Ketosis benefits promising Ketoxol® is available on link lists:

  1. com/shop sells BHB Intensity tasting Peachy Palmer for a price of $47.50 USD.
  2. com/shop BHB Intensity tasting Cherry Limeade for a price of $47.50 USD.
  3. com/shop sells BHB Intensity tasting Strawberry Lemonade for a price of $47.50 USD.
  4. com/shop sells Ketone Shake tasting Egg Nog for a price of $47.50 USD.
  5. com/shop sells Ketone Shake tasting Orange Cream for a price of $47.50 USD.
  6. com/shop sells Ketone Shake tasting Gourmet Dutch Chocolate for a price of $47.50 USD.
  7. com/shop sells Ketone Shake tasting Vanilla Cake Batter for a price of $47.50 USD.
  8. com/shop sells Keto Cappuccino flavoring Salted Caramel for a price of $37.50 USD.
  9. com/shop sells Keto Cappuccino tasting Vanilla Coconut Cream for a price of $37.50 USD.
  10. com/shop sells Keto Cappuccino tasting Pumpkin Spice for a price of $37.50 USD.
  11. com/shop sells Keto Salt for a price of $29.50 USD.
  12. com/shop sells Two Week KetoKickoff Pack for a price from $85.50 USD.
  13. com/shop sells One Month KetoKeeper Pack for a price From $161.52 USD.
  14. com/shop provides BHB Intensity Sampler for free.
  15. com/shop provides Ketone Shake Sampler for free.
  16. com/shop provides Keto Cappuccino Sampler for free.
  17. com/shop sells Whole Sum Sampler for a price of $18.99 USD.

Except samples, charges. This passage helps:

  1. Fathoming
  2. Determining

Ketoxol gamut’s:

  1. Worth
  2. Practicality

All proffered products cannot be evaluated. A few will be. But Ketoxol first.

The shows TM following tile. Trade Mark Registration suggests:

  1. Formula security. Tacitly, monetary reward assurance.

Besides, showing Patent/TM isn’t difficult. Providing:

  1. An image
  2. A link
  3. A patent number

Tacitly, a visitor expects likewise. Does behave likewise. No. Not an iota. Why conceals it. Concealing suggests something ulterior. Where a visitor would:

  1. Go
  2. Find
  3. Enrich one’s information

None of web pages on mentions. Right. Why penning TM? Something  is wrong.

Not FDA Evaluated

Every page on says so. Why? No reply. Another slur. This statement suggests:

  1. American Origin.

About Us on and Contact should corroborate. Ideally, though.

Contact Us portrays a disappointingly. fails providing:

postal address


  1. A phone number, i.e., 8774538674.
  2. And email address, i.e., support@

shows on

Let’s probe 8774538674 as stated by Google 8774538674 Results aren’t many. 27, to be precise. What a pity. Expectation for finding 8774538674 in:

  1. Tax documents
  2. Evaluating stuff
  3. Clinical data
  4. Experiments
  5. Studies
  6. Communication
  7. Social media conversations

Shockwave of 8774538674 doesn’t ebb here. 8774538674 appears comprising:

  1. com
  2. com
  3. com

What! Why 8774538674 serving other than Inferring here is simple. 8774538674 isn’t genuine. 8774538674 serves fake enterprises. Let’s see regarding 8774538674.

Who.Is supports evils estimate. All typical fields are empty. What does it suggest. conceals information. On purpose, most likely.


Let’s see SimmilarWeb regarding fears are fostered on Some bits emerge on For example, traffic is Searched alone. No visitor uses:

  1. Direct
  2. Referrals
  3. Social
  4. Mail
  5. Display

routes. A bad omen. The entire appears barren.

Alexa can be invoked. Let’s search there. The situation is poor. shows one daily pagereview. Multiple fields on resonates with silence. Quite disappointing.


This source shores up a bit. finds:

  1. com $345 worthy.
  2. com visitors amounting 81.
  3. Daily pageviews of 17 product pages of amounting to 473.

Return Policy

Another worth finding tool. Let’s visit It isn’t much worded. Let’s move on. pens 30-day Refund Promise. Twists emerge later on. For example, stipulates:

  1. Unused
  2. Unopened
  3. No further refund ri
  4. Original packing
  5. What is refund for? What about:
    1. Mistaken address
    2. Mistaken product
    3. Damaged goods
    4. Lost/stolen goods
    5. Return postage
    6. Processing time
    7. Processing charge

PO Box comprises return product.

Health Tech Systems, INC

The bottom of shows Health Tech Systems. However, Health Tech Systems, INC doesn’t bear URL. Let’s probe it. Google shows Health Tech Systems located in Canada. There is too. However, this bears no mention.

Nutriketo TM shows Nutriketo comprising all Ketoxol products. Let’s dig Nutriketo TM a bit. TM suggests USPO registered. A quality sign. Where does Ketoxol cashe it? Nutriketo’s

  1. patent application
  2. patent approval
  3. patent number

nothings exists on what TM purpose is then? Building castles in air! Search the content. Patent doesn’t appear once.


On Today mentions some people. Who chooses them? What are their merits? How they contribute? What in Nutritional Ketosis? What standards define ‘Movement’. How deficiencies are addressed? How NutriKeto TM delivers? What is past record. Where a visitor can find it? What are Metabolic diseases? Why Ketoxol TM omits:

  1. Listing diseases
  2. Listing thwarting approaches.

What are Franken Foods? Why shirks from:

  1. Listing those.
  2. Showing their maliciousness.

How NutriKeto supports Ketogenics? Why avoids defining KetoGenics. What sources shines Ketogenics. When Ketogenics emerged? claims its NutriKeto leading Ketogenic movement. On whose authority?

What are movement’s parameters? Who else agrees? Who chooses movement members? Who:

  1. Chooses
  2. Supports

leaders? What are leader’s attributes? Why these evade’ content? besides who else believes:

  1. The movement
  2. Quantum leap keeps its:

  1. Visitors
  2. Readers

in the dark about:

  1. health evolution
  2. Human performance evolution.

Worse is doesn’t suggest further readings.

Our Vision

Who on forms Our Vision. Absence of About Us on Ketoxol eclipses dark. What are Keto Adaptions’

  1. Physical benefits
  2. Mental benefits

What entities endorse this’s viewpoint? NutriKetosis sees Nutritional Ketosis ‘Proven Science’ but conceals:

The authority

  1. Support
  2. Evidence mentions ‘s gamut:

  1. Groundbreaking
  2. But avoids shining it. listed ‘quick’ gains:

  1. Mental clarity
  2. Better focus
  3. Controlled inflammation
  4. Energy
  5. Etc

aren’t shone either.

Conclusion says a lot about Ketoxol but supports little. Avoid it.

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