Revive Keto lists all Purus Labs producs. Functional Fuel Revive Keto Protein appears available on for $34.95. The passage ascertains if Purus Labs is right or not.

Purus Labs parks its Functional Fuel on Keto®-protein. Keto®-protein adds following information.

Trade Mark Registered Keto®-protein presented Revive Keto label bears Patented mark. However, the same webpage, i.e., Keto®-protein, appears unable mentioning:

  1. a USPO link. Mentioning Purus Labs’ sought patent.
  2. Patent number
  3. a patent request
  4. the patent approval

The sparse information on Keto®-protein fosters bad impression. ill-use of space. A line wouldn’t:

  1. Have encroached Purus Labs approved content.
  2. Have suffocated Purus Labs bearing server.

 Samoa Chocolate Creme

No brand is mentioned

Salted Vanilla Caramel

No manufacturer’

Very-Low Carb Lifestyle Suitability

Quite vogue terminology. Keto®-protein doesn’t state:

  1. What is very-low Carb count.
  2. What is penned lifestyle?

How does Purus Labs (patented) Functional Fuel befits. The entire Keto®-protein lacks:

  1. Description
  2. Explanation
  3. Support

What survives believing Purus Labs regarding Functional Fuel Revive Keto.

 High Quality

Purus Labs disappoints again. Purus Labs doesn’t list:

  1. Factors
  2. Reasons
  3. Proofs
  4. Data
  5. Experiments
  6. Findings
  7. Acknowledgements

Suggesting/ proving Purus Labs Functional Fuel on Keto®-protein bears High Quality. Space on Keto®-protein is left barren.

 Gently Processed

Gentleness marks:

  1. Methods
  2. Procedures
  3. Protocols

relevant to animate notions. Anyhow, Keto®-protein omits shining its Gently Processing of $34.95 worth Functional Fuel. Why Purus Labs content manager:

  1. Lists
  2. Approves

untenable features. Simply, Gentle Process appears incredible.

 Low-Temprature Filtered. Whey Protein.

Nothing on Keto®-protein supports it. Purus Labs doesn’t:

  1. Show
  2. List

Facilities sticking to “Low-Temperature Filtration”. Purus Labs appears

Fast Burning MCTs

Purus Labs doesn’t bother:

  1. Defining
  2. Explaining
  3. Supporting

Fast Burning role of its Functional Fuel constituent MCTs. One expects Purus Labs:

own data

experiment information

at least some third-party information. Purus Labs dismays consistently. Another support-less claim. The $34.95 price bearing product sinks.

 Energetic meal

All foods are energetic. What distinguishes $34.95 worth Revive Keto isn’t present on Keto®-protein. What is the point then? Swelling content. Purus Labs could have :

  1. Quoted WebMD
  2. At least Dr Axe’s website.
  3. Purus Labs doesn’t:
    1. Display
    2. List
    3. Promote

Shreds of evidence.

 Satisfying Meal

Purus Labs defining hunger satisfaction would have polished Purus Labs. Purus Labs doesn’t define how: some minerals defy:

  1. Digestive dynamics
  2. Brain calculations

resulting satiation. Another unproven claim.

 Fast-Absorbent Protein

What method gets Purus Labs ‘Fast-Absorbent’ protein? Keto®-protein keeps quiet. How does it help? Does Purus Labs make it? If so, any patent? Well, is yet to present Revive Keto’ patent information, let alone a Functional Fuel constituent.

 BCAA Rich

What’s wrong with Purus Labs. The Revive Keto’s ingredient list on Keto®-protein doesn’t mention BCAA. Why webpage content on Keto®-protein struts. BCAA Rich feature. Simply, another false claim. Reputes dips. Performance dipping is irrelevant. Because, no efforts on Keto®-protein appears:

  1. Establishing
  2. Increasing


Spiking Insulin Level Keto®-protein shows this Purus Labs product:

  1. spiking Insulin Level
  2. what a joke. What:
    1. enables
    2. furls
    3. blends

insulin influence in Functional Fuel Protein. Rather patented protein. Purus Labs should have:

  1. Presented clinical data
  2. Organized double blind data
  3. Invoke third parties

but nothing. Purus Labs refuses changing. Simply providing data.

 Slowing whey protein digestion

Lies don’t have legs. Keto®-protein proves it. First, Keto®-protein claims protein here:

  1. Fast absorbent

After some lines, same Keto®-protein claims slowing protein digestion. How does it help? What slows Purus Labs’ fast absorbent protein.

 Short-Chain Fats
This Purus Labs statement about its Revive Keto on Keto®-protein shows:

  1. Second-rate content
  2. Ignorance
  3. Total cheating intentions

Mere Googling helps. No Short-Chain Fats exist. Short-Chain Fatty Acids do exist. Purus Labs appear oblivious. High quality myth busted. Self explanatory.

 Different Metabolism

Claiming abnormally marks Purus Labs. Nothing exists on Keto®-protein:

Defining “metabolizes differently”. Those fats don’t exist.

  1. Delineating
  2. Supporting

 Bypassing Adipose Tissue Storage

Quite a big Purus Labs claims. Keto®-protein doesn’t change its procedure. No line on Keto®-protein even:

  1. Explains
  2. Let alone proving.

Another falsification. One more slur. One more hope drowns.

Weight Losing MCTs

Another feature. Purus Labs forsakes’ Revive Keto’s this claim:

  1. Definition
  2. Explanation
  3. Support

WebMD finds insufficient evidence. Anything to believe. Keto®-protein suggests nothing.

Ketone Rise In Brain

  1. First Purus Labs doesn’t establish Revive Keto able of Ketosis
  2. Second, transferring to brain
  3. Third, supercharging brains:
    1. Working
    2. Focusing

Obviously, another false claims.

Ingredient List Keto®-protein provides Nutritional information too. 39g constitutes one serving. Purus Labs enables Functional Fuel serve 15 times.

  1. One serving unleashes 170 calories
  2. 10gram total fat by Purus Labs amounts to 8% DV
  3. 5gram saturated fat by Purus Labs amounts to 25% DV.
  4. 35gram cholestrole by Purus Labs amounts to 12% DV.
  5. This Purus Labs formulary adds no Total Carbs.
  6. This Purus Labs Formulary adds no Sugars.
  7. 20gram Protein Purus Labs is next information.
  8. 98mg Calcium by Purus Labs amounts to 10% DV.
  9. 50mg Phosphorous by Purus Labs amounts to 5% DV.
  10. 18mg Magnesium by Purus Labs amounts to 4% DV.
  11. 160mg Sodium by Purus Labs amounts to 6% DV.
  12. 90mg Potassium by Purus Labs amounts to 3% DV.
  13. 180mg Chloride by Purus Labs amounts to 5% DV.

No part of Keto®-protein content:

  1. Mentions
  2. Defines
  3. Delineates
  4. Corroborates

Any Revive Keto ingredient:

  1. Serving
  2. Accomplishing
  3. Contributing

To any of Keto®-protein listed:

  1. Features

Third-parties bear rich information. Purus Labs doesn’t bother mentioning those. Suggest Purus Labs’ shoddy:

  1. Fleecing
  2. Looting

approach. What is result. Another falsification.

A Distributor

The Revive Keto label shows something terrible on Keto®-protein. Purus Labs a distributor. What products does so? No genuine example. Where is manufacturer information. Nowhere, Keto®-protein appears suggesting. Where to find. Silence resonates. Keto®-protein presents Purus Labs address is

  • 1253 Andrew Parkway
  • Allen
  • TX 75002

As Purus Labs address. Let’s see Google Maps. Purus Labs doesn’t stop adding falsified accretions to Revive Keto. Google shows Purus Labs address serving many concerns.

No FDA Evaluation

Simply, suggests noting by Purus Labs on is:

  1. Correct
  2. True
  3. Verifiable


Evidently, Revive Keto isn’t genuine.

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