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Keto Six is Busted


Raspberry Ketones Plus is NatureWise’s solution to the overweight menace. Keto Six (NRKP) is available on its begetter’s website, that is, and a third party website, that is,  NatureWise sells the aforesaid on for $18.99. One NRKP bottle carries 120 Raspberry Ketones Plus capsules. Subscription lowers the $18.99 to $17.09, a 10% discounted price. This passage reviews NatureWise listed features, advantages, and claims of its NRKP.


  1. The Label

Relevant, precise, decision influencing and facts and figures based information mark label content. There is no exception. Let’s explore the NRKP content. It is disappointing. One label facet is shown. The other two aren’t available. Consequently, ingredient profile, usage instructions, words of caution, manufacturer information, certifications, endorsements, price, bar code, etc. It gives a bad impression. Worse is too carries no images. Reality reveals itself. A bad omen.


  1. About Us
    1. The manufacturer information sets the reviewing ball rolling. However, Keto Six label images available on and conceal this information. But, About Us on keep the fire on. Let’s visit the com. Well, the visit to About Us hardly appears beneficial.


  1. For example, About Us doesn’t reveal who, whether an individual or group, founded it? Which year and date witnessed it? What is its legal standing? Simply, if NatureWise is a Public Limited concern or Private limited. Similarly, NatureWise About Us doesn’t mention if it is an Association of People or Proprietorship. Nothing suggests its experience. There is no contact information. What team heads NatureWise product array stays closely guarded secret after perusing About Us content. A tiny hope survives. It is NatureWise address. Let’s use Google yardstick regarding NatureWise, Ashland, Oregon, 184 Clear Creek Dr #1, Ashland, OR 97520,


  1. Google sees no NatureWise located there. Let’s see Google Map too. The picture and 360-view available with Google Street View carry no mark suggesting NatureWise connection.


  1. These findings question NatureWise integrity. Consequently, Keto Six bears the infliction. Neither good for NRKP not for Keto Six


  1. NatureWise Making Facilities informs that the NatureWise array (entailing NRKP) is produced in the USA. adds GMP compliance embroiders the array (entailing NRKP). However, many things cast doubts. NatureWise prides in the USA based and GMP compliant facilities but mentions no names. says Facilities but names none. No phone number is mentioned. There is no postal address. The NatureWise approach that freaks is provides no images of facilities, workforce, etc.


  1. Product Return

The tries projecting its Keto Six by Return choice. content says a bought NRKP bottle can be returned in sixty days. This good news is short living. No terms and conditions are penned. What good Return webpage on is for? The entire page is barren. Validity isn’t defined. The NRKP admirer or visitor cannot ascertain when the 60-day period begins, form NRKP buying date or NRKP receiving date? Nothing stipulates NRKP and package condition while returning. Return Address is missing. There is no package instruction. The website, i.e.,, doesn’t shine complex situations, i.e., damage products, products sent fewer than ordered, product sent having received address rectification, etc. This negligence portrays malicious.


  1. GMP Compliant Facilities

NatureWise claims GMP Compliance Facilities make Keto Six. However, next look explores loopholes. For example, why doesn’t pen their addresses, contact information, etc., and show facility images, images while workforce delivering, etc. If those are leased, should provide the aforesaid. The reality is is an awful miser in information sharing. Wait a minute! Why it is so. Obviously, no information is available.


  1. Highest Industry Standards

Next pride for NRKP is that Highest Industry Standards mark it. However, there is no name/ title mentioned, i.e., ISO, etc. There is no name. It suggests lying on the NatureWise part regarding NRKP.


  1. Independents Labs

After this, claims Independent, and 3rd Party labs test NatureWise array for safety, quality, and potency. There too exist loopholes. Why their names aren’t penned on Where are their findings? Why aren’t these here? This NatureWise behaviour negates the aforesaid.


  1. Transparency proffers Smart Mobile Telephone App to serve transparency in its array, entailing Keto Six. One wonders why app only? Why the website, i.e.,, misses that information? Why app is conditioned for transparency. Conditioning transparency itself is male fide, malicious, etc. Simply, no transparency exists here.


  1. Contact Us
    1. Contact Us tabs richly provide contact information. The contact efficiency (applicable to NRKP as well) and customer satisfaction has a direct proportion connection. Let’s see what Contact Us brings for NRKP maker and admirers. Only an email address exists. No telephonic communication is possible, says Contact Us of It appears NatureWise doesn’t give a dime to critical situations. For example, excessive NRKP bottles have been bought. Address has been penned NRKP has been subscribed rather than buying (one bottle).


  1. One wonders why so? Cellular phones purge physical, and time-stirred instructions. WhatsApp, Skype, FaceBook Messenger are handy, cheap, convenient (allow textual, audio and video communication methods) but still evade There is one answer. It too is a lie.


  1. Natural Metabolism Boost

How NatureWise finds that Keto Six ingredients boost metabolism naturally? How efficient is it? Is there some age, gender, health level restriction? Why misses penning this NRKP information. Why its description is missing? What else entity thinks alike? Where is NRKP strung data? Why is it not here? What else entity thinks the same? What entity finds it safe? Where is its name? Where are its findings? This absence casts a slur to NatureWise (entailing NRKP), So does the aforesaid missing notions at


  1. Natural Detoxing

It too appears suspicious. Neither NRKP label nor mentions what ingredient(s) do(es) detoxing. How efficient is it? What about its safety?


  1. Sugar and Fat Metabolism

NatureWise claims its NRKP influences hormones influencing fat and sugar metabolism. But, content knows no name. NatureWise doesn’t describe NRKP ingredient role here. There, on, is no question of evidence.


  1. Detox Fat-Soluable Toxins
  2. Potent and Premium Ingredients



Have reviewed various NRKP facets and content on, Keto Six appears fake.

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