Testo Genix XL

Arazo Nutrition too harnesses the Tribulus Power to: 

Encourage Testosterone presence 

Discourage Estrogen role 

for men:  

  1. With Low Testosterone  
  1. With low Libido count 
  1. With poor stamina 

in the form of Tribulus Maximum Strength. This Tribulus Terrestris Extract is available on two websites. One is Arazonutrition.com, the maker of Tribulus Maximum Strength. The other is amazon.com, a commercial e-commerce platform. Let’s begin from pricing. 


Arazonutrition.com sells one Tribulus Maximum Strength bottle carrying sixty capsules with $19.95. 

The one-time Tribulus Maximum Strength cost is $19.95, charging $0.11 for one capsule. Amazon.com reduces the $19.95 price to $18.95 with a 5% discount. Here, one capsule costs $0.11. There is even 15% discount available. However, it needs five Tribulus Maximum Strength bottle purchases. It is typical amazon.com preferred discount. There is another discount mechanism. It is from the distributor.  


Special Offers and Product Promotions 

To begin with, amazon.com shows distributor’s offered discounts. Availing method too is mentioned on Testo Genix XL webpage of amazon.com  


  1. A click on Tribulus Maximum Strength Webpage of amazon.com reveals a coupon giving one USD discount. 
  1. On buying two or more Tribulus Maximum Strength bottles, ARAZNUT2 promotion code fetches 10% discount.  
  1. On buying three or more Tribulus Maximum Strength bottles, ARAZNUT3 promotion code fetches 15% discount.  
  1. On buying four or more Tribulus Maximum Strength bottles, ARAZNUT4 promotion code fetches 10% discount regarding Testo Genix XL 


Product Features  

Adding to Stamina, Energy, and Libido Count 

Tribulus Maximum Strength, made by Arazo Nutrition enhances users’ Testosterone Level to benefit Post-Workout notion. 1,500mg potent formulary is quite powerful. Extra strength to be precise.  


Arazo Nutrition prides in announcing that its Tribulus Maximum Strength exudes Extra Strength. Besides, its influence is 1000% more than? 

Diluted Multi-Ingredient Blends. Besides they choose 150mg strong Tribulus or even weaker. 


Lean and Muscular 

Arazo Nutrition is certain that its Tribulus Maximum Strength facilitates: 

  1. Lean muscle development 
  1. Chiselled muscles of a body 

Having employed forty-five percent Steroidal Sapnins, Tribulus Maximum Strength helps in: 

  1. Burning fat 
  1. Gaining muscle mass 
  1. Breaking training ruts.  


Supporting Sexual Health 

Next gain Arazo Nutrition is Male Sexual Enhancement, made possible by:  

  1. Lifting 
  1. Supporting  
  1. Testosterone Levels 
  1. Mood  
  1. Performance boost 



Arazo Nutrition blends reliability in Testo Genix XL. Following notions signify reliability 

  1. Tribulus Maximum Strength is made in the USA. 
  1. The manufacturing occurred in an: 
  1. FDA tested 
  1. FDA approved facility 
  1. GMP oversaw the: 
  1. Procurement 
  1. Making  
  1. Work force approach 
  1. Equipment handling 
  1. Rolling out product 


  1. The third party tested, is another quality assurance illustrating the commitment to: 
  1. Product quality 
  1. Customer satisfaction  
  1. Return of money 
  1. Concern’s positive repute 


Misc Features 


First thing to note here is allergen free. Next attraction/ feature here is absence of GMO bases/ sourced ingredients. Arazo Nutrition doesn’t allow binders either. Fillers too fail in catching attention of Testo Genix XL. Preservatives too are denied here. Arazo Nutrition destinies same thing for allergens, such as: 

  1. Soy 
  1. Gluten 
  1. Dairy 
  1. Shellfish 
  1. Peanut  
  1. Egg 


Some Words About Arazo 

Without doubt, Tribulus Maximum Strength is one reflection of Arazo Nutrition. Therefore, the making concern, i.e., Arazo Nutrition deserves some attention.  


Health and Nutrition are two Arazo Nutrition preserves. Arazo experience here, in said two fields, spans a decade. Specialized: 

  1. Scientific Research into: 
  1. Health 
  1. Nutrition  

With raison d’être of assisting people (users particularly) to lead healthier life. The formulation at Arazo Nutrition involves:  

  1. a doctor’s team. 
  1. Health specialists 
  1. Health care experts 
  1. Following best practices  


These factors enable Tribulus Maximum Strength to surge its share in: 

  1. The USA market 
  1. Products mentioned by physicians 
  1. Numerous health caring Americans’ day routine.  


Commitment to Life 

Arazo Nutrition believe: 

  1. The best ingredient array 
  1. Superb quality health products 
  1. Shouldn’t dent financial resilience. Simply these should be affordable. To the majority. One cornerstone of Arazo Nutrition policy is: 
  1. Bringing good health 
  1. Bringing good life 
  1. to all desirous of: 
  1. living better 
  1. living healthier 


No to GMO 

Genetically Modified Organisms are yet to earn trust. DNA of These Organisms are retrofittedUsually by alien or opposite notions. This is genetic engineering. Laboratories host these activities. Donor DNA parts come from: 

  1. Plants 
  1. Animals 
  1. Bacteria 

Nature doesn’t host/ organize such cross breeding. There have been health issues. Hopes met failures too. Environment may have suffered. Farmers paid a pricePartially though. Consumers’ right didn’t experience good. Arazo Nutrition finds GMP penetrating a dominant majority of the US processed food. Arazo isn’t captivated by GMO. It sticks to Non-GMO policy.   


Arazo Community Commitment  

The Testo Genix XL stakeholders, that is, Arazo Nutrition, vow to take product quality (Tribulus Maximum Strength) to a higher level. Besides, Arazo doesn’t allow price to follow suit. It is made stay: 

  1. Affordable 
  1. Reasonable 

All Arazo feats, entailing Testo Genix XL goes through certain phases. For example, facility bears: 

  1. Inspected by FDA 
  1. Approved by FDA 
  1. Processes there win approval from GMP.  

Then come Third Party Tests. No exception. Every product goes though it. The entire making is Evaluated. Evaluation includes: 

  1. Purity verification  
  1. Quality verification  
  1. Potency ascertaining 


Usage Method 

  1. For adults only.  
  1. Take two Testo Genix XL capsules a day. Take with water and food. Let doctor’s Tribulus Maximum Strength advice override that of Arazo Nutrition.  


Words of Caution 

  1. Keep it away from children. 
  1. Don’t exceed the dose.  
  1. use this Arazo Nutrition product if the user: 
  1. Is pregnant 
  1. Trying to become pregnant 
  1. Feeding one’s infant(s) 
  1. Having a health condition  

after a doctor’s nod.  

 Ingredient Profile 

Arazo Nutrition powers its Tribulus Maximum Strength with 1,500mg effective Tribulus Terrestris. Saponins potency here is 675mg. However, no DV% is available. In Other Ingredient part, there are: 

  1. Hypromellose 
  1. Vegetable Magnesium Stearate 
  1. Silicone Dioxide 

 Money Back Guarantee 

Arazo Nutrition proffers 60-day Money Back Guarantee for its Testo Genix XL 


Obviously, Arazo Nutrition made Testo Genix XL is okay.  


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