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This passage is a review of Radiant Farms Keto product made available on amazon.com for a price of $23.97. Hence, one Keto Cut capsule costs $0.40. Modern lifestyle is a bliss, by and large. There is a flipside too. One prominent is weight gain. This notion alone kills: 

  1. Looks 
  1. Work prospects 
  1. Daily routine convenience 
  1. Socializing prospects 
  1. Mating prospects  

and so on.  


Solution providing is one modern age’s hallmark. Hence, health horizon dazzles with diverse weight management solutions. Ketosis is one approach. Prima facie, Radiant Farms Keto claims to expedite weight management through Ketosis. It is available online only. Amazon.com provides some pictorial and textual information. One of the bit informs luxsupplement.com is the relevant platform. This paragraph analyses information available on luxsupplement.com for the sake of separating chalk form cheese. Let’s begin. 


  1. Producer name, details, address, etc., Touchstone 
  1. The label of Keto Cut Pills highlights Lux Supplement. The norm says: 
  1. The part of the title 
  1. Title on the top 
  1. The most highlighted 

Word(s) refer to the producer. Examples supporting this norm are many, rather numerous. For instance, Nestle, Samsung, Toyota, BMW, Sony, Yamaha, Channel, follow one of three patterns. Consequently, Lux Supplement appears to be the maker. The same Keto Cut label gives a twist on maker information the other side. It says Lux Global is the distributor. What? The second line again mentions Lux Supplement in the URL, i.e., Luxsupplement.comAnother twist? Something is fishy. It clearly reflects mala fide of: 

  1. Keto Cuts 
  1. Lux Supplement 


  1. Lux Global  
  1. The first mark/ symbol of being non-genuine.  

 The Postal Address on Label Yardstick 

Next Lux and Radiant Farms Keto exposing notion is the address, postal address precisely. It says Central Avenue Glendale CA91202. Let see it. Google finds the label supplied result clearly suggests two notions.  

First, it is incomplete.  

Neither Lux Supplement nor Lux Global is mentioned here. what does it suggest? Not True. 

 Phone Number, Email, and Support Team Criteria  

Address information lacks telephonic contact information. Obviously, something is amiss. Land line entails all businesses. No cellular communication company beats Landline counterparts in rates. The stakeholders of Radiant Farms Keto won’t be relying on telepathy or likewise for communication purpose. What to speak of Landline number, Lux Supplement / Global or Keto Cuts, apparently, don’t have a cellular connection. Modern age provides dramatically: 

  1. Cheap 
  1. Convenient  

communication methods, exemplified by WhatsAppViber, SkypeFacebook Messenger, likewise. With such: 

  1. Affordable 
  1. Portable  
  1. Convenient  
  1. Modern 
  1. Independent of geographical boundaries 
  1. Independent of political borders 

communication means, the barren label suggests something nasty. Simply, the firm isn’t real, substandard, a past master in scamming, likewise negative perspectives.  

 Even email address isn’t available. This is a free facility. Totally free. Why it isn’t available here. It supports the Keto Cuts’ negative perception.  

 No approach bringing the Keto Cuts/ Lux support team in loop is mentioned. How a person can contact Keto Cuts, Lux Supplement, or Lux Global if:  

  1. Order count exceeds the desired Keto Cuts count 
  1. Order count straggles the planned Keto Cuts count 
  1. Address field carries some mistake 
  1. Shipment needs efficient delivery 
  1. Any change 
  1. Any further information  

For these queries, reservations, and questions Keto Cuts and / or Lux Supplement/ Global brings one thing only, a deafening silence.  

 The Distributor Notion 

There is another shocking information. Label sees Lux Supplement as the Keto Cuts distributor. What on earth concern: 

  1. Conceals its name 
  1. Promotes its distributor name  

It begets many logical and legal questions. Who is the manufacturer? Why its name isn’t mentioned. How Keto Cuts’ manufacture information can be ascertainedHow the Keto Cuts distributor assumes maker liabilities, etc.  

 The Website 

Let’s visit the website, luxsupplement.com mentioned on the Radiant Farms KetoThe Radiant Farms Keto homepage i.e., luxsupplement.com/home informs Keto or Ketosis the protagonist behind Keto Cut Pills formulary/ product/ working. Fine, webmd.com too considers Ketosis a weight management too. But, how does Keto Cut Pills achieve it? What is connection between label carrying/  mentioning ingredients and Ketosis? Webmd.com mentioning nothing printed on Keto Cuts Pills activating, supporting, expediting, etc., the ketosis. There can, a remote though, blazing a trail possibility. Ok, fine. But where lies the evidence. Keto Cut Pills label may get an asylum behind the space shortage excuse. It doesn’t, cannot and won’t work regarding a website. At least, links can be embedded. Alas, nothing is available.  

 Owning Confusion  

The Keto Cuts Pills label suggests if: 

  1. Lux Supplement 
  1. Lux Global 

are either distributor or owner. The entire website, luxsupplement.com desperately fails and disappoints here. No further Lux information of any kind. About US page doesn’t exist. Besides, no information what is maker/owner business status. In what state it pays taxes. What is its motive? How is its: 

  1. Workforce 
  1. Formulating team 
  1. Management 

 Address/ Contact Issues Persists on the Website 

The entire website fails shining/ mentioning/ stating that where is: 

  1. The head office/ or concern located 
  1. Where manufacturing occurs? 
  1. How to contact the support? 
  1. Any information about postage? 
  1. How many Keto Cuts Pills shipping options/ choices are available? 
  1. What is the delivery time?
    What is the postage/ shipping charge slab for: 
  1. Non-contagious US states 
  1. Other countries. No mention to what countries luxsupplement.com ships? 

 Claims On The Webpage 

Keto Cuts Pills claims: 

  1. Burn fats 
  1. Natural 
  1. Safe 
  1. Effective 

Let alone: 

  1. Scientific 
  1. Reliable 
  1. Latest 
  1. Relevant  

bits of evidence, the entire website, luxsupplement.com lacks any reasonable explanation. Point is noting on luxsupplement.com worth convincing that Radiant Farms Keto is worthy. From any aspect.  

 Next it says Burn Fats Faster than Ever. Well, what is Ketosis/ Keto Cuts Pills comparing yardstick here? an empty claim, as usual. It says: 

  1. Doctors 
  1. Nutritionists 
  1. Celebrities 

know ketosis benefits. It fails listing one single name, one single verifiable name. 

 Further Claims 

According to luxsupplement.com, Radiant Farms Keto has many decorations, i.e.,  

  1. FDA Registered Facility  
  1. Made in the USA 
  1. GMP quality 
  1. Non GMO 

are main amongst those. Nothing supports it. Nothing verifiable. 


The aforesaid opinion portrays Radiant Farms Keto fake. Avoid it.  

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