Keto XCG Pills

Healthy weight is worth its weight in gold presently. The reason is: 

  1. Sedentary life style 
  1. Increasing comforts and luxuries 
  1. Fast food gaining ground 
  1. Likewise.  

Man’s restive spirit couldn’t help finding solutions here too. Presently, there is an array. Dietary Supplement is one segment, and Nutra4health LLC contributes to this array with its Keto XCG PillsKeto Diet Capsules. Candidly, this contribution isn’t gratis. There is a cost. On the US Dollar scale, it emerges $39.95 

  1. Connection with public 
  1. Being a paid solution 
  1. Presence of fake, bogus, unhealthy, and likewise product need impartial reviews. Purposes are simple: 
  1. Separating chalk from cheese  
  1. Helping health management need people 

Let’s see in the following. 

 The Label 


  1. The Maker 
  1. Though the product name is: 
  1. Bolder 
  1. Brighter 
  1. Bigger 

yet, manufacturer name’s precedes it. It may be smaller, yet a maker, manufacturer, trader, assembler, etc., name does get displayed. There is no exception. Take the example of Toyota brand. Every Toyota vehicular product, even its component bears/ displays Toyota or its simple on the same footing. Then, move to Nestle, Samsung, any established brand, manufacturer does appear. There are many reasons. One chief reason is projection. One successful product: 

  1. Emboldens the maker 
  1. Rubs off on previous success bagging product to next 
  1. Buyer convincing gets easier and likewise. 


With this background, the Rapid Trim label doesn’t portray a rosy picture. Candidly, it appears disappointing. Let alone bold, brighter, more noticeable description, the maker’s name finds no mention on Keto XCG Pills label. Let’s see the other side for Rapid Trim’s maker. It says ‘Distributed by Nutra4health LLC’. Are the Rapid Trim stakeholders being funny? There is no manufacturer: 

  1. Name 
  1. Information  
  1. Address 

What worsens is URL of Nutra4health LLC, the ‘Distributor’. Where is the makerFrom where Rapid Trim maker/ manufacturer information can be obtained. No such information! Why? There is no justification. Situation doesn’t stop here. It gets worse. You know the worsening point. It is shocking. Rather very shocking. The reason is simple, i.e., website, Ambiguity smothers further. Firstly, the website doesn’t bother informing what makes/ brings a distributor on the label. It doesn’t end here. Why a ‘distributor’  

  1. Advertizes 
  1. Sells 
  1. Gives assurances 
  1. Where is the maker? No   

if neither Rapid Trim product label nor the website,, the URL of Nutra4health LLC, doesn’t provide firm name, from where one would ascertain? One may exploit the space limit alibi regarding Keto XCG Pills label; website capacity refutes it. Silence, rather concealing, give negative message. Obviously, something mala fide.   

The label pens address too. It is 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958. Let’ see this address in the: 

  1. Digital 
  1. Popular 
  1. Trustworthy 

oracle, i.e., Google. It’s result is seeable here. It shows: 

  1. the middle of the road 
  1. fields facing the front, 
  1. Antique concern on the left 
  1. Unnamed building on the right  
  1. What does it suggest? A blatant lie. A lie in the age of: 
  1. Communication 
  1. Information technology 

A few finger strokes refute it. Not only label but also Nutra4 website of Nutra4health LLC too mentions the same address. However, no pleasant, logical, convincing, etc, experience occurs.  

 The landing page mentions Nutra4Health LLC phone number too. Let’s try it too. It says 13023136820. Findings are rather shocking. Finding 13023136820 on Google fetches rather disappointing results. These are only 7. None mentions either Keto XCG Pills, neither partially nor completely, or Nutra4health LLC. The only concern Google finds relevant to 13023136820 is What does it suggest?  It is fake  

 Advanced Ketogenic 

The Rapid Trim label front side says Advanced Ketogenic and adds Fat burning formula. and NCBI NIH website shine Ketogenic notion. However, Advanced Ketogenic appear beyond their comprehension. How comes an emergent, probably with quite nominal resources, comes up with “Advanced” form of a notion, entrenched notions are unaware of. Rapid Trim could have given an idea what it was. The website, mentioned on Keto XCG Pills label, too draws blankFrom where a Rapid Trim admirer can explore ‘Advanced Ketogenic.’ Especially, the one powering Rapid Trim.  

Next statement part, i.e., Fat Burning Formula, isn’t delineated either.  

 Let’s see the Supplement part. There are five entries. Caffeine marked three ingredients make it up. Two non-caffeine carrying parts are: 

  1. Raspberry Ketone 
  1. Garcinia Cambogia   

 There emerge some more questions. How exterior notions can activate Ketosis? At least, and NCBI are still unaware. Ntura4health LLC might have had a breakthrough. But question remains there. Where is the evidence? Should a notion bought without evidence? Specially, directly health involving notion. Certainly not. 

 Next, why same caffeine (for Rapid Trim) potency from three different source? Doesn’t it equate cheating? How Raspberry and Garcinia cause Ketosis? Isn’t a bit too far? Where is the evidence? Where are clinical findings? Absolutely, no idea. Not even the website. Why Rapid Trim hides so much? Something appears wrong. Quite wrong.  

  1. Established notions, i.e., and NCBI informs that ketosis start needs:  
  1. below 50 carb supply  
  1. for a few days 
  1. it isn’t good for all either 

 The Keto XCG Pills label completely and suspiciously hides %DV too. Similar, no carb intake:  

  1. Mentioned 
  1. Estimated 

 The Website 

It isn’t encouraging either.  

 Our Products 

This tab cannot be clicked. What is the purpose then? Taking visitors for a ride? Obviousy, it appears so.  

 There is no About Us tab detail. The webpage carries not a single dot, let alone sufficient 

  1. Keto XCG Pills information  
  1. Nutra4health LLC information.  
  1. No way to ascertain: 
  1. Reality 
  1. Further details about: 
  1. Keto XCG Weight Loss Pills 
  1. Its ‘distributor’ Nutra4health LLC 

What source survives furnishing aforesaid information? No one knows.  

 Contact Us 

This tab repeats the Rapid Trim 24/7 address information. It adds two things: 

  1. Phone number. Its reality exposed in above. 
  1. An email address. 

 Besides, Rapid Trim 24/7 Loss Pill: 

  1. Working isn’t explained anywhere.  
  1. Satisfaction assurance or guarantee are non-existent.  
  1. No postage information available. No idea what will happen if: 
  1. dispatches a wrong product.  
  1. A wrong product count. 
  1. A damaged product 
  1. Etc.  

Totally hopeless! 


Obviously, Keto XCG Pills Weight Loss Pills is fake 

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