Keto Enhanced Slim

 Quality Nutritional takes it upon itself providing a liquid potion for weight loss. Quality Nutritional christens it Keto Enhanced Slim Liquid Weight Loss and presents this 60ml or 2 fluid oz content carrying bottle on sale through for a price of $19.99. Consequently, one fl oz of aforesaid Liquid Weight Loss costs $10.  

 The Claim List on Amazon.Com 

Quality Nutritional claims that its Liquid Weight Loss: 

  1. Is a Keto Advanced Dietary Supplement? 
  1. Carries Premium Appetite Suppressant Drops 
  1. Decreases weight 
  1. Is Unisex in nature 
  1. Comprises Pure Rapid Tone 
  1. Comprises All Nature ingredients 
  1. has HCG-Free extracts 
  1. has Hormone-free extracts 
  1. is Made in the USA 


Regarding salient Keto Enhanced Slim Liquid Weight Loss (DDLWL) features on its label, below lists those. 

  1. It is a premium formula. 
  1. Exhibits 200mg Ultra Strength  
  1. ‘Burn’ Fat 
  1. ‘Boost’ Metabolism 
  1. ‘Control Appetite 
  1. ‘Stay’ in Ketosis 


Quality Nutritional adds content on both: 

  1. DDLWL label 
  1. DDLWL specific web page 


Let’s begin from the webpage 


  1. Keto Advanced Dietary Supplement 

One Quality Nutritional claim about DDLWL is that it is 

  1. Keto 
  1. Advanced 
  1. Dietary Supplement  

Keto relates to Ketosis, a body processes preferring fat to crab to power (in the form of fuel). Reliable sources, i.e.,  

  1. Encyclopaedia Britannica 
  1. NCBI 

finds a terrible low carb presence or provision causing the switch. None of Quality Nutritional chosen DDLWL ingredient finds its mention in any. Besides, Quality Nutritional doesn’t bother explaining, supporting, etc. It suggests in-genuineness quite clearly.  


  1. Premium Appetite Suppressant Drops 

Next Quality Nutritional embedded Keto Enhanced Slim feature has two parts: 

  1. Appetite Suppressant 
  1. Premium 

Regarding the DDLWL Supplement Facts, the label attributes Appetite Suppressing features to none of 17 ingredients. The situation grows worse on DDLWL specific webpage. Despite its vastness, capacity, etc., the webpage is denied Suppressing Function details. Let alone DDLWL role in suppressing appetite, Quality Nutritional doesn’t even bother penning the appetite suppressing process.  


After that, what makes DDLWL suppressing feature premium. Not a single word on: 

  1. Label 
  1. Webpage 

supports it. Does Quality Nutritional attribute its Premium feature to 17ingredient powered formulary. However, the total potency of 17-ingredient powered DDLWL is 200mg. average11.76mg for an ingredient, not impressive. Tacitly, another lie. Another doubtful notion (feature) here.  


  1. Decreases Weight 

A Good attraction. Doubts emerge when asked how, how much, etc., Quality Nutritional keeps silent. There is no data suggesting: 

  1. How much weight  
  1. In a certain time 
  1. was noticed lost during Diet Drop: 
  1. experiments 
  1. clinical tests 
  1. likewise  

 Besides, Quality Nutritional doesn’t bother mentioning what amongst 17 DDLWL ingredients are relevant here. Tacitly, another lie. 

 Unisex in nature 

Quality Nutritional lists this feature, unisex support, on DDLWL specific webpage. However, Quality Nutritional avoids: 

  1. Informing 
  1. Explaining 
  1. Supporting  
  1. how DDLWL suits weight management/ decrease needs of males and females.  
  1. What does this suggest?  

An unfounded claim! 


  1. Pure Rapid Tone 

This feature appears difficult to understand. Especially for laymen users. What worsens it that Quality Nutritional bothers mentioning nothing. What is pure here? Because, no name is mentioned. What is rapid here? What tone means here? Let alone adding value to Keto Enhanced Slim, DDLWL deliberately fails in: 

  1. Defining 
  1. Delineating  

This situation gives one message. One more lie 


  1. All Natural Ingredients 

Next DDLWL claim is that Quality Nutritional relies on natural ingredients alone. Only self recommendation. There are even greater loopholes. Take some examples, Beta Alanine and Cromium, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, etc. How these fit Natural Ingredient category? Besides, what’s wrong if Maca Powder’s weight loss strung nutrients are laboratory made? Is there some evidence? For example, is synthetic Vitamin A is worse than natural Vitamin A? More importantly, where lies the evidence? Hence this Quality Nutritional announcement appears: 

  1. A lie 
  1. A gimmick. Nothing more than a gimmick.  


  1. HCG Extract 

Label and don’t clue a thing. A layman cannot infer: 

  1. Anything 
  1. Any benefit 

regarding CF Extract. There is no HCG introduction. How HCG contributes to DDLWL purpose? Is Quality Nutritional the first concern employs HCG for its DDLWL cause.  


  1. Hormone Free Extract 

Hmmm, another DDLWL attribute. But what exactly hormone(s) any of Keto Enhanced Slim ingredients carry? How these threat Weight Loss process? What evidence Quality Nutritional has so far? Finally, how Quality Nutritional separates or purges that given hormone? Why that hormone name avoids DDLWL formulating team’s attention. Not a good omen.  

 Made in the USA 

This geographical fact serves overall product elevation, publicity, etc. However, this geographical attribute develops into product attribute. Hence, this information supports the makers’ cause. Quality Nutritional too claims its DDLWL is Made in the USA. However, no legal evidence provided.  


Let’s turn to the Keto Enhanced Slim label. Its listed features are below.  


  1. A Premium Formula 

What makes it premium? Is it its: 

  1. Being USA Made 
  1. Collection of 17 ingredient 
  1. Being in a liquid form 
  1. The ingredient profile 
  1. The making process 

What? Not a clue. Again, a bad omen. 


  1. 200mg Ultra Strength  

Ambiguity marks it. What exactly Ultra Strength is? Does 200mg alone comprise it? How 200mg collective potency of 17 ingredients amounts to Ultra Strength. Quality Nutritional keeps silent. Suspicion grows stronger.  


  1. ‘Burn’ Fat 

Language mistake leaves a bad after taste. It should be Burns. Suggests quality matters’ plight here. Afterwards, no idea about: 

  1. Fat amount burnt 
  1. Time required 
  1. Safety 
  1. Etc. 

Hence, it turns to be another inflated lie.  


  1. ‘Boost’ Metabolism 

Language mistake repeats spoiling the image further. Besides, no tentative statistics are provided. No quantifying metabolism, its gain, time required, factors slowing it, factor expediting, etc. Another false projection. 


  1. ‘Control’ Appetite 

Another farfetched Keto Enhanced Slim claim. What ingredient controls it? How DDLWL responses to: 

  1. Changing 
  1. Fluid  

situations? What about stress strung appetite? Any productivity idea? Complete silence.  


  1. ‘Stay’ in Ketosis 

Does it start or stay in Ketosis? No explanation. Ambiguity survives.  


  1. GMP Quality 

No support from any GMP auditor, or likewise. No link, data, information support here.  


  1. Third Party Lab Tested 

No mention of the lab, its rating, its location, its preserve, its licences, etc. Test report of Keto Enhanced Slim isn’t available here. Hence, this claim remains hollow.  


  1. Non-GMO Ingredients 

No ingredient name mentioned. No Non-GMO verifying notion. Such as: 

  1. USAD 
  1. Non-GMO Project 



Shining aforesaid 18 aspects, portrays Keto Enhanced Slim fake.  

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