New You Keto Pills

New You Keto Pills by Equality Nutrition is Busted


Equality Nutrition chooses to market its Keto product. shows Equality Nutrition charging $49.99, a discounted price, for Value Pack, i.e., two bottles. Equality Nutrition presents its Keto worthwhile. This passage helps exploring New You Keto Pills (KPFST) reality. This exposing saves both money and health.


  1. The Manufacturer Information
    1. Assessing heavily depends on KPFST manufacturing information. There are many reasons. Country of origin, compliance, endorsements, certificates, ability, past success stories, workforce ability range, product inventory, etc. Equality Nutrition appears the KPFST manufacturer. The reason is simple. The norm stamps so. There is one thing weird. Nothing on New You Keto Pills label, (after the front part) pens Equality Nutrition as KPFST’ manufacturer. One wonders the Equality Nutrition’s status. Why label doesn’t clarify?


  1. Confusion grows further. The other KPFST label side causes it. It is information. It says ‘Distributed by Valyrian LLC.’ It is a tricky It doesn’t clarify Valyrian LLC role here. What is it? The KPFST label says Distributed by. It doesn’t say the Distributor, manufacturer, stakeholder, etc. The manufacturer identity remains concealed. But why? BWM doesn’t do. Chanel doesn’t conceal its name on its gamut. Such examples are countless.


  1. KPFST label adds Vineyard, UT 84058 to Valyrian LLC. Let’s stab in the dark. Google brings 5 None exhibits any association with Valyrian LLC. What does it suggest? A lie.


  1. Made in the USA

The manufacturer information situation at New You Keto Pills informs telling a lies are a possibility regarding Equality Nutrition. Secondly, no a smattering of evidence at Equality Nutrition suggests/ supports/ proves American origin of KPFST. Evidence here encompasses some lease documents, registration, correspondence, authority letters, lab reports, data, etc. Nothing is available. Besides, KPFST postal address penned address doesn’t exist. Not, even in the USA.

  1. FDA Registered Facility

FDA leads and regulates the USA edible world. FDA frames edible notion(s) making facility criteria. Facilities coming at par with FDA prerequisites get resulted. It confirms quality. It suggests customer satisfaction. The repute benefits too. There are many other benefits. Simply, FDA registration signifies the aforesaid. KPFST appears reaping FDA registration benefit. Before lending an ear to Equality Nutrition’s claim, the FDA registration claim of KPFST should be evaluated. Equality Nutrition doesn’t inform when FDA Registration process began and culminated. Where is the registration papers? What is its validity? What manufacturing aspects it covers? Complete information denial exposes reality.


  1. GMP Certified Facility

This Equality Nutrition claim is self-explanatory. GMP is about methodology. GMP never encompasses facility. Facility aspects fall into FDA’s direct remit, GMP is an FDA notion. Secondly, Equality Nutrition doesn’t mention/ show evidence when KPFST was GMP audited. Who was an auditor? Where are its minutes? If GMP gave a nod to New You Keto Pills, why Equality Nutrition shirks from making it online/ available, bring out, at least, electronically, etc. One more lie discovered.


  1. Finest Ingredients
    1. No one cries stinking fish; neither does Equality Nutrition. Flinging some question echo back claim quality. What is Equality Nutrition criteria of “finest ingredient”? Does any regulator, watchdog, expert, organization, publication, etc., endorse Equality Nutrition perspective in ink? If so, where is that? If no, it is lying.


  1. Besides, look at KPFST Ingredient Profile. There are four components. Three share lineage. Expecting wonders is stupidity.


  1. Burn Fat All Day

The grammar reflects content quality. Let’s turn to ‘Burn Fat All Day.’ One serving, two KPFST capsules, keeps serving all the day? Some hours of metabolism extracts benefits and discard the remaining/ waste/ irrelevant matter. How does Equality Nutrition make KPFST capsule keep serving this long? How Equality Nutrition describes it? Where is the Equality Nutrition gathered evidence? Where is third party evidence, that is, Encycolpeadia Britanica,, NCBI, some study, etc.? There is nothing.


  1. Sustain Healthy Ketone Levels

Again the grammatical negligence marks the KPFST content. What does Equality Nutrition mean by ‘Levels’ in the aforedsaid? It leaves a bad aftertaste. What is Healthy Ketone Level? How KPFST manages to elevate low Ketone level to ‘Healthy Ketone Levels? How New You Keto Pills brings high Ketone Levels to ‘Healthy Ketone Levels’? How Equality Nutrition retains existing or achieved ‘Healthy Ketone Levels’? The Equality Nutrition replies none. It gives a clear message. It is a lie.


  1. Produce Less Metabolic Waste

The third incident of inappropriate verb form worsens the bad aftertaste and image. Reverting to the ‘Produce Less Metabolic Waste,’ what does Equality Nutrition mean exactly? Is it stool? What is it? If Metabolic Waste is stool, how it gets reduced? Is this reduction healthy? Who else agrees here? Where is that agreeing?  As that agreeing doesn’t appear in Equality Nutrition commissioned content for New You Keto Pills, so this claim is negated.


  1. Produce Fewer Free Radicals

The fourth inappropriate verb use in Equality Nutrition commissioned content lowers the image and expectations. Secondly, what ingredient concerns here? Where is its evidence? Thirdly, how an edible solution, i.e., KPFST, makes even fewer Free Radicals. We know sunrays reaching skin does it. How does Equality Nutrition manage it? Does any other notion agree? Where is it in ink?


  1. Burns Fat Fast

It suggests fat burning occurs. KPFST makes it fast. Firstly, what process burns fat, except for Ketosis? Secondly, what is Fast Fat Burning modus operandi at New You Keto Pills? Is it efficient? Is it safe? What notions support both Fast Fat Burning? Where is that support? Why Equality Nutrition conceals it? Support appears non-existent.


  1. For Men and Women

This KPFST suggests if separate (sundry) Ketosis based supplements resolve male and female weight gain issues, and Equality Nutrition blazes the trail by serving both gender weight reduction targets/ needs.


  1. Lose Unwanted Pounds
  2. Appetite Suppressant
  3. Helps Focusing
  4. Helps Endurance Growth
  5. Helps to Boost Energy
  6. Metabolism Booster
  7. Appetite Suppressant
  8. Greater Calorie Burn
  9. Max Effectiveness
  10. Power of Exogenous Ketones
  11. Dream Body
  12. Feel amazing
  13. Rapid Ketosis
  14. Lasting Energy
  15. Dramatic Energy Increase
  16. Without Jitters, pounding heart and Nausea
  17. Powering through Toughest Workout
  18. High Quality Formula



Above explained and unexplained KPFST points show that New You Keto Pills is fake.

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