Powgen Male Enhancement

Powgen Male Enhancement

Hard Headd presents its Powgen Male Enhancement featuring:

  1. Maximizing size. Of course, of love muscle.
  2. Harder strength
  3. Improving erections
  4. Boosting endurance
  5. Promoting sexual stamina
  6. Love muscle becoming:
    1. Harder
    2. Bigger
    3. Longer
  7. Supporting bodybuilding
  8. Supporting mood
  9. Helping Testosterone level increasing
  10. Boosting Energy

Hard Headd’s this product:

  1. Outshines its rivals
  2. Tops in the market

Hard Headd sells its Powgen Male Enhancement on:

  1. com
  2. com
  • On amazon.com, Hard Headd sells its Powgen Testosterone Booster for $18.95.
  • However, on hardhead.com there are three choices.
  1. One Powgen Testosterone Booster bottle, sufficing one month, is available for $29.95 on hardheadd.com/ultra-test/. Hardheadd.com delivers it free.
  2. Three Powgen Testosterone Booster bottles, sufficing three months, are available for $75.85 on hardheadd.com/ultra-test/. Reducing one Powgen bottle price from $29.95 to 24.95 USD. Hardheadd.com delivers these free.
  3. Six Powgen Testosterone Booster bottles, sufficing six months, are available for $107.70 on hardheadd.com/ultra-test/. Hence, Hard Headd reduces its one Powgen bottle price from $29.95 to $17.95. Hardheadd.com delivers these free.


Hard Headd Return and Refund Policy

Powgen Male Enhancement’s Return and Refund policy is available on hardheadd.com/return-refund-policy. Following represents the hardheadd.com/return-refund-policy content. Hard Headd is confident of its Powgen Testosterone Booster’s meeting its expectations. Hardheadd.com adds that Hard Headd doesn’t stun its enthusiasts with:

  1. Any hidden fee
  2. Any hidden cost

and charges only what hardheadd.com/checkout displays.


Hard Heads accepts Powgen returns provided:

  1. Powgen is unused
  2. Powgen condition is new
  3. Hard Heads refuses Powgen returning if item has:
    1. Scratches
    2. Stains
    3. Damages
    4. Drilling
    5. Modifications

Original Packaging

Hard Headd says its Powgen Testosterone Booster is:

  1. Well packaged
  2. For shipping purpose

Hence, without original packaging, returning Powgen Testosterone Booster will be useless.

The buyer shall pay Powgen Testosterone Booster returns postage. There is one exception. A damaged Powgen.

Refund Process

Hard Headd guides here too. Hard Headd says:

  1. Within 14 day of Powgen Male Enhancement purchase:
    1. Product can be returned
    2. Refund can be requested to Hard Headd customer service. Following presents four Hard Head contact approaches.
  2. Hard Headd adds that:
    1. Item should be:
    2. Unused
    3. Unopened
    4. In pristine condition. Or, in condition received/shipped to Powgen buyer.

Hard Head inspects returned Powgen:

  1. Within 72 hours
  2. After being received
  3. In its facility
  4. Inspections aim at assuring:
    1. The like-new condition of Powgen
  5. After confirming:
    1. Hard Heads proceeds refund.
    2. Returns refund as the Powgen price was paid.

Hard Headd Shipping Policy

Following describes Hard Headd Shipping Policy as provided on hardheadd.com/return-refund-policy. Hard Headd says that it ships Powgen Male Enhancement within:

  1. 2-3 days after order placement on hardhead.com or Amazon.com.
  2. Hard Headd ships its Powgen gratis to customers/users located in US.
  3. An Powgen customers is liable to:
    1. Return shipping arrangement
    2. Return shipping charges.

Hard Headd adds that Powgen Male Enhancement orders place on holidays:

  1. Will be processed next Working day, precisely.
  2. An additional charge makes Hard Headd an upgrade. An upgrade causing/ entailing Powgen’ expedited delivery.
  3. com informs if its Powgen Testosterone Booster is:
    1. Out of stock
    2. Expected availability date.
  4. Contacting Hardheadd.com can increase Powgen information even further.

Tracking Order

Hard Headd informs that:

  1. Once a Hard Head Powgen Testosterone Booster:
  2. Is shipped
  3. Carrier generated an Powgen tracking number

Hardhead.com generates an email bearing Powgen tracking information.


Hard Headd provides its contact information on two hardheadd.com webpages:

  1. com/ultra-test/
  2. com/contact/

Four Hard Headd contact methods:

  1. Webpage contact form, supplied on hardheadd.com/contact, featuring:
    1. First Name
    2. Second Name
    3. Email Address
    4. Phone Number
    5. Message
  2. Postal and actual Hard Headd address, provided on hardheadd.com/ultra-test, that is,
    1. Hard Headd LLC,
    2. 16950,
    3. Dixie HWY
    4. Unit A233
    5. North Miami Beach
    6. FL 33160
    7. USA
  3. Email Address, provided on hardheadd.com/ultra-test, that is,
    1. Hardheaddusa at the rate of gmail.com
  4. Telephone number, provided on hardheadd.com/ultra-test, that is,,
    1. 1 305 676 4470

Suggested Powgen Usage

Hard Headd counsels here too. Take three Powgen Male Enhancement pills, as a dietary supplement.

  1. Take before bedtime.
  2. Ingest with water. At least, 250mg.
  3. To increase Powgen benefits:
    1. Take a healthy diet.
    2. Take exercise daily.


Hard Headd advises consulting a doctor before using Powgen Male Enhancement if:

  1. An Powgen user has a medical condition
  2. Taking prescribed medicine
  3. Hard Headd label forbids Powgen intake if:
    1. User is an expectant
    2. User breastfeeds
  4. Hard Headd:
    1. advises keeping Powgen away from kids.
  5. Forbids taking Powgen pills if:
    1. Safety seal is damaged
    2. Seal is missing
  6. Hard Headd advises storing Powgen in:
    1. A cool
    2. Shadowy
    3. Room temperature
    4. Away from heat
    5. Away from sunshine
    6. Away from excessive moisture


Hard Headd provided label of Powgen Male Enhancement informs that Powgen doesn’t:

  1. Diagnose
  2. Treat
  3. Cure
  4. Prevent

any disease.

Hard Headed adds that its Powgen Testosterone Booster hasn’t been FDA evaluated.

Ingredient Profile

  1. Hard Headd chooses Zinc Oxide provided Zinc with 30mg potency amounting to 200%DV.
  2. Hard Headd chooses Magnesium Oxide provided Magnesium with 200mg potency amounting to 50%DV.
  3. Hard Headd chooses Tribulus Terrestris with 750mg potency. No %DV data
  4. Hard Headd chooses Chrysin with 75mg potency. No %DV data
  5. Hard Headd chooses Horny Goat Weed P.E.Tribulus Terrestris with 50mg potency. No %DV data
  6. Hard Headd chooses Longjack with 50mg potency. No %DV data
  7. Hard Headd chooses Saw Palmetto Berries with 50mg potency. No %DV data
  8. Hard Headd chooses Hawthorn with 50mg potency. No %DV data
  9. Hard Headd chooses Cissus Quadrangular with 50mg potency. No %DV data

Inactive ingredients in Powgen Testosterone Booster are:

  1. Cellulose
  2. Rice Flour
  3. Magnesium Stearate


Available information support genuineness in Hard Headed Powgen Testosterone Booster.

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