Synermale Male Enhancement

Synermale Male Enhancement is the Natural Testosterone Optimizer by GEC (Genetic Edge Compounds) serving purposes of: 

  1. Testosterone Support 
  1. Estrogen Control 
  1. An Increase in performance 
  1. Maximizing muscle volume 
  1. An increase in vitality 

Genetic Edge Compounds sells its 12capsules carrying one Test MD bottle for $59.50, hence, one pill costs $0.50.  

The Product Information  

Genetic Edge Compounds developed Test MD formulary to: 

  1. Support body’s harnessing Testosterone to maximum level 
  1. Control Estrogen and DHT 
  1. Manage Estrogen and DHT 

A natural phenomenon necessitates Synermale Male Enhancement or likewise solutions. Aging is that phenomenon. This phenomenon begins influencing in the 30’s. Every decade consolidates its hold. Every consolidation eclipses manhood further. It is a nature’s fiat. No concession, no relaxation. Simply, damnation to manhood without relaxation. It has got a name. It is Testosterone level decline. This decline follows the peak. Hence, this downward journey becomes thorny. Many Privileges, prerogatives, joys, priorities, attractions, approaches, etc., all bend with this decline  

 Reasons powering this decline are many. One is extra-work of an enzyme. Its name is 5-Alpha Reductase. This notion is a converter. It gives DHT incarnation to Testosterone. The Testosterone level, Free Testosterone level precisely, declines many woes. Harvard Medical Publications, a website, complies those woes as following. The demon of Testosterone decline gnaws as following three distinct areas: 

  1. Mind 
  1. Body  
  1. Sexual functions 


Simply, Testosterone decline gives way to deterioration in those. Following shows various ultimately possible deteriorations.  

  1. Mind 
  1. Depression creeps in 
  1. Self-confidence begins going downward 
  1. Difficulty begins adulterating Concentration faculty 
  1. Sleep begins giving up its attributes. Typical attributes. 


  1. Body 
  1. Body fails escaping here. Testosterone decline inflicts here too. Following lists said inflictions.  
  1. Muscle mass begins forsaking. Bon mass follows suit. 
  1. Body fat begins smothering a given male corporeal existence.  
  1. Fatigue succeeds in finding address. 
  1. Breasts adopt weird patterns. These become: 
  1. Swollen 
  1. Tender 
  1. Flushing visits. Hot flashes follow suit 


  1. Sexual Function 
  1. This notion tops in male priorities. There is hardly an exception.  
  1. Decline in Testosterone rubs off on sex drive. It lowers. Man’s life take a: 
  1. Bland 
  1. Unexpected 
  1. Futile  


  1. Next victim here is Spontaneous Erections. Its count shrinks.  
  1. Finally, continuing an erection evolves into an uphill task.  

 Imagine a man’s life. The aforesaid loss or deterioration blends misery into men’s life. Synermale Male Enhancement appears as a messiah. Genetic Edge Compounds blends synergistic ingredients into Test MD. Unwanted decline is resisted, slowed and averted. The Test MD ingredient profile supports Genetic Edge Compounds capacity. 


Genetic Edge Compounds makes a clean breast of its MD Test in the following. 

  1. No MD Test statement has FDA evaluation. 
  1. GEN doesn’t empower its Test MD to: 
  1. Diagnose 
  1. Treat 
  1. Prevent 
  1. Cure 

any disease.  

  1. Genetic Edge Compounds craftd Ingredient List on Test MD label may be different from here. Reason is simple. Genetic Edge Compounds formulating continues: 
  1. Researching 
  1. Upgrading  
  1. Heeding the feed back 

Hence, Supplement Facts aren’t entrenched here. These are variable at Genetic Edge CompoundsIngredient editing is a norm here. It is a permanent process. This approach nears Synermale Male Enhancement customer satisfaction. This notion rewards Genetic Edge Compounds as well.  

 Supplement Facts 

GEC considers three Test MD capsules comprising on serving. Simply, each Test MD bottles carries 40 Test MD servings. Hence, one Test MD bottle suffices one month needs. This list serves many GEC purposes. Some Test MD Ingredient strung benefits are listed below.  

An MD Test buyer knows what GEC gives in quid pro quo of $59.95.  

It suggests GEC expertise and experience.  

One can ascertain GEC choice’s: 

  1. Practicality 
  1. Prudence 

through the Electronic world, i.e, the internet.  

An inquisitive Synermale Male Enhancement admirer/ buyer / user can fetch detailed information. 

Comparing Test MD with others becomes easy. As easy as pie, precisely.  


  • The first GEC selection is Tribulus Terristris root, in the essence form. GEC finds 1,425mg potent Tribulus, marked by 45% Saponins and 20% Protodioscin suitable for its Test MD formulary. GEC avoids listing its %DV here. 
  • The second GEC selection is Bulbine Nataisis. GEC finds 150mg potent Bulbine Nataisis suitable for its Test MD formulary. GEC avoids listing its %DV here. 
  • The third GEC selection is Epimedium Grandiflorun. 10%. GEC finds 150mg potent Epimedium Grandiflorun suitable for its Synermale Male Enhancement formulary. GEC avoids listing its %DV here. 
  • The fourth GEC selection is Fadogia Agresits, a plant. GEC finds 75mg potent Fadogia Agresits suitable for its Test MD formulary. GEC avoids listing its %DV here. 
  • The fifth GEC selection is Ovine Placenta. GEC finds 60mg potent Ovine Placenta suitable for its Test MD formulary. GEC avoids listing its %DV here. 
  • The sixth GEC selection is DIM. GEC finds 30mg potent DIM suitable for its Test MD formulary. GEC avoids listing its %DV here. 
  • The seventh and last GEC selection is DHEA. GEC finds 25mg potent DHEA suitable for its Synermale Male Enhancement formulary. GEC avoids listing its %DV here. 

 Usage Method 

GEC provides Test MD usage method too. GEC kills many birds with one (this) stone. Firstly, GEC shows its customer commitment. Simply, how much GEC cares its admirers/ users. Secondly, it is convenience. The user isn’t left stranded. One knows wringing methods. Thirdly, ensuring nothing goes astray. Though, a natural formulary powers Test MD, yet its misuse, mishandling, negligence in use, etc., can: 

Deprive Test MD user from optimal results. Consequently, a bad name for GEC. Shaken customer trust, etc.  


  1. Take three Synermale Male Enhancement capsules and ingest with water. 
  1. Take it with food, ideally. Taking Test MD on an empty stomach is possible. However, GEC views it a hit and try approach. 
  1. On training days, take Test MD one hour before training, GEC advises. 
  1. On rest days, take Test MD in the morning. 
  1. Avoid OverDosingThere are fewer advantages. The side effect count is higher.  
  1. Keep it away from children.  
  1. Read Test MD label completely before using 


Provided information shows Synermale Male Enhancement worth its weight in gold. 


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