Luminaire Lift Serum

One pride of Nerium International is Luminaire Lift Serum, available on One particular link, i.e., 

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Nerium Prolistic Lotion & Probiotic Powder Combo Pack (NPLPPCP). Let’s visit and familiarize with: 

  1. Prolistic Lotion 
  1. Probiotic Powder 


These two Nerium International’s gems deliver synergistically. This produces optimal: 

  1. Skin benefits 
  1. Gut benefits. 


Price Matters 

Nerium International does care for: 

  1. Apparent beauty 
  1. Good metabolism 

Yet, it costs Nerium International efforts in: 

  1. Time 
  1. Money 

Hence, doesn’t proffer Luminaire Lift Serum gratis. There is a price. displays that price. There are two choices: 

  1. One-Time Purchase 
  1. Subscription 


The first choice suits Nerium International’s one-time buyer: 

  1. For confirming NPLPPCP genuineness 
  1. For one month needs 
  1. For gifting purposes 
  1. For trial purposes 
  1. For comparison purposes 
  1. Likewise 

 The subscription approach ensures provision every month and: 

  1. Adds to peace of mind 
  1. Frees from ordering monthly 
  1. Frees from remembering 
  1. Provides a discount 
  1. Other benefits. 


Purchasing NPLPPCO bears Nerium International’s listed price of Luminaire Lift Serum which is $120. As regards subscription, Nerium International adorns NPLPP with 25% discount. translates 25% discount into 30USD discount trimming NPLPP prices to $90. doesn’t stop caring NPLPP customers afterward. Every third NPLPP Auto-Delivery exceeding $100 gets 25USD off. The second Nerium International discount entails referrals. One 10 USD discount awaits for: 

  1. Every NPLPPCP customer referral 
  1. $50 or exceeding order proffers 90-Day Challenge too. Nerium International gives away cash prizes. 

 Discounting Shipping 

Selling entails shipping. caters it. Nerium International attaches one string. 150 USD worth Nerium Prolistic Lotion & Prolistic Probiotic Powder order or exceeding.  

 Guarantee wouldn’t stop favouring. Guarantee is another example. Nerium International stretches guarantee to 30 day. 

 Ingredients  provides NPLPPCP visitors complete ingredient list. 

Prolistic™ Skin-Balancing Lotion. This Nerium lotions features Probiotic Technology. 

 AcrylatesAlkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, C10-30, Camellia SinensisCananga Odorata Extract, Capric Triglyceride, CaprylicCetyl Alcohol, ChlorphenesinCinnamomum Cassia, Coffea Arabica, Cucumis Melo CantalupensisDimethicone, Disodium EDTA, Eugenia CaryophyllusFructooligosaccharidesGlycerinGlyceryl StearateGlycine Soja Oil, Hydroxyproline, Isopropyl PalmitateJasminum OfficinaleLactococcus Ferment LysateOrchis Mascula, PEG-100 StearatePentylene Glycol, PhenoxyethanolProlinePanthenolPrunus ArmeniacaPyrus Malus Extract, Rose Extract, Sodium HyaluronateSodium Hydroxide, Sodium PCA, and Water. 

Moisturizing Complex of NPLPPCP 

GlycerinHydroxyprolineL-ProlinePanthenol, Sodium HyaluronateSodium PCA, and Water. 


Vitamins Comprising: 

  1. Prolistic™ Pre  
  1. Probiotic Plus  


Proprietary Prebiotic blend  


 Proprietary Probiotic blend  

Bifidobacterium LongumLactobacillius AcidophiliusLemon Fruit Powder. Microcrystalline Cellulose, Niacinamide , Riboflavin, Thiamin in Thiamine Hydrochloride Incarnation , Vitamin B12 in Cyanocobalamine Incarnation, Vitamin B6 in Pyridoxine Hydrochloride IncarnationVitamin C in Absorbic Acid Incarnationand Vitamin D in Cholecalciferol Carnation. 


Shining Important Ingredients  

All contribute to Luminaire Lift Serum, yet shining some NPLPPCP ingredients is possible. 

 ProRenew Plus 

Nerium Incorporation introduces an exclusive NPLPPCP:  

  1. Probiotic Lactococcus Ferment Lysate 
  1. Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides 

Usual results are: 

  1. Healthy skin Micorbiome 
  1. Better skin renewal 
  1. Improved barrier function 
  1. Natural exfoliation 

 Moisturizing Complex 

Nerium Incorporation opts for super-hydrating NPLPPCP ingredients benefitting: 

  1. Moisturizing 
  1. Delivering hydration: 
  1. For 24 hours 
  1. For 48 hours 

 Soothing Aromatic Extract Blend 

This Nerium Incorporation proffered blend offers: 

  1. Clean 
  1. Refreshing 
  1. Natural  

aroma able of: 

  1. Soothing senses 
  1. Revitalizing senses 

 Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend 

Nerium Incorporation provides a Nerium Porlistic Lotion & Probiotic Powder fortified blend of: 

  1. Probiotics Lactobacillus Acidophilus 
  1. Bifidobacterium Longum 
  1. Two prebiotics supporting: 
  1. Beneficial bacteria’s contribution 
  1. Digestion ease 
  1. Overall immune system 


 Vitamin Blend 

With it, Nerium Incorporation helps: 

  1. Extracting energy from food. 

 Vitamin C arranges Vitamin C for NPLPPCP from Ascorbyl Glucoside benefitting: 

  1. Antioxidant campaign  
  1. Skin-brightening potential. 

 Vitamin D chooses Vitamin D for NPLPPCP regarding: 

  1. Bone metabolism,  
  1. Calcium absorption  
  1. Other metabolic processes. 


Luminaire Lift Serum Combo Pack Details 


  1. Prolistic Lotion by features: 
  1. ProRenew plus: 
  1. Prebitoic Lysate  
  1. Probiotic Lysate 

Blend able of: 

  1. Improving skin cell renewal 
  1. Exfoliation naturally 
  1. Healthy skin microbiome 

Hence, Nerium Incorporation 

  1. Colors its Nerium Prolistic Lotion unique 
  1. Arranging barrier function support 
  1. Bettering hydration  
  1. Greater nourishment 


  1. Prolistic Probiotic Powder by features: 
  1. 15 billion CFUs hailing from: 
  1. Lactobacillius Acidophilius 
  1. Bifidobacterium Longum 

(two Probiobitc strains) 

  1. Two Prebiotics types: 
  1. Exhibiting synergistic contribution assisting: 
  1. Digestive health of NPLPPCP consumer 
  1. Beneficial bacteria contribution 
  1. Essential vitamins supporting: 
  1. Body’s immune methodology 
  1. Natural energy production 
  1. Dissolving in mouth. Hence, freeing from: 
  1. Water intake 
  1. Suiting on-the-go purpose 


How to Utilize Luminaire Lift Serum 


Nerium Incorporation equips its Prolistic™, the Skin-Balancing Lotion, with Probiotic Technology and lists Prolistic™ usage instructions on as: 

  1. Pump Prolistic™ into your palm 
  1. Add a Prolistic™ accretion. To Entire body. 
  1. No time restriction. 
  1. Utilize Prolistic™ any time.  
  1. Use Prolistic™ whenever moisturization boost needed adds to Usage Instruction provided: 

  1. Prolistic™ follows Firming Body Contour Cream by Nerium Incorporation. In such situation, advises massage the former Nerium Incorporation product first. Then, advises adding a light Prolistic™ layer over it.  


Nerium Incorporation adorns its Prolistic™ Pre & Probiotic with Vitamins and pens Prolistic™ Pre & Probiotic usage instructions as: 

  1. Pour Prolistic™ Pre & Probiotic onto tongue 
  1. Allow Prolistic™ powder to dissolve. 
  1. Take one Prolistic™ packet daily. 
  1. advises taking Prolistic™ Pre & Probiotic along with Prolistic™ Lotion. 

This approach pens optimal Luminaire Lift Serum benefits. 


These NPLPPCP statements aren’t FDA evaluated, says adds: 

  1. Diagnosing  
  1. Treating  
  1. Curing  
  1. Preventing 

any disease isn’t NPLPPCP’s preserve. 

 In the Press shows NPLPPCP appearing in: 

  1. Essence. Link available. 
  1. Link available on 
  1. Inc. Link available. 
  1. Beauty Inc. Link available. 
  1. Link available. 
  1. Women’ Wear Daily. Link available. 

Awards lists following awards: 

  1. 2016 Inc. List 
  1. 2016 ADDISON Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards 
  1. MarCom Awards 


Evidently, Luminaire Lift Serum is try-worthy. 

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