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Quick Burn Keto (KMK)’s gamut comprises 13 dietary supplements, available on QuickBurnKeto.com. QuickBurnKeto.com provides some kmk products in multiple flavors. This passage shines two KMK products:

  1. Exogenous Ketones, featuring Electrolytes and three flavors:
    1. Lemon Lime
    2. Mixed Berry. Caffeine accompanies this KMK flavor.
    3. Pink Lemonade
    4. com provides separate web page for three KMK Exogenous Ketones each. Price factor doesn’t change. Hence, one link suffices. Turning to price, the KMK Exogenous Ketones’ listed price on QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/exogenous-ketones-lemon-lime is 59.99 USD. However, a 15 USD discount lowers 59.99 USD price o 44.99 USD.
    5. Subscription lowers it further. the 59.99 USD price tag gets 25% discount and becomes 38.24 USD. 21.75 USD discount. Boons don’t end here.
    6. Shipping becomes free.
    7. Subscription fetches upto 38 PTS.
  2. MCT Oil, featuring C8 Brain Fuel.
    1. It is unflavored.
    2. The listed price of KMK MCT Oil on QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/mct-oil-c8-brain-fuel is 39.99 USD. However, KML introduces discount. Consequently, 39.99 USD dips to 32.99 USD.
    3. Subscription lowers this KMK MCT Oil price further with 15% discount. The 39.99 USD becomes 28.04 USD.
    4. Shipping too gets free.
    5. Earn upto 28 PTS.

What is Passage’s Purpose

Examining KMK’s aforesaid two products. Because:

  1. These involve users’ health
  2. Users’ money

The purpose is general guidance.

Baffling Discounts

One particular KMK product, i.e., Exogenous Ketones, proffers 25% discount and PTS points. This is stunning. How come KMK progresses despite giving up 25% of the Exogenous Ketones revenue. The shipment is exempted. Hence, QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/exogenous-ketones-mixed-berry sells Exogenous Ketone below 32.84 USD in subscription situation. More than 25% discount. What does it mean? The few perspectives. None is encouraging.

Pricing is quite sensitive. Pricing encompass two aspects:

  1. Retaining competitive edge.
  2. Monetary appreciation of KMK work force.

The discount fervour on QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/exogenous-ketones-mixed-berry suggests KMK stakeholders would roll in wealth, Once KMK discounts are withdrawn. Simply, listed prices are fleecing prices. Morally bad. There is another perspective. Rival may introduce:

  1. Reasonable price based products.

A childish gimmick also befits. Such KMK blessed discount variation shadows Quick Burn Keto brand. Something not cool.

Shipping Dichotomies

All KML web pages originating from QuickBurnKeto.com exhibit on particular information.

  1. 45 USD and over KMK orders deserve KMK appreciation, i.e., free shipping.
  2. 99 USD and over KMK orders get free shipping.

What does it mean? Either is mistaken. Either QuickBurnKetoc.com free shipping orders of:

  1. 45 USD


  1. 99 USD

QuickBurnKeto.com mentioning two different criteria? Why? Is the KMK content writer drunk? Alternatively, QuickBurnKeto.com aims at baffling:

  1. Its visitor
  2. Exogenous Admirers
  3. MCT Oil admirers

The confusion doesn’t end. It continues. Take two particular examples:

QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/exogenous-ketones-mixed-berry shows 38.24 USD price. Below than both criteria:

  1. 45USD
  2. 99USD

Next link confuses greater. QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/mct-oil-c8-brain-fuel shows MCT Oil charges 32.99 USD and 28.04 USD. According to QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/mct-oil-c8-brain-fuel, shipping is free. Saw the contradictions! What does it suggests? Quite a many. But none productive. For example:

  1. Either KMK website time is unworthy.
  2. Or KMk aims charging. Quality is Greek to KMK.
  3. Neither are Quick Burn Keto


Notices regarding QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/mct-oil-c8-brain-fuel. The second image shows:

  1. MCT Oil boosting extra
  2. Day long power
  3. Alex Co-founder

Ingredient List

  1. 15g Total Fat constituting 75% DV.
  2. 15g saturated fat comprising 19% DV.
  3. MCT oil 15 grams. Other names are:
    1. C8
    2. Caprylic Acid
  4. Other ingredients show no entry.

Product Features


KMK bass MCT Oil on Coconut. Rather, non-GMO coconut. However, QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/mct-oil-c8-brain-fuel doesn’t present Non-GMO Project:

  1. Icon
  2. Certification

Nongmoproject.org link. Rather certifying link. What does it hint? Pulling wool over QuickBurnKeto.com visitors’ eyes. A baseless attribute.

Great for:


Pre-workouts help users:

  1. Readying the body
  2. Organizing greater oxygen supply
  3. Arranging greater nutrients
  4. Ensuring greater cellular waste collection
  5. Wider blood lines
  6. More blood available

Kickmyketo.com finds MCT Oil delivering all this. An exaggeration? No, a lie perhaps.


A different field. Post-Workout field revolves around:

  1. Soothing tired muscles.
  2. Healing wounded muscles.
  3. Removing ache from muscle.
  4. Fixing inflammation
  5. Restoring energy
  6. Reading for next day.

Look at ingredients! MCT doing all this? Doesn’t appear possible. Lack of evidence fosters.

Quick Burn Keto’s MCT Oil Benefits

Energy Boost

Ok, but how much? Does all user benefit? Is it efficient? Is it safe? Is there tolerance contingencies. No reply from QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/mct-oil-c8-brain-fuel.

Appetite Support

Does KMK MCT Oil supports or suppresses? Another gross negligence. Reflects apathy too. Neither Quick Burn Keto evidence nor 3rd party.

Protects Gut Microbiota

What QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/mct-oil-c8-brain-fuel bears to believe? Nothing. Not even a story.

Mental Focus

Really? Stretching quite far. No evidence provided. WebMD considers it impossible.

 Metabolism Support

How KMK single element betters complex metabolism? Is there some experiment. Does clinical data supports. No reply.

 High in Saturated Fat

How KMK decides? Who else joins. No supportive content on QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/mct-oil-c8-brain-fuel.

 Increase Ketones

Ketones are liver’s result. How QuickBurnKeto.com presented MCT Oil:

  1. Nudges
  2. Forces

Liver working harder.

 20 Times Stronger. Ofcourse, Than Coconut

Where is evidence? KMK shirks again.

Enhances Mood

where is nootropic support? What explains it. Where is evidence. QuickBurnKeto.com supports nothing.

 Enhances Clarity

WebMD disagrees. Encyclopaedia Britannia disagrees. QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/mct-oil-c8-brain-fuel gathers no defence.

Support Low Carb

What is low carb? Who defines it? how come KMK MCT oil delivers. No idea. QuickBurnKeto.com/collections/all/products/mct-oil-c8-brain-fuel appear.

Ketogenic Lifestyle

Another opaque statement. Entire QuickBurnKeto.com bear much. but not supportive.

.Now, suppresses appetite

How come? Who saw MCT Oil delivering said gain. No idea.

Raise Endurance

Obviously, an exaggeration. Endurance is a different field. So select ingredients needed. But here, only one.

KMK Ketones

Another Quick Burn Keto product. Feature say Ketosis in 15 minutes. Oh, my Lord. So much efficiency. How com? Reality exposes.

  1. Seven ingredient powerful KMK Ketones. goBHB shines in HMK ingredient list. But no further information. Poor content management
  2. Burns Fat. But how come? Is there some efficiency, safety, etc. No. Nothing. Not a single bit.
  3. Another claim. Replenishing Electrolyte. But no evidence.
  4. Increase Ketone
  5. No evidence provided.
  6. Boost Endurance

Quite a bad notion.  But Quick Burn Keto doesn’t support.


Evidently, Quick Burn Keto isn’t genuine.

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