Slim X Genie

A healthy weight is both: 

  1. Actual 
  1. Apparent 

signpost of good/ ideal/ the best health. The modern age has surged health: 

  1. Bettering  
  1. Assuring  

methodologies. However, obstruction count has behaved in the same groove. Simply, there are new obstructions besides old one. Some examples are: 

  1. Increasing stress level 
  1. Rise of carb rich food popularity  
  1. Decreasing free time 
  1. Increasing living cost 
  1. DNA 
  1. Age factor 
  1. Health level 
  1. Inspiration  
  1. likewise. 


Dietary Supplements hail from a Weight management sector. Nutra4health LLC attempts in the aforesaid direction. This attempt culminates into Keto Burn Xtreme, an encapsulated solution from Nutra4health LLC quarters. Health market knows it as Slim X Genie (KBXWLP), which is available on in the packing of 60-capsule packing for a price of $44.95. This price proffers one KBXWLP capsule for $0.44.  

 Raison D’être of This Passage 

Regarding KBXWLP abilities, Nutra4health LLC specific webpage and KBXWLP label provide following claims. Following lines list those attributes and then analyzing those in public, in need of weight management specifically, interest. 


What a Certain Page Says? 

According to, Slim X Genie Weight Loss Pills 

  1. Extreme Natural Ketogenic Burn Fat Supplement 
  1. 800mg formula 
  1. BHB salt comprising formula 
  1. Caffeine powered formula 
  1. Advanced appetite suppressant  


Slim X Genie Label Listed Features 

  1. BHB Ketones 
  1. Boost Energy 
  1. Enhance Focus 
  1. Suppress Appetite 
  1. The manufacturer name confusion 


Let’s spate chalk from cheese. 


The Provided Features  


  1. Extreme Natural Ketogenic Burn Fat Supplement 

Language quality catches the attention first. It is regarding the only verb, i.e., Burn. Both its place and form are ill-suited here. Turning to attribute, let see entrenched sources first. Three fine examples here are: 

Encyclopadie Britannica 

  1. NCBI 

These do admit that ketosis is natural. However, none mentions if: 

  1. An external inspiration  
  1. Mechanism  

can cause it. Situation gets worse as Slim X Genie Weight Loss Pills appears an utter failure here. What complicates is KBXWLP adding Extreme. Absolutely, without evidence. Let alone evidence, even without an Extreme Fat Burning shred of evidence. The first lie detected. The first impression got ruined. Let’s look at others.  


  1. 800mg Formula 

Well, not convincing. The reason is simple. The ingredient profile of KBXWLP seeks Proprietary Blend protection. How the KBXWLP maker divides the 800mg potency into four Keto Burn Xtreme ingredients. Hence, total productivity gets shadowed.  


  1. BHB Salts Comprising Formula 

The health sector does recognize/ acknowledge: 

  1. BHB Salts 
  1. Their specific functions 

However, what invites complication and suspicion is ascribing the aforesaid and following attributes to these three. Said three sources find no BHB Salts role in Ketosis based/ powered fat burning. Let alone elevating fat burning to weight shredding. Dark rather impenetrable mist of ignorance smothers BHB Salts: 

  1. Significance 
  1. Relevance 
  1. Productivity 


Nutra4health LLC could have delineated said BHB Salts features on the spacious provided webpage. The said webpage can carry: 

  1. Textual information 
  1. Pictorial data 
  1. Even links 

How else a virtual/ web page can facilitate. Anyhow, neither Nutra4health LLC provided label of KBXWLP nor the webpage shines said features. It suggests BHB Salts strung attribute is false.  


  1. Caffeine Powered Formula 

Slim X Genie Weight Loss Pills says that Caffeine in it helps/ causes fat burning. Caffeine does have a thermogenic influence; however, should it be equated with fat burning. Had it been so, StarBuck, Nescafe, likewise would have been being seen strutting. Coffee, tea, likewise commodities would have been rocking/ facilitating the world. There might have been a blob of truth, but it is evidence dependent. Clinical Evidence, specifically. KBXWLP advertising webpage appears empty handed. So are Keto Burn Xtreme bottle images embedded here. Obviously, it is false.  


  1. Advanced Appetite Suppressant  

Appetite Suppressing isn’t that simple. It entails many notions. For example: 

Age factor. Young age needs extra food. Mature life suffices with even half.  

Activity level. A trainer in 40s, compared with a table dedicated person in 30s, will need more food.  

DNA. Some people have an excellent metabolism. Some are less fortunate here.  

Stress factor. Happy person’s metabolism outshines that of a depression stung corporeal existence. Some find food blowing out stress inferno with eating.  

Food habits. Fast food adds to weight considerably.  


Turning to Slim X Genie Weight Loss Pills, it claims navigating through troubled waters of weight reduction with two ingredients actually. Three ingredients are actually variants. The absence of evidence exposed the falsehood to the extent of never-covering.  


There is another worsening factor, i.e., Advanced. How Nutra4health LLC says its Appetite Suppressing to the advanced level. Not a tad of evidence.  


Label Penned Attributes 


  1. BHB Ketones 

Well, first confusion emerges here. The Slim X Genie Weight Loss Pills webpage says BHB salts while KBXWLP label says BHB Ketones. Which side to believe? KBXWLP provided no touchstone. Again, no shining on BHB Ketones, there are three of them, bring about aforesaid array of changes/ improvements. Hence, this KBXWLP features too appears hollow.   


  1. Boost Energy 

The Keto Burn Xtreme label says so. But, the language quality first. It should be Boosts, but it says Boost. Professionalism gets exposed. Next, Energy Boosting, what ingredients perform it. Those four ones? These must be magical then. There is no Energy Boost scale. For example, how much one Keto Burn Xtreme Weight Loss Pills serving boosts energy? How long? Problem is neither KBXWLP, Nutra4health LLC nor any evidence here shores it up. The meaning appears clear. There is no truth.  


  1. Enhance Focus 

Another far fetched claim. The reason is simple. Focusing is the brain’s preserve, no exception. How the four KBXWLP ingredient even promises so. There comes other question of brain’s safety, etc. Another falsehood.  


  1. Suppress Appetite 

Already dealt with in above. 


  1. The Manufacturer Name Confusion 

The Slim X Genie Weight Loss Pills label doesn’t mention its Manufacturer. It isn’t the norm. It suggests something amiss. Neither KBXWLP specific webpage nor the KBXWLP mentions what concern makes the KBXWLP. Rather, these add to confusion. The webpage shows Nutra4health LLC selling KBXWLP, while the label shows Nutra4health LLC its distributor. Naming the distributor, while ignoring the maker altogether is abnormal, rather deceitful.  



Having viewed ten aspects of KBXWLP, Slim X Genie Weight Loss Pills turns out to be a fake.  

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