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HS Prime chooses Long Jack to power its Pure Vigor T as the protagonist. The said Size Up HS Prime product, one bottle carries 60 capsules, is available for $23.99 on amazon.com. HS Prime names its product Long Jack Size Up.  

 Shining the Product 

 The Protagonist 

The HS Prime chosen driving force in Long Jack Size Up is Long Jack. People call it by: 

  1. Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, its scientific name 
  1. Tongkat Ali  
  1. Malaysian Ginseng 
  1. Pasak Bumi 

Though Long Jack has multiple names yet it tastes bitter. Areas comprising original Long Jack home are: 

  1. Malaysia 
  1. Asia 

HS Prime finds Long Jack carrying maxim nutrients, manhood supporting nutrients particularly, are in its roots. Hence, root essence is okayed here. 

 Weight Loss Feature 

HS Prime uses a multiple facet touchstone to select Pure Vigor T ingredients. Consequently, ingredients here exhibit; aphrodisiac properties; ability to support libido count rising; improving sports performance; helping body losing weight; supporting anti-aging regime naturally; contributing to users’ overall being; reducing fatigue.   

 Bone Support 

Low level Testosterone acts catastrophic for many: 

  1. Mind 
  1. Body 
  1. Sexual Function  

For example, HS Prime shines here the bone aspect. Low levels let bones: 

  1. Grow weak 
  1. Catch brittleness 

Tongkat Ali acts a rescuing role. Rising Testosterone levels entails the Tongkat Ali rescue part. As Testosterone levels rise, bones begin freeing from woes of: 

  1. Weakness 
  1. Brittleness 

A major benefit to Long Jack Size Up user. It is an open secret that healthier Skeletal System ensures Healthier Musculature. One Musculature component is Love Muscle, the penis. Healthier, more sufficient, more robust, more energetic, etc, musculature’s rubs off these attributes on Love Muscle too.  

 Mood Support 

Stress, anxiety, disappointments, rising expectations, etc., take a toll on mood. Unstable or stress dominated mood promotes Cortisol. This notion is almost: 

  1. Anti Testosterone 
  1. Anti manhood 
  1. Anti-happiness (exclusively for men though).  

HS Prime chosen Tongkat Ali comes to rescue. Its rescuing features are: 

  1. Suppressing tension  
  1. Calming anger  
  1. Clarifying confusion 

HS Prime is positive about Long Jack powered Pure Vigor T potential of: 

  1. Reducing infliction’s of routine stress. Factors of this routine stress: 
  1. Emanate from diet issues 
  1. Form sleep loss notion 
  1. Even appear strung to exercising.  
  1. The Long Jack Size Up by HS Prime succors there. Memory counts in all actions. Some areas are more important: 
  1. Earning livelihood 
  1. Socializing 
  1. Girl friend affairs 
  1. HS Prime crafted Long Jack Size Up organizes Indeed a rescue.  

 Potent Aphrodisiac 

HS Prime chooses:  

  1. The right amount of concentrates 
  1. Scientific and meticulous blending 

Essences taken from; Zinc; Maca; Nettle; L Arginine; Oyster; Tongkat Ali; Orchic; Sarsaparilla; Catauba Bark; Pumpkin; AstragalusMuira Puama; Cayenne Pepper and Tribulus Terristris 

 The Manhood Supporter 

Testosterone makes manhood foundation and Long Jack Size Up by HS Prime consolidates the tremulous foundation. Manhood is manifested in many ways. Two aspects are shone here: 

  1. Strength 
  1. Muscle Mass 

Tacitly, testosterone amount appears: 

  1. Strength  
  1. Muscle Mass 

determinants here. Evidence with HS Prime finds Long Jack Size Up: 

  1. Increasing lean mass 
  1. Adding to strength 
  1. Reducing fat 

through Testosterone level elevation. Many ingredients: 

  1. Claim 
  1. Demonstrate 
  1. Testosterone level rising 

One thing is special in Long Jack, no side effects involved.  

 Promoting Libido Count 

Regarding Sex Drive aspects of Sexual Function, both genders, female and male, libido count matters. Rather, holds a key position. HS Prime informs that Let alone airing sex flame, continuing sex desire depends on libido. Evidence with HS Prime finds Libido adding to: 

  1. Women’s erogenous zone sensitivity.  
  1. Regarding men, Libido is vital. Pure Vigor T aids this vital perspective/ aspect.  

 Muscle Growth 

Next HS Prime selected Tongkat Ali speciality is Muscle Growth Support. This ingratiates Tongkat Ali, followed by Long Jack Size Up tacitly, amongst challenging trainers, i.e. 

  1. Weight lifters 
  1. Body builders 

Muscle to Fat ratio is their one concern. HS Prime offers open help here. Athletes find their struggle bearing more fruit once Tongkat Ali begin comprises their corporeal existences. 

 Legal Disclaimer 

HS Prime makes a clean breast of the few Pure Vigor T aspects. Long Jack Size Up statements lack: 

  1. FDA evaluation 
  1. HS Prime doesn’t intend its Long Jack Size Up to: 
  1. Diagnose 
  1. Treat 
  1. Cure 
  1. Prevent 

Neither a health condition nor a disease  

 The HS Prime Guarantee 

Having shone Long Size Up features briefly, HS Prime turns to its hallmark, i.e., guarantee. HS Prime guarantees that Pure Vigor T has the USA manufacturing. The facility is modern. The HS Prime making methodology matches and fulfills GMP crafted criteria. 

 The Ingredient Profile 

HS Prime prints Ingredient Profile of its Long Jack Size Up label. HS Prime finds two Long Jack Size Up capsules comprising one serving. Supplement Facts reflect one serving’s attributes down here. 


HS Prime chooses 50mg effective Zinc Oxide provided Zinc for its Long Jack Size Up. This Zinc potency amounts to 333% DV. 

The second HS Prime choice for its Pure Vigor T is 500mg effective Tongkat Ali. No DV% available here afterward 

The third HS Prime choice for its Long Jack Size Up is 250mg effective Maca, marked by 0.6% essence. 

The fourth HS Prime choice for its Long Jack Size Up is 500mg effective L-Arginine. 

The fifth HS Prime chosen ingredient for its Long Jack Size Up is Ginseng Blend.  

Next thing Long Jack Size Up shows on its label is Long Jack Size Up Proprietary Blend showing the following; the ground Sarsaparilla; ground Pumpkin; ground Muira Puama; ground Oat Straw; ground Nettle; ground Cayenne Pepper; 4:1 marked Astagalus; ground Catauba Bark, 4:1 marked Licorice; OrchicOsyerter; and Boron. 

 Other Ingredients 

HS Prime employs Other Ingredients in Pure Vigor TThese are; Microcrystalline Celloluse; Magnesium StearateCroscarmelloseStearic Acid. 

 Allergen Warning 

HS Prime warns one allergen comprising its Long Jack Size Up, i.e., Oyster.  

 Words of Caution 

  1. Keep it away from children. 
  1. Ingest as guided. 
  1. Don’t use HS Prime’s feat if its safety seal: 
  1. Is broken 
  1. Is missing 


Available information shows HS Prime crafted Pure Vigor T okay.  

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