Swift Trim

Nutra4helalth LLC proffers its Swift Trim on amazon.com for $39.95. At this price, each KFPP capsule costs $0.67. Advertisement rather helps spreading: 

  1. Bogus 
  1. Fleeced  
  1. Substandard  
  1. Inefficient 
  1. Health hazardous 
  1. Likewise  

product. Hit and try costs: 

  1. money  
  1. time  
  1. and even health.  


Hence, reviewing rise to the fore. The reason is simple. Points are listed and shone. Logic and evidence comprise this KFPP reviewing article. Features, attributes, and even loopholes are in below.  


  1. Advance Weight Loss Pill 

According to Swift Trim leased amazon.com webpage, this nutra4health LLC provided product is an Advanced Weight Loss Pill. However, no further information is present. Consequently, doubts raise their heads. Nutra4health LLC doesn’t give a dime to describe Advance pill’s working. Similarly, KFPP devoted webpage doesn’t: 

Mention when benefitting starts 

  1. What is max benefit level? 
  1. What is the experiment data? 
  1. What people benefited the most? 


Lastly, the poor language on KFPP  page leaves a bitter after taste. It is ‘Advanced’ that is appropriate not “Advance.” Having probed the KFPP webpage, nothing finds. The first doubt is confirmed 


  1. Manufacturer 

Every manufacture provides elementary information. One single successful product (whatever category it may belong to) gives edge to it maker, etc. Hence, maker information entails products. However, at Swift Trim Pills a new tradition emerges. There is no maker’s name, address, likewise. It is quite shocking. This absence looms long. Reasons are clear. Why maker isn’t mentionedIs this product, i.e., KFPPis a debacle? Is its feedback is bad? Is it over-charged? Are its ingredients okay? Does it keep its word?  


Worse is a distributor appears. The KFPP distributor, i.e., nutra4health LLC, appears on the label. The suspicion grows. What is the distributor role? No maker does it. Not even BMW. Distributor list is managed separately. No BMW vehicle mentions distributor. It is a normBut, KFPP label appears taking coal back to New Castle. Nutra4.com is Nutra4health LLC website. The label shows so. There awaits another shock. There are only four products. None spells like Swift Trim PillsNutra4.com withholds their info too. The nutra4.com and KFPP  connection stay in the darkWhat is it? Things keep growing worse. There is no About Us. Simply, the product isn’t superb.  

  Appetite Suppressant  

The food intake, no exception, is in thrall to Appetite. Otherwise, ingesting one morsel ascends to become an uphill task. If appetite exceeds normalcy, weight gains. It invites obesity. So, the first, fundamental, the most productive, and proven step is reining in appetite. This control is intricate. The reason is simple. Multiple factors contribute here; DNA; metabolism efficiency level; age factor; Growth Hormone Role; activity level in life; age; etc. KFPP mentions influencing only. No explanation is available. Same is the case with: 

  1. Citing  
  1. Proving  
  1. Acknowledgements  
  1. Etc.  


Darkness on this KFPP part, nurtures visitors’ doubt.  


  1. BHB Salts 

Perchance, it is an over simplification. This nutra4health LLC presence product relies on three BHBs only. Besides, Nutra4health LLC think mere listing on KFPP label can pull wool over potential Swift Trim Pills buyers, rather poor buyers. Nutra4health LLC might have hoped if there would KFPP content there. Too little BHB functionality information makes a bad trap. Suspicions may rose higher. 


  1. Boost Metabolism 

Language quality embitters introduction. The verb should take S. However, sincere nutra4health stakeholders belittle it, at least apparently. Turning to the aforesaid KFPP claim of boosting metabolism. Metabolism follows appetite footsteps. Chief controllers here are age, health level, activity level, inherent metabolism efficiency, etc., matter here. No doubt efficient metabolism is blissful. KFPP claims success here. But what it has got? Only three BHBs helping with  

  1. Advanced Weight Loss Assistance 
  1. Appetite Management 

Does KFPP think that the “troika” would accelerate metabolism too. When it comes to KFPP to explain, words become evasive. Not a single line defines. Apparently, Boosting Metabolism doesn’t fall within three BHB driven KFPP.  


  1. Burn Fat 

Fat is stored energy. Excess of everything is bad suits Store Energy, i.e., fats. Despite having fat amassed in the body, fat’s role of fuel never materializes. Fat only becomes fuel when Ketosis emerges. Till here, KFPP is okay. Suspicion only rises when Swift Trim Pills webpage finds three BHB burn fat too. Magical. Another customer propellant notion.  


  1. Caffeine 

The KFPP ingredient profile shows Caffeine joining three BHB in its battle with fat reduction. Caffeine does induce thermogenic situation. It does burn some energy. However, tolerance throws cold water on KFPP plan or scheme of weight management. Despite, no line shines on nutra4health LLC webpage Caffeine manipulating fat burning: 

  1. to the noticeable extent 
  1. to stable longevity 

what does it suggest? Another lame feature. 


  1. Continues the Ketosis State 

Ketosis is an internal body phase. There are a few prerequisites. Once fulfilled, liver brings in Ketosis. Those are: 

  1. 50 carbs a day. It is the max 
  1. For two or three days 

Increasing the carb intake disables it. Not good for diabetics. But, nutra4health LLC doesn’t give a clue. Mala fide intention of Swift Trim Pills? It may be incompetence. Besides, KFPP doesn’t clue fat loss in a: 

  1. Day 
  1. Week  
  1. Month 


  1. an average 
  1. maximum  
  1. minimum 

These could have estimated KFPP efficiency. But, no such statistics. The message is clear.  


  1. Diet Capsules  

Minimizing carb or protein based food intake begin Ketosis. How can these capsules? Besides, what does KFPP means by penning Diet Capsules? Not a single explains it. Again doubtfulness rises clearly. 


  1. Distributor Address 

Another doubt stirring KFPP notion is Distributor Address. No other/ genuine product does it. It becomes worse too. It is while visiting nutra4.com, the KFPP’s distributor’s website. ‘the Distributor’s website’ is devoid of Swift Trim Pills’ maker’s any information. Not a blob is available.  


Besides the aforesaid, viewing KFPP from following perspectives perfects separating chalk from cheese.  

  1. Un-supported Increase Energy  
  1. Negligible Ingredient List 
  1. Mental alertness and  body 
  1. Natural Ketogenic 800mg formula  
  1. Un-supportive No bitter aftertaste 
  1. Missing Privacy Policy 
  1. Missing Refund Policy 
  1. Missing Return Policy  
  1. Missing Shipping policy  
  1. Unexplained Unique BHBs 



Obviously, Nutra4health LLC presented Keto Fit Premium Pills loses its case.  

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