. Does $20 price suits all Keto Max stakeholders? 
  1. If yes, then why Purely Optimal schemed 30 USD loot after every Keto Max bottle. 

No question is provided.  


Space limitation refrains following 21 answers of questions: 

Keto Buzz Pills 

Purely Optimal 


  1. 800mg Ingredient Profile 
  1. Rapid Weight Loss 
  1. GMO-Free 
  1. Made in the USA 
  1. FDA Registered Facility  
  1. GMP Certified 
  1. Premium Quality 
  1. Extra Strength formula 
  1. Shipping policy limited information  
  1. Returns and Exchange Policy 
  1. Promotes Ketosis 
  1. Burn fat for fuel 
  1. Metabolism Support 
  1. Manage Carvings 
  1. Boost Athletic Performance 
  1. Improve Mental Clarity 
  1. Improve Mental Focus 
  1. Energy 
  1. Stamina 
  1. Take Low diet with Keto Max 
  1. Induces Ketosis 
  1. BHB in Keto Max causes Ketosis 



Evidently, Keto Buzz Pills by Purely Optimal is a fraud.  


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