Keto 2000 is one Keto State product promising almost 29 features. charges $28.99 one KetoGenesys bottle. Consequently, one Keto 2000 capsule costs $0.32. Regarding Keto 2000’s 29 feature/ benefit claims, no concern/ entity/ manufacturer cries stinking fish. Keto State isn’t an exception. There is another problem. Over-priced, un-scientific, health hazardous, fraudulent, likewise Weight Solutions: 

  1. Shake trust in modern capabilities 
  1. Fleece people 
  1. Jeopardise health prospects 
  1. Etc.  

Simply, defrauding situations haunt. Being cheated fancies none. But, is there a way out? There is one. It involves: 

  1. No money 
  1. No health risk 

It is called reviewThis is what the following is. The following tries reviewing as many KetoGenesys claimed features/ gains as possible. 


  1. Patented goBHB 

The first Keto State claim about KS2G is comprising patented goBHB. Let’s visit the maker’s website. Its URL is  


  1. The website says goBHB is a ready Body Ketone but has no evidence. 
  1. The beneficiary list on is ignorant of KS2Gs benefitting.  
  1. Not all six features are supported. Supported ones are asterisk marked. These are three. These are supported by Amiel 1991*, Chioleroo 1993*, and Stubbs 2018* studies. Two references are about three decades old. The three decade lapse of time renders Amiel 1991* and Chioleroo 1993* render these obsolete. Besides, provided information fetches no result when Google Search Engine is involved.  
  1. The KS2G label and brag of the Patented BHB, but neither knows: 
  1. When the patent was requested? 
  1. The date and time of patent approval? 
  1. The reference or patent number? 
  1. Besides, the KS2G label shows Calcium, Sodium, and Magnesium preceding goBHB. is unaware of it. Same is the case of provided Brochure in an embedded link on 
  1. Then, uses ® for its goBHB, but KS2G writes (its founding and the only ingredients) goBHB™. 
  1. Simply, both KetoGenesys and provided information lacks legal, scientific, verifiable, trustworthy, and safe information.  


  1. Presenting Premium Keto Supplement 

Next Keto State claims about its Keto 2000 to be a Premium Keto Supplement. However, no reason, logic, evidence, study, reference, etc., supports this Keto 2000 feature. Besides, Keto State doesn’t even define Premium Keto Supplement let alone delineating it. Another claim busted. 


  1. Formulated to Enter Perfect Ketosis 

Ketosis is one particular body condition. Fat becomes fuel here. However, what does Keto State mean by penning Perfect Ketosis. This claim bears further questions. For instance, what are Keto State caused Perfect Ketosis features? What about its efficiency? Does safety matter stir questions? Does any competent organization, association, authority, etc., supports this Keto State claim? Do some do? If so, why Keto State doesn’t mention on Simply, another false Keto 2000 claim. 


  1. Enhance Mental Focus 

Experts know Inferior Frontal Junction influences focusing task. However, experts at Keto State doesn’t explain how their formulated Keto 2000 gets involved here. Keto 2000 contribution here isn’t shined, let alone delineated. No sort of evidence is present. Apparently, it is a baseless KetoGenesys claim.  


  1. Enhance Mental Clarity 

Mental clarity is again complex matter. Keto State mentions influencing it as if it, i.e., Keto 2000, were an elixir available for $28.99. Besides, it is a dietary supplement. Furthermore, a dietary supplement Keto State denuded of 

  1. Evidence 
  1. Legal cover 
  1. Etc. 

The findings here are simple. It is another lie.  


  1. Extra Strength Formula 

Well, what brings extra strength to Keto 2000? Keto State prefers staying dumb. Therefore, what venue/ resource Keto State for its benefactors (buyers actually) to ascertain further information and find proves.  


  1. Support Endurance 

Another ambiguous claim penned on Keto 2000 label. Its what ingredient supports here? How much support is possible? The Keto State formulary provided no answer. What Keto 2000 user’s body part and function benefits and to what extent? Is it safe? Is it convenient? Is it long-term okay? Keto State appears disappointing regarding this Keto 2000 claim. Even endurance isn’t explainedSimply, another fake claim.  


  1. 2000mg potency,  

Next Keto State 200mg goBHB claim is 2000mg potency. Keto 2000 label informs 660mg potent three ingredients each. Before probing this Keto 2000 feature’s benefits, some questions rise. For example, isn’t too much? Especially when Keto State advises taking the Keto 2000 for multiple days. Isn’t too powerful, who approves it? Who ponders over 2000 merits and demerits? How Keto State keeps 2000mg potent three times to be ingested for several weeks okay for overall health? How Keto State manages safety here? There is no such mention.  


  1. Three Ingredients Or Three BHB Manifestations 

Again a confusing KetoGenesys aspect. Are these three ingredients? The maker, i.e., Compound Solutions Inc., mentions plain goBHB without any calcium, Sodium, and Potassium, etc. How these materialize these claims? Keto State brings no information.  


  1. Life Time Guarantee 

Available for KetoGenesys purchases through registered sellersBut, where are those mentioned? What and where are Keto 2000 conditions. There is no explanation. What if the product expires? Apparently, Keto State is bent upon dispersing money. Reasons are simple. A person buys Keto 2000 and claims return after 2 years. Keto State has consumed the Keto 2000 monetary appreciation two years ago, how it will refund. Several likewise unanswered questions smear this Keto 2000 claim. 

  1. Higher energy levels 

Keto State claims higher energy levels without: 

  1. Jitters 
  1. Heart Pounding 
  1. Nausea 

But this KetoGenesys claim too is baseless. Keto State doesn’t present even a single: 

  1. Doctor’s 
  1. Laboratory’s 

findings in this regard. Another falsehood explored. 


  1. Supporting the Toughest Workouts 
  1. Increased blood ketones 
  1. Athletic endurance 
  1. Made in the USA 
  1. 3P Tested Guaranteed 
  1. FDA registered but not FDA evaluated 
  1. Quick Energy 
  1. Maximum Energy 
  1. Banned Substance Free 
  1. GMP Certified 
  1. Carb Free energy 
  1. Easy to Swallow 
  1. Cognition advantage 
  1. Appetite advantage 
  1. Contact directly 
  1. No questions asked.  
  1. Immediate 
  1. Sustained energy 


Remaining unexplored KetoGenesys claimed features add to doubts regarding Keto 2000.  



Obviously, KetoGenesys is a fake product.  

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