Keto Lean BHB presents Keto Lean BHB (KLB). Presently, isn’t working. However, Amazon’s KLB page furnishes information. KLB carries 60ml content. KLB’s price on Amazon is $19.57. This passage:

  1. elaborates KLB
  2. examines

opines its worth.

Lab Tested. For Purity & Potency

Well, good feature. But some questions first? What was the lab’s name? Where it was located? What made iPro choose it? What were tests’ names. When testing took place? Where is lab report? Why iPro didn’t post? One post by iPro has the key. However, iPro doesn’t care.

‘Non GMO’

Syntax issue catches attention. It must be Non-GMO. Second, what entity supports KLB’s this claim. There are many. is one. GMO nurtures some issues. Genetic engineering fashions it. GMOs are combinations of:

  1. Plant
  2. Animal
  3. Bacterial
  4. Virus

genes that aren’t:

  1. Nature created
  2. A cross-bred notion. put GMOs into:

  1. High-Risk
  2. Low-Risk
  3. Non-Risk
  4. Monitored Risk


Non-Risk field is empty. While High-Risk is most populated. This reason popularizes Non-GMO. Reverting to iPro Organic Supplements’ Non-GMO claim, corroborating KLB isn’t difficult. Simply post:

  1. org or likewise link.
  2. The image of certification

That’s all.

However, Keto Lean BHB is denuded. So, not to trust it? If KLB does have a Non-GMO certification, why doesn’t universalizes it. Simply, something suspicious.


FDA fathers it. GMP aims at:

  1. Product Effectiveness
  2. Product Purity
  3. Product Safety

by crafting a:

quality manufacturing approach featuring:

  1. Eliminating contamination
  2. Eliminating errors
  3. Eliminating mixups

GMP encompasses:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Complaint handling
  3. Equipment verification
  4. Personnel qualifications
  5. Process validation
  6. Record keeping
  7. Sanitation

Hence, GMP appears adorning. This derives manufacturers earning GMP (by FDA) official blessing. Where is the proof? KLB keeps quiet. This fathers suspicions.


Inspection and Approval rockets:

  1. Manufacturers
  2. Supplier
  3. Etc


KLB claims utilizing:

  1. an FDA Inspected
  2. An FDA approved

Good for iPro Organic Supplements. Why readers should trust? They need evidence. There is none. What does it suggest? The claim isn’t worthy.


Next, KLB claims US lineage. Let’s see the label. KLB negates iPro Organic Supplements’ claim about Keto Lean BHB. Label doesn’t say by iPro Organic Supplements rather for iPro Organic Supplements. Why irdk label shows for? Why a US based irdk manufacturer doesn’t appear? Maybe KLB doesn’t have an American one. Something is suspicious. Space isn’t an excuse. Another falsification emerges.

Let’s check KLB given address.

  1. 16950 NBAY Road
  2. APT 90
  3. Sunny Isles
  4. FL 33160-4243

Google says ‘No Results’

However, Google shows 10 KLB results without 4243. None shows:

Keto Lean BHB

iPro Organic Supplements

regarding 16950 N Bay, Google shows office block. Might be iPro Organic Supplements office. But where is:

  1. its manufacturing unit
  2. warehouse
  3. laboratory

No reply. No here indicates suspicion.

There is a silver lining.


Let’s see It says

Registered on 9th of November, 2016

Expires on 9th of November, 2019

Apparently, a 3 year KLB business plan. Not a good omen. Let’s see presented Registrar Data.

The Name field on pens Chen & Ronen Hair there. Make Up appends. Let’s see it. Google finds Chen & Ronen Hair a fashion designer. How does Chen & Ronen Hair involve:

  1. iPro Organic Supplements
  2. its products

why KLB label conceals Chen & Ronen Hair. Besides, Chen & Ronen Hair doesn’t manufacture anything. reveals its location, Israel. Does KLB label hints Israel? Certainly no. what is it ? simply, another lie.

Ingredient Profile

  1. African Mango
  2. Beta-Alanine
  3. Chromium
  4. EGCG
  5. Eleuthero
  6. Garcinia
  7. Glycyrhizin Extract
  8. Grapefruit powder
  9. Grapeseed pyruvata
  10. Guarana
  11. L-Arginine
  12. L-Carnitine
  13. Maca powder
  14. Panax Ginseng
  15. Respberry Ketone
  16. Tryotophan

Other Ingredients:

  1. Citric Acid,
  2. Demineralized Water,
  3. Natural Flavors
  4. Potassium Sorbate

Empowering Keto Lean BHB. However, no ‘How’ description. How these contribute? iPro Organic Supplements says nothing on:

  1. com
  2. Amazon webpage

It suggests something bad. The formulating team at

  1. Hardly exists.
  2. In adequate experience
  3. In adequate expertise
  4. Poor ingredient information
  5. Fails mentioning 3rd-party

Foresaid points of KLB indicate to one direction. Falsehood.

No Preservatives

Apparently, portrays Keto Lean BHB natural. Is it so? Preservatives are necessary evils. Chief preservative benefits are:

  1. Preventing food deterioration
  2. Fending off:
    1. Mold
    2. Yeast
    3. Can threat life.

The overall preservative contribution:

  1. Reduced cost
  2. Better convenience
  3. Greater shelf life
  4. Reduced wastage

FDA recognizes:

  1. Natural:
    1. Lemon
    2. Salt
    3. Sugar
  2. Synthetic


Whatever preservatives are, avoids listed gains. So, another hollow claim. It is lie too. Potassium Sorbate retards microbes. says so. lists Potassium Sorbate in KLB ingredient list.

100% Eco Friendly

Nothing defines it. The reader cannot understand. Besides, refers no:

  1. Organization
  2. Association
  3. Entity
  4. Lab

supporting it. Another deflated feature.

Healthy Immune System

iPro Organic Supplements doesn’t define. How immune system benefits? doesn’t refer to KLB relevant evidence. No 3rd-party is mentioned.

Healthy Diet

Well, KLB befits supplement. But KLB refers to diet. Something not cool.

Bigger, Better, Cheaper

On Amazon, portrays its Keto Lean BHB as:

  1. Bigger
  2. Better
  3. Cheaper

What makes KLB so, isn’t mentioned by iPro Organic Supplements. No evidence for single KLB feature. Another falsification

Appetite Control

How delivers through Keto Lean BHB, at least a visitor cannot know. Lacks evidence. Smears the claim.

Scientifically Proven claims this KLB benefit on Amazon but avoids:

  1. referring scientific method
  2. proof

Hence, it carries no weight.

Boost Metabolism

Another big claim. Metabolism is complex. Many factors influence:

  1. Activity level
  2. Age
  3. DNA
  4. Health level
  5. Lifestyle

How does Keto Lean BHB handles Metabolism effectiveness/ productivity alone. No explanation available. Let alone evidence. A syntax error compounds. It should be ‘Boosts’. Another flaw exposed.

Conclusion blows KLB trumpet. Evidence remains evasive. Evidently, Keto Lean BHB is sham.

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