Momentrim Keto

Momentrim Keto, powered by Natural Ingredients and available on for a price of $34.94 ($0.67 a capsule), a bottle carrying 60 capsules, claims: 

  1. To be Advanced Ketosis Weigh Loss / Advanced Ketogenic Weight Loss Support 
  1. Premium Keto Diet Pills 
  1. Burn Fat for Energy not Carbs 
  1. Constituted by three Beta Hydroxybutyrate variants, i.e.,  
  1. Fat Burning 
  1. Energy Replenishment 
  1. Ketosis and Weight Loss 

Though the Momentrim Keto (PK) specific webpage on is devoid of its website, yet Google reveals it. It is  


Besides, reduces $0.67 a capsule cost to $0.44 if bought a three month supply, i.e., three PK bottles. peaks its discount to $0.40 a capsule when a five-month supply is bought, i.e., five PK bottles. 


Reverting to this passage’s raison d’être, it is reviewing the PK product. The reason is simple. It is public awareness. The presence of fake, fleecing, substandard, hyped, hazardous for health, and likewise phenomena necessitate reviewing needs.  


The Provided Information 

To begin with, Momentrim Keto claims Advanced Ketosis Weight Loss. Two points need attention here, i.e. 

  1. Ketosis 
  1. Advanced 

Purest, appearing to be the PK manufacturer, doesn’t bother mentioning a single line justifying PK’s claim of bringing about Ketosis. NCBI, etc., find restraining carb intake to 50 a day, for a few days too, cause Ketosis. Fats are burnt. This burning decreases fat presence. This decrease lowers weight. Hence, the dream of healthy/ ideal weight is materializedQuite a complex situation. There is a flipside too. Let alone delineating, Purest doesn’t give a dime briefing. There is a clear message. There exists no evidence. Otherwise, PK carrying webpage would have grown quite long. Simply, the first lie.  

 Premium Diet Pills 

Next Momentrim Keto claim on is proffering ‘Premium Keto Diet Pills’. Well, PK seems not ready shining Premium factor here. Simply, what brings the Premium factor/ feature. The PK label image available/ provided on doesn’t clue: 

  1. Certifications 
  1. Features 
  1. Anything 

pertaining to contribute to Premium.  

 Next, it says Keto Diet too. Apparently, KP advertisement suggests to be Keto Diet. However, it shirks from: 

  1. Quoting 
  1. Listing 
  1. Delineating 
  1. Supporting  

any factor transferring encapsulated PK into Keto Diet. This approach signifies another falsehood. Let’s move on.  

 Burn Fat for Energy not Carbs 

Poor language shadows this PK claim first. There should be Burns in place of Burn and Fat should be superseded by fatsApparently quite a simple claim. A deeper look busts it. The reason is simple. It is an array of questions. Let’s glance, some. How fats are burnt? How much time PK formulary takes to start. What is longevity of this process? Is it safe? Any idea of burnt fat amount? Do some factors, i.e.,  

  1. Age 
  1. Health condition 
  1. Lifestyle 
  1. Genetics 
  1. Etc. 

exert influence here? If yes, how much, etc? Where is the relevant data.  

 The next Momentrim Keto claim part is not Carbs. Well, it rather complicates. Some questions follow. For instance, do PK pills discourage or stop carb burning? Introducing this function is beneficial in: 

  1. Short-term 
  1. Long-term 

What is its longevity? If PK took for months, does body get used to Not Burning Crabs? Apparently, quite a hazardous situation. PK’s silence here raises seriousness here. Another slur. Worse is, PK appears unmindful regarding it too.  

 Three Beta Hydroxybutyrate Variants 

The Momentrim Keto label displaying Ingredient Profile isn’t available. Only the front part helps. It lists three variants. PK obviously fails explaining how three manifestations of one notion contribute/ cause/ bring about 

  1. Ketosis 
  1. Advanced Ketosis Weight Loss 
  1. Fat Burning 
  1. Not Carbs burning 
  1. Premium Pills 

 Obviously, label cannot do it. But, PK acquires space on It is quite plentiful. It can provide sufficient data. But, PK doesn’t avail it. Availing would have: 

  1. Shored up 
  1. Expedited  

Keto selling and Purest profiteering campaign. However, what a reader finds PK devoted webpage is an empty page. Obviously, a: 

  1. Bad 
  1. Obvious 


 Energy Replenishment 

Fine, but this claim resuscitates some questions, reservations, etc. Any data available? How much energy is replenished. Any maximum, minimum and average data? Its longevity idea? Does it harm/ stress/ exhaust any body: 

  1. Part 
  1. Function  
  1. Gland 
  1. System 

Etc? Absolute silence is the reply. But why? Obviously, Momentrim Keto has got nothing. 

 Clearly, Purest provided webpage content fails establishing genuineness regarding PK. Let’s move to its website. 

The said website,, carries PK image available on However, some notions ruin the first impression. For instance, the Contact tab reveals a ‘Form’ based contact choice. That page carries no: 

  1. Email address 
  1. Postal address 
  1. Phone number 
  1. Skype Id 
  1. Likewise.  


Besides emitting fraudulent signals, some questions too emerge. What if: 

  1. Wrong address in inputted. 
  1. Wrong bottle count is inputted 
  1. Incomplete address is inputted 
  1. Wrong address is inputted 
  1. Rise delivery questions 
  1. Rises customer satisfaction question 
  1. Etc.  
  1. How the PK buyer can contact instantly, etc.  

Next, the PK label image and advertisements on say PK but the bottom of same PK website says Momentrim Keto Diet. Something clearly amiss.  

 In addition, the one page gives no clue about: 

  1. About Us 
  1. Why KP 
  1. Purest terms and conditions 
  1. Privacy Policy 
  1. Shipping policy 
  1. Return Policy 
  1. Etc.  


Rush My Trial, Order Now 

These tabs on appear guiding the Momentrim KetoLet’s see these. Clicking both takes to another URL, two or three redirections, etc. Simply, nothing follows clicking: 

  1. Rush My Trial 
  1. Order Now 

that appears selling anything remotely similar to PK bottle. What image emerges after this experience, something quite and clearly negative. Shining Ingredients 

This part of content is equally pathetic. Some examples are penned here. It says BHB Extracts! What the hell! Then, it forgets enlightening laymen readers/ visitors about BHB extracts. Let’s revert to Purest Keto product label images on and as well its content. None mentions Extracts. Such a blatant fabrication. Purestketodiets.Com’s disappointing therapy doesn’t end here. It says Other Effective Ketones but prefers not listing even Other Effective Ketones’ names let alone details. It adds some; 

  1. HCA 
  1. Numerous Other Appetite Suppressors  

to PK Supplement Facts without: 

counting the Other Appetite Suppressor 

HCA and Suppressors role in Ketosis, etc.   


Having reviewed, Momentrim Keto emerges as a fake product. Avoid it.  

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