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Amazon.com is a shopping platform. Dietary Supplements comprise the product array available here. Quick Results Keto Advanced (NSKA) is another encapsulated Weight Management Solution to the credit of nutr4health.com, representing Nutra4health LLCIt is a paid elixir rolled out of nutra4health LLC facility. Amazon.com shows one NSKA bottle being sold for $35.95. Simply, one NSKA capsule incurs $0.67 expenditure.  

 Following lines comprise an NSKA review. The reasons behind it are: 

  1. Simple 
  1. Straight forward 
  1. The few 

These are: 

  1. Separating cheese from chalk 
  1. Aiding people taking discerning decisions 
  1. Increasing customer satisfaction 


For the reviewing purpose, NSKA features should be revealed first. Consequently, the following enumerates NSKA features firstreview follows 


  1. Ingredient Profile 


Ingredient profile matters the most. There is no exception. Ingredient profile: 

Suggests stakeholders’ starving entailing: Research; workforce; facility condition; making the methodology 

  1. A product efficiency 
  1. Defines price 
  1. Determines safety for human consumption 
  1. Value for money 
  1. Likewise 


Let’s see what Quick Results Keto Ingredient Profile is made of. Prima Facie, not a good impression. The reason is simple.  

  1. BHB in three variants 
  1. Quite commonplace Caffeine Anhydrous 
  1. Tthere is proprietary shield.  

The details aren’t promising either. What does 50% extract, regarding Caffeine Anhydrous suggest? Certainly, not a layman’s preserve. But what is NSKA formulating team’ use is? One needn’t provide all scientific formula detail. However, simple explanation would do. Unfortunately, the entire NSKA devoted amazon.com webpage gives barren looks. If nutra4health LLC prides in NSKA, what’s wrong in describing, rather describing plainly.  


Reverting to the NSKA ingredient profile, what role those nutra4health LLC chosen four notions play? Complete darkness is the answer. Why so nutra4health LLC is husbanding product information? No genuine manufacturer or trader does? There comes one reason. There exists nothing.  


  1. Weight Loss Supplement 

Weight Loss appears a breeze, boon, a new lease to life to all: 

  1. With unhealthy weight 
  1. With over weight 
  1. Stung by obesity 

How does NSKA bear fruit? What time does it take? What processes are involved? What are gains (max, min, and average) in the NSKA shone Weight Loss course? What makes it deliver? Likewise, question keep echoing at Quick Results Keto but fetch no consolation, let alone: 

  1. Relevant 
  1. Detailed 
  1. Easy to digest 
  1. Supported by evidence 



  1. Appetite Suppressant  

Food intake is chief culprit here. It is difficult too. Reasons are simple. The urge to eat, to satiated warranted and unwarranted needs, makes food irresistible. Without food intake management: 

  1. No diet plan 
  1. No exercise  
  1. No surgical solution  

can provide long lasting results. Hence, Appetite Suppressing becomes: 

  1. Relevant 
  1. Integral 


However, appetite management is beyond turning on and off a switch. There are many stake holders. Some amongst those are; GH performance; food choices; DNA; activity level, etc. These are to be managed: 

  1. Well 
  1. In a healthy way 
  1. In the long term way 

Turning to NSKA, nothing suggests such capabilities. The impression of falsehood prevails.  


  1. Ultra Advanced Natural Capsules 

self contradictory feature claim. It is obvious too. How nutra4health LLC can imbue: 

  1. Advanced 
  1. Ultra  

attributes into a natural notion. Falsehood becomes apparent because NSKA lacks any justification. Either a notion/ ingredient/ component is nature, or it is advanced or ultra advanced.  


  1. 800mg Potent Formulary 

Right, but what does it do? The Proprietary shield obstructs. No one can ascertain individual potency. Similarly, potency efficiency cannot be ascertained. It doesn’t shine Quick Results Keto anyway. Another negative point. 


  1. BHB Salts  

There are three of these. However, nutra4health LLC gives no space to NSKA founding BHB Salts. It kills the comparing opportunity. How one can do it. Ideally, NSKA should carry information. The information what BHB Salts do in the formulary/ body to manage weight: 

  1. Quickly 
  1. Efficiently 
  1. Safely 
  1. Etc.  

Unfortunately, blackout of BHB Salt centring information makes NSKA doubtful.  


  1. Ketone Diet 

This nutra4health LLC announcement gives impression if Quick Results Keto unleashes, something magical, i.e., Ketones, and fat burning kicks in. Weight loss begins, etc. WbMed.com has a different perception. There is no External Ketone Diet mentioned. How does utra4health LLC do it? there is no backing. Another lie exposed.  

  1. Boost Metabolism 

Food usage is metabolism. The more efficient and all-comprising it is, the greater nutrient availability and fewer carb leftovers. Simply, health will grow. Weight will grow healthy. Metabolism is in thrall to Activity level and type of food ingested chiefly. How 4-ingredient powered Quick Results Ketoformulary manages it. Ingredient attributes aren’t even mentioned. How NSKA uses to its purpose? Not a single emerges.  


  1. BHB Ketones 

Nutra4health LLC supports Lies don’t have legs to stand by advertising its NSKA. The proof is easy. First NSKA says BHB Salts, now NSKA says BHB KetonesKetones are the liver product. Bodies don’t make Salts, let alone Ketone salts. How this NSKA ingredient contributes towards weight management? What are paths here? Any idea of efficiency? Not a single word answer emerges.  


  1. Boost Energy 

Caffeine Anhydrous does boost energy. But Quick Results Keto invites some: 

  1. Doubts  
  1. Questions 

what is caffeine potency? Caffeine provides a surge. Is it good? What about caffeine tolerance? What is weight reduction data with NSKA stakeholders? Silence signifies falsehood here.   


  1. Enhance Focus 

Focusing is the brain’s preserve. How does NSKA approach mind-strung functions? It is very sensitive. How does it do it? What is result data? Complete silence. 


Nutra4health LLC claims its Quick Results Keto triggers Ketosis, but how? It is an internal process. How NSKA starts it, continues, and extract benefits? No reply at all. 


  1. Natural Ingredients 

Which one is natural? How it outshines its synthetic manifestation? Some data supporting it? No, is the reply. 


  1. High Quality  

What is yard stick here? What is the authority? How many organizations, watch dogs, governments, etc., acknowledge it? 


  1. Customer Satisfaction 

What comprises Customer Satisfaction policy at Quick Results Keto? Where is the feed back? What is response time? Is it easy?  


  1. The USA Manufactured 

There alone announcement here. Nothing assures its veracity. 


  1. GMP Audited 

What agency found NSKA meeting GMP standards? No reply 


  1. FDA Registered Facility 

No evidence at NSKA suggests this Nutra4health LLC claim oozes with veracity.  



Obviously, Nutrix Slim Keto Advanced is a fake supplement.  

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