Power Keto Blend

(re) Defining Fat marks Power Keto Blend, an online concern:

  1. Makes Keto Food
  2. Delivers Keto Food

Both facilities are charged. Power Keto Blend.com/keto-meals pen some promises regarding:

  1. Food quality
  2. Food delivery

This passage examines Power Keto Blend.com content to help decision making. Let’s begin from Power Keto Blend.com. There is diverse information. Apparently though. Following tabs mark Power Keto Blend.com

  1. Meals
  2. Deserts
  3. Bakery
  4. Sides
  5. How It Works:
    1. Order
    2. Deliver
    3. Heat Benefit
  6. About
  7. My Account
  8. Keto Components

The home page, Power Keto Blend.com, pens:

  1. Why Eat Keto
  2. Less Hungry
  3. Improved Hormone Function
  4. More Youthful Skin
  5. Burning More Body Fat
  6. Marinating More Muscle
  7. Brain Fuel:
  8. More Alert
  9. More Focused

What are Ketones?

Ketones appear to be Power Keto Blend’s raison d’être. Let’s see Ketones first. According to :

  1. WebMD
  2. Encyclopaedia Britannica

articles are Ketosis result. Low-carb diet results Ketosis. Low-carb means:

  • insufficient glucose

Liver steps forwards. Ketosis begins. Fat reserves are sought. Energy needs are served. Right. What are benefits? Energy supply stays uninterrupted. Weight loss starts decreasing. Fat alone causes:

  1. Fatness
  2. Weight gain
  3. Dozens of:
    1. Health
    2. Mobility
    3. Expenditure
    4. Emotional
    5. Private
    6. Work
    7. Likewise issues.


The About tab defines a:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Trading
  3. Service offering
  4. concern in all aspects. Facets concerning:
    1. Basic information:
    2. Who founded?
    3. Founder’s:
      1. Motivation
      2. Edge over others:
        1. Experience,
        2. Qualification
        3. Certifications
      3. Enrolling with:
      4. Quality assuring concerns
      5. Educating concerns
      6. Guiding concerns
      7. Legal entities
      8. Legal status
      9. Addresses of:
        1. Office
        2. Warehouse
        3. Manufacturing unit(s)
      10. revenue earning method
      11. serving the targeted market
      12. outshining rivals.
      13. Smooth sailing in:
        1. Buying
        2. Delivering
        3. Returning
      14. Enlightening/ educating
      15. Providing customer service
      16. Listing terms and condition
      17. Privacy handling
      18. Data management
      19. Website security

These are norms. The More the Merrier. This adage works here. Let’s visit Power Keto Blend.com/contact/.

What! ABOUT tab on Power Keto Blend.com shows only Contact Us. What about the other information? From where a:

  1. Power Keto Blend.com visitor
  2. Keto food lover/ needy

will get Power Keto Blend and Ketofirdge.com information? Absolutely, not an iota! Why? Possibly two reasons.

Power Keto Blend.com isn’t interested in displaying. Power Keto Blend.com doesn’t have.

Both contingencies are:

  1. Bad
  2. Unpleasant
  3. Gloomy

Such approach is typical:

  1. Of fleecing concerns
  2. Of Cheating concerns.

Power Keto Blend.com/contact shows some:

  1. Shoddy
  2. Ramshackle

information. Address is one such bit on Power Keto Blend.com/contact. Let’s seek assistance from:

  1. Google Search Engine
  2. Google Maps

One may expect:

  1. FDA
  2. Non-GMO
  3. Kosher
  4. Vegan
  5. Allergen Free
  6. USDA approval files
  7. USPTO files
  8. Social Media Discussion
  9. Laboratory findings
  10. Research papers. Preferable on NCBI NIHL, etc.

bearing mention of Power Keto Blend. Let’s see. Google results are 13. Two websites bear mention:

  1. Power Keto Blend.com
  2. org

Quite disappointing. Quit eye-opening. Expecatations of:

  1. Genuineness
  2. Quality
  3. Serving weight management needs
  4. Integrity
  5. Honesty

are squashed.

Regarding Google Maps, “Partial match”. Without Power Keto Blend, Maps Google shows:

  1. An under construction
  2. Multi-story
  3. Not mentioning Power Keto Blend.

In other words, Power Keto Blend is non-existent.

Meals available, on Power Keto Blend.com/keto-meals lists all available choices. Rose’ KeTea is one. Clicking dawns Power Keto Blend.com/rose-ketea. What awaits there? Expecting:

  1. Several certifications
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Manufacturer’s information
  4. Supporting what Power Keto Blend attributes Keto.

Label images on Power Keto Blend.com/rose-ketea aren’t complete. Self-explanatory.


One expects information inundated Power Keto Blend.com/how-it-works, such as:

  1. Research
  2. Data
  3. Information
  4. Evidence
  5. Assurances

Let’s see Power Keto Blend.com/how-it-works. Total 7 information bits:

  1. 100% Ketogenic Meals
  2. Lists features:
    1. Carefully designed meals
    2. Carefully crafted meals
    3. Ketognic Lifestyle
  3. Featuring:
    1. 75% Fat
    2. 20% Protein
    3. 5% Carb

However, nothing shines:

  1. Careful design
  2. Careful crafting etc.,
  3. Let alone supporting/ evidence

Why to trust then?

Regarding Power Keto Blend.com/how-it-works nutrient claims:

  1. How Power Keto Blend.com/keto-meals Breakfast items qualify.
  2. Similar question shakes ketofrigde.com/keto-deserts listed deserts.
  3. What about Power Keto Blend.com/keto-bakery webpage listed items.
  4. Many questions aren’t answered. How Ketosis is assured? What about efficiency? How safety is dealt? Does FDA acknowledge. What entity supports:
    1. Low Carb
    2. Gluten Free
    3. Dairy Free
    4. 590 calorie pizza activating ketosis

claims. Where are these made? Does FDA approves that? Does GMP applies to it? What USDA thinks? Etc.

No explanation available. No information served. Evidence is denied. Trust building is ruined.

New Keto Meals Every Week

Exciting apparently. There are certain lacunae. How meals are chosen? How Ketosis reigns supreme? What caveats are met? How hygiene reigns supreme?

Ordering Schedule

Not much information

Meals Delivered

Cool meals! Cool meals surviving 7 days? How come? Frozen can survive. How cool can? What is packing matter? What service delivers? Is it track-able? Is it insurable? How packing survives:

  1. Transition
  2. Delivery
  3. For instance: Death Valley, Mecca, Blythe, Gold Rock Ranch, Thermal, Laveen, Willow Beach, etc.
  4. Stresses
  5. Taste assurance
  6. Quality
  7. Satisfaction questions.
  8. 69 USD order is Power Keto Blend.com’s minimum order. $69 Power Keto Blend order suggests:
    1. Many components
    2. Delivery issues:
      1. Weight is the factor.
      2. Size isn’t ignored.
  • What about deliver charge?
  1. What about distance?USA:
  2. North-South Distance is 2,660km.
  3. South-East Distance is 4,654
  • What about Hawaii
  • What about absent Power Keto Blend recipient?

Etc. Noting is there.

Heat and Eat

Does it, i.e., Power Keto Blend.com/how-it-works apply to:

  1. Bakery
  2. Deserts

Silence resonates here.

Customer Service

Power Keto Blend Customer Service uses text message. Quit weird. Why it shouldn’t be:

  1. Skype
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Viber
  4. FB Messenger

Ease monetary challenges. Besides, Power Keto Blend.com accepts at least $69 order. The customer service:

  1. Should be great
  2. Quick

However, Power Keto Blend.com disappoints here.


Power Keto Blend.com/faqs list some expectations.

Less Hungry.

But, how come. No scientific evidence. No meal analysis. Menu keeps changing. Is their some:

  1. Age
  2. Health level
  3. Lifestyle

relevant caveats. No. too good to be true.

Improved Hormone Function

How come? Power Keto Blend.com doesn’t list:

  1. Beneficiary hormone names
  2. Let alone modus operandi
  3. Evidence
  4. Safety
  5. Efficiency
  6. Likewise matters.

Power Keto Blend.com disappoints similarly regarding:

  1. Burning More Body Fats
  2. Maintaining More Muscles
  3. More Alert Brain
  4. More Focused Brain
  5. More Vibrant Skin


Evidently, Power Keto Blend isn’t genuine.

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