Though many Ketozin images on the internet show Ketozin its website, yet URL emerges when Ketozin is typed. Cookies on owe to Ketozin. Hence, following shines as suggested by

About Us

This tab gives:

  1. Precise entity information
  2. Some fact and figure
  3. What makes it attractive?
  4. Location
  5. Specialities:
  6. Awards
  7. Certifications
  8. Compliances
  9. Careers

Let’s see what brings.

Incomplete Names

The first striking on is “ incomplete founders’ names”. Why? without complete names:

  1. Linkedin
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Likewise


  1. disperse information.
  2. Serve bio purpose
  3. Showcase Ideas behind
  4. All facts and figures.

Another weird thing is:

  1. Kristoffer
  2. Victor

Provide no social platform. Show:

  1. No education
  2. Qualification
  3. Experience
  4. Team
  5. Place of birth
  6. Place of current employment.


This year bring change. Basic queries centring:

  1. When
  2. Where
  3. How

remain unanswered. Why? Doesn’t fancy universalize? Apparently, an affirmative answer.

It’s been two years. still disappoints.

No Benefit List says “all the benefits”. Surprisingly, none emerges. Interest is stifled. Why? No justification provided. Besides no shining:

  1. Low carb
  2. Low sugar

diet. Building ideas suffer.

40 Pounds Lost doesn’t owe all 40lbs loss to:

  1. low carb diet
  2. low sugar diet
  3. Ketozin
  4. No information. This concealing doesn’t sound good.
  5. Kristoffer’s Mom

The gives credit to:

  1. Kristoffer’s Mom
  2. Her oven

Point is or Kristoffer doesn’t shy:

  1. Using
  2. Cashing

From his mother’s:

  1. Qualification
  2. Experience
  3. Effort

yet chooses concealing. Basic information could have:

  1. strengthened
  2. gamut on But how does he work. What does it suggest? Nothing:
  3. pleasant
  4. effective

Simply, not trustworthy.

First shows Kookie on (now) world’s first:

Keto Friendly Cookie. What? Where lies evidence? what journal supports it? What is its name? How diverse is comparison. What is Impact Factor? Nothing supports. Obviously, untrue information.



Almonds a calorie fountain. Ketosis function delayer. 10gram almond brings 57 calories. This facet evades Ketozin.


NUI doesn’t define what are good fats. How they suppress carbs? How weight management is helped? What evidence convinces them? Where is that evidence? Is it worthwhile? Who publishes that? What is Journal Impact Factor?


Natural sweeteners. A Harvard Health Publication informs:

  1. Heart Association
  2. Diabetes Association

allowed artificial sweeteners. What does this suggest? Artificial is better? Why people are after labs? What’s wrong with them? doesn’t quote single scientific:

  1. Finding
  2. Piece of evidence
  3. Even theory

establishing labs mala fide.

Then, why blaring natural? Apparently, a gimmick. A poor one though.


16 Nuid cookies equate one conventional/typical/traditional cookie. Where is that traditional:

  1. Ingredient list
  2. Nutrition fact list
  3. Likewise

Supporting this claim. Again, non-existant! retreats the moment evidence/reference call sounds.


Gluten Free

Well, syntax error surfaces. It is Gluten-Free. Content “quality” surfaces. Reverting to ‘Gluten Free’ attribute of Nui Cookies, forgets mentioning certifying/confirming notion. Many exist in the USA:

  1. Gluten-Free Certification Program
  2. The Gluten Intolerance Group
  3. Gluten-Free Certification Organization
  4. ,

If blends ‘Gluten Free’ attributes in Nui Cookies, why doesn’t mention? Logically, not correct.

Seven claims Nui Cookies, renamed Ketozin, are diabetic friendly. Where is the Nui ingredient list? Does support this Nui Cookie claim? Where is it ?


‘Keto Friendly’. What entity endorses it? None. ‘Keto Friendly’ doesn’t emerge in:

  1. Labs
  2. Watchdogs
  3. Organizations


The entire webpage evades:

  1. A clue of location:
    1. Office
    2. Manufacturing location
    3. Warehouse
  2. An identification hint


Ketozin provides Nui Cookies’ information. Let’s see it. A Non-GMO attribute emerges. But where is certification? Non-GMO Project helps regarding this. Where does puts that evidence? but it doesn’t. What does it suggest? Another empty claim.

Calculating Net Carbs mentions no method. What to trust. The language is ambiguous.

  1. Take total carbs
  2. Subtract low-glycemic sweeteners
  3. Subtract fiber
  4. What sense these make? Taking out:
  5. Low-glycemic sweeteners
  6. What benefits survive!

Keto Cookie

What ensures it? What logic/ evidence brings forward? Co founders experience keto diet. Details? Not an iota. What does it suggest? No evidence. what else?


Address details suggest:

  1. Location
  2. Country of origin
  3. Compliances to be followed.
  4. Contact details
  5. Convenience further probing

Let’s see what Nui Contact Us brings on web page. Only two email addresses. leaves a bad impression. Luckily, many websites help:

  1. Is
  2. SiteWorthTraffic
  3. SimilarWeb
  4. Alexa

Who.Is brings out:

  1. Informative
  2. Eye-opening
  3. Judgemental information

For example, claims 2016 dawned Ketozin, without penning date. Even month escapes. brings another view. finds registered in 2017’s October. Some may hint Ketozin let’s see it too. Some similarities should exist.

  1. is/whois/ shows occupying organization field.
  2. is/whois/Ketozin pens Dangerous Monkey Minds in organization field.
  3. is/whois/ shows 10 Corporate Drive occupying address field.
  4. is/whois/Ketozin pens 630 E. and Cypress Street in address field.
  5. is/whois/ shows Burlington occupying city field.
  6. is/whois/Ketozin pens Anaheim in city field.
  7. is/whois/ shows MA occupying state field.
  8. is/whois/Ketozin pens CA in state field.
  9. is/whois/ pens 01803 in postal code.
  10. is/whois/Ketozin pens 92805 in postal code.
  11. is/whois/ pens 18022274003 in phone field.
  12. is/whois/Ketozin pens 17149208879 in phone field.
  13. is/whois/ shows making way for field.
  14. is/whois/Ketozin pens gmail domain.


What so many differences? A relocation? Then why shying on regarding Ketozin. Let’s Google information. Phone number, i.e., 18022274003 first. Google shows beneficiaries. The list is long. For example:

  1. com
  2. com
  3. co
  4. com
  5. com
  6. com
  7. com

Etc., using 18022274003. What does it suggest? A fraudulent act. Let’s see address too. Google finds Endurance International Group ensconcing on:

  • 10 Corporate Drive
  • Burlington
  • MA 01803

Another blatant lie.

Nutrition Facts

Only names are penned. No potency is mentioned. No Ketosis relevance:

  1. Mentioned
  2. Defined
  3. Explained
  4. Supported


Evidently, Ketozin isn’t genuine.

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