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Natura Keto presents its Advanced Weight Loss Formula on under the name of Forskolin powered Keto Rapid Max. It is a paid solution. Keto Rapid is a paid solution. shows $42.95 price tag for one Keto Rapid Max bottle. One bottle proffers 60 Forskolin powered capsules in the Natura Keto bottle. One capsule costs $0.72. owing to Forskolin’s place of protagonist, this nutra4healh LLC product is christened Natura Keto for Weight Loss (KRFWL). In a bird’s eye view, KRFWL being: 

  1. Related to public health  
  1. A paid solution  

needs some checking least a person should by: 

  1. Bogus 
  1. Fleeced 
  1. Substandard  

product denting the: 

  1. Financial resilience 
  1. Health level 

 Reviews can help. This passage is that help. The aforesaid, i.e., Natura Keto for Weight Loss. Let’s enumerate penned KRFWL features before reviewing those.  

  1. Ultra Formula 
  1. 250mg Natural Forskolii Extract, oozing with High Quality 
  1. Appetite Suppressant 
  1. Boost Metabolism 
  1. Advanced Weight Loss Formula 

Other available information  

  1. Keto/ ketosis connection  
  1. Ingredient Profile 
  1. The Distributor’s Name, address 
  1. The Distributor’s Website 
  1. Disclaimer 


Let’s Begin 


  1. Ultra Formula 

The first KRFWL feature on catches the attention is Ultra Formula. Having read on KRFWL webpage, etc., one expects: 

  1. Description. What Ultra Formulary is?  
  1. Working. How does it deliver? 
  1. Why this product? What makes it outshines other formularies? Mentioning features, etc. 
  1. Data Support. Clinical, experimental, empirical, etc., data provision  
  1. Assurance. A warranty or guarantee supporting the KRFWL user its investment.  
  1. Customer/ after sales Support 
  1. Etc. 

However, what KRFWL provides/ pens on the webpage, is nothing. The entire page makes mouths. Why it lacks it? From where else, the KRFWL user will get information. Decision base on information. Simply, the first KRFWL disappointment. 


  1. 250mg Natural Forskolii Extract, oozing with High Quality 

Secondly, nutra4health, according to has a final say. Simply, the 250mg Forskolin powers it. However, there emerges some questions? Firstly, what is 250mg Forskoli justification. The basis of its inclusion? Secondly, what data nutra4health has making it rely on Forskolin? What high quality means here? What is its contribution? What were productivity figures after experimentation? What Forkolii extract components are relevant here? Not a single reply. The webpage and readers Natura Keto for Weight Loss stays un-satisfied, un-convinced, etc. Besides, it may suggest nutra4health LLC choice rests on castles build in the air.  

 Appetite Suppressant 

All nutritionists and trainers agree to/ converge at one point. Eating brings overweight and obesity. Usually, brain senses hunger and hunger-satiation quite well. Situation may vary because of: 

Stress factor. Sometimes, stress kills it. Sometimes, stress rockets it. 

Growth level  

Physical activity level 


The point is appetite is in thrall to: 

  1. Multiple 
  1. Overlapping  

factors. How Nutra4health manages it single-handily. The alone Forskolin in KRFWL justifies single-handily here. If it is Forskolin’s preserve too, where KRFWL:  

  1. Describes it  
  1. Supports it with evidence 


The KRFWL webpage knows neither. The inferring becomes clear i.e., Natura Keto for Weight Loss isn’t worthy. 


  1. Boost Metabolism 

Metabolism is a natural process. This process, in all human bodies, proffer nutrients. There are many other functions. Carb managing is one, KRFWL informs, metabolism component. Carbs too provide energy. If it exceeds the usage, digestive system stores it. Slow metabolism can add to existing fats. Fats gets a field day. Body functions too suffer. Not a single line on KRFWL label or provided webpage shows KRFWL suits here. There is no description. Nothing informs how it works? Simply, KRFWL is devoid of Forsokolin evidence boosting metabolism.  


  1. Advanced Weight Loss Formula 

What Natura Keto for Weight Loss features paints its formulary ‘Advanced’? if so, how this takes place? Why nutra4health LLC doesn’t mention it? Where lies proof, evidence, supportive data. Let alone data support, KRFWL stakeholders don’t bother describing Advanced. It suggests one thing. Something is wrong at the bottom.  


  1. Keto/ ketosis connection  


Ketosis relates to small carb provision. This situation ignites ketosis. Situation appears weird here. says its Forskolin favors Ketosis? It is unheard. NCBI, Encyclopeadia Britannica, and too are unfamiliar. Then, how does Forskolin delivers? There is no description. There is no support. One thing becomes clear. This Natura Keto for Weight Loss feature is base-less.  

 Ingredient Profile 

Rather than imbuing confidence, adding to the information, proving worth, facilitating greater fact exploration, etc., the KRFWL ingredient profile lets disappointment smother. There is one ingredient alone. Though, its capacity is 250, yet how it was shone. Another hope gets lost. The webpage fails linking Forsokolin to: 

  1. Ketosis 
  1. Appetite management 
  1. Comprising the advanced formula 
  1. Boost metabolism  

and likewise features. There is no information available.  


  1. The Distributor’s Name and Address 

The Natura Keto for Weight Loss label shows something weird. So far, the KRFWL retained webpage shows nutra4health LLC as its maker. The label smashes this perception. Label shows nutra4health LLC a distributor. How a distributor gets KRFWL label’s attention? NO answer. Google finds no information about: 

Nutra4health LLC, as a concern 

The Google 3d view comes to help. It shows nothing taking after KRFWL. No building/ concern looking like KRFWL is present there. What does it suggest? Something is wrong.  


  1. The Distributor’s Website 

The label shows too. Let’s visit it. This distributor maintains the status quo. Simply, it reveals nothing. No idea when KRFWL maker begins constructing KRFWL, likewise. is a few page website. Landing page shows three products. The website adds no information. The aforesaid product, KRFWL, isn’t available. Our Products tab is non-functional. Google finds no connection between: 

Natura Keto for Weight Loss 

And the aforesaid 

There is no email, etc. Name there is strange. About Us page, another dismay, Natura Keto for Weight Loss, finds no mention. No mention of KRFWL maker. No mention of other information   


  1. Disclaimer 

Here, nutra4health statement suggests KRFWL lacks a: 

  1. watch dog 
  1. Support/ likewise.  

Something not good. 


Perusing various Natura Keto for Weight Loss aspects reveal KRFWL to be a fake product. 

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