Ultra Apex Keto

Ultra Apex Keto Exposed

Nutonlife.com presents drinkable Ultra Apex Keto helping ‘living brilliantly’. However, Nutonlife.com sells its BrainFood UPK Oil through Amazon. Amazon shows Nuton selling BrainFood UPK Oil in two sizes:

  1. 0.5 liter. 10.49 USD is Nuton’s listed price. Nuton denies any discount.
  2. 1.0 liter. 23.79 USD is Nutron’s listed price. However, Nuton lowers $23.79 to 22.60 USD with a 5% discount giving $1.19 discount.

Both Nutonlife.com/product.html and amazon.com/Ultra-Premium-UPK-organic-coconuts/dp/B06ZXX8JZX/?th=1 list BrainFood UPK Oil features. Following examine those. Opines BrainFood UPK Oil’s worth.


According to Nutonlife.com BrainFood UPK Oil exhibits following features:

All Natural

Self-praise is no recommendation. Applicable to BrainFood UPK Oil as well. Nuton fails finding any place on Nuton.com pasting:

  1. Link
  2. Certificate’s image
  3. Certificate’s details

Nothing verifiable on Nutonlife.com supports BrainFood UPK Oil’ this claim. Simply a hollow claim


Nutonlife.com carries BrainFood UPK Oil information miserly. Zooming In isn’t available. Two marks on BrainFood UPK Oil label on Nutonlife.com are illegible. One is ‘P’. Not a cool omen.


This icon on Nutonlife.com/product html is illegible. Hence, no:

  1. Comment
  2. Examination
  3. Probing

is possible. One wonders why Nutonlife.com doesn’t provide:

  1. Zooming in
  2. Larger image
  3. More information

A better BrainFood UPK Oil picture is to benefit Nuton stakeholders greater. Stakeholders appear unmoved. Why? No Justification available.

 Healthy Fats

Self-praise is no recommendation. Nutonlife.com won’t mend its BrainFood UPK Oil ways. Nothing explains how BrainFood UPK Oil stirred fats:

  1. Are healthy.

Nutonlife.com should provide evidence. Websites facilitate it dramatically. Embed links. Clicking would do. What else is required. However, Nutonlife.com isn’t charmed. Simply, Nutonlife.com claims but proves no BrainFood UPK Oil feature. Something quite bad.

 Healthy Energy

Nutonlife.com doesn’t play fairly. Self-praise is no recommendation. Nuton doesn’t heed. Ideally, Nuton should:

  1. Define
  2. Explain
  • Support/ corroborate

The reality is opposite. Nuton bothers none. What does it suggest? Nuton is hiding these. These are Greek to Nutonlife.com. neither benefits Nuton’s BrainFood UPK Oil. The Nutonlife.com’s visitor/ reader is disappointed. Nuton doesn’t:

  1. Satiate curiosity
  2. Fill in gaps
  • Convince

Why one would buy BrainFood UPK Oil from Nutonlife.com in such situation. Nutonlife.com could have presented:

  1. Its own evidence.
  2. 3rd party evidence

None is available. Ultra Apex Keto suffers.

 Lauric Acid Free

How this absence furthers BrainFood UPK Oil’ cause. Let’s visit WebMD. WebMD finds Lauric Acid fine:

  1. For an expectant woman
  2. A breast-feeding woman

Though WebMD’s Lauric Acid attributed gains are the few, WebMD’s listed Lauric Acid’s sides effects are few. Whatelse can exonerate Lauric Acid. Besides, Nutonlife.com doesn’t mention:

  1. What paints Lauric Acid evil?
  2. What ills Lauric Acid unleashes?
  3. How Nuton knows Lauric Acid side effects?
  4. When Lauric Acid backfires?
  5. Is Lauric Acid all time evil?

Nothing on Nutonlife.com/product html seconds this BrainFood UPK Oil feature.

 Sourced Organic

Self-praise is no recommendation. Except Nutonlife.com’s content, nothing on Nutonlife.com supports this BrainFood UPK Oil:

  1. Feature
  2. Attribute
  • Claim

A third-party seconding

  1. Some public entity’s acknowledgement
  2. Some lab finding

could have sufficed. But no. So, claim not supported.


Vegan/ Kosher/ Halal serve/ put out/ sooth/ satisfy communal reservations. Only animal-linked procurement entails. Nuton forgets again. Self-Praise is no recommendation. Nutonlife.com doesn’t bother. On US soil, Nuton can find several Vegan/ Vegetarian/  Kosher/ likewise certifying entity. Official endorsement is apt.

  1. Stature rises
  2. Readers get impressed

Buyers gets convinced. The ultimate target.

What else Nuton or likewise would prefer. Anyhow,  Nutonlife.com stays adamant. No evidence is available. This weakens the case. Simply, Ultra Apex Keto isn’t vegan.

 100% BPA Free

Another cheap gimmick. BPA is plastic related. Nutonlife.com penning ‘100% BPA Free’ gives impression if BrainFood UPK Oil were struggling harder. The reality may shock. Regarding Nutonlife.com,  its content:

  1. Doesn’t define BPA?
  2. How it can harm?
  • How Nuton saves BrainFood UPK Oil users from BPA?

Total silence! Rather enveloping silence. Does it impress? Not alert people. Let’s visit WebMD. WebMD does opine on BPA. A chemical strung chemical. WebMD gets down to business. It quotes FDA okaying it. Where does go Nuton’s stance. Simply, obliterated. WebMD adds regarding plastic:

  1. Microwave own usage
  2. No other practice

stirs BPA. Hence, Ultra Apex Keto’s this feature is sham.


Address information helps diversely. For example:

  1. Accessing chief departments:
    1. Sales
    2. Shipping
    3. Returning
    4. Formulating team
    5. Marketing
    6. Manufacturing
    7. Warehouses
  2. Choices of contact:
    1. Telephone Number
    2. Postal Address
    3. Live Chat
    4. Email contact form
    5. Skype
    6. WhatsApp

comforts contacting.

  • Increases visitor/ buyer confidence.
  1. Facilitates Googling. Especially street view.

Let’s comb nutronlife.com. Its bottom shows

  1. hi at the rate of Nutonlife.com, one email id.
  2. Shockingly, no phone number. These days phone connections:
    1. Are dirt cheap.
    2. Easy to obtain
    3. Geographical restriction free

Even then Nutonlife.com doesn’t:

  1. Have
  2. Provide


  • Postal address:
    1. 877 Main Street
    2. STE 606,
    3. Boise ID 83702

Let’s bother Google’s Nuton searching power.

30 results appear. Only one result pens:

  • 877 Main Street
  • STE 606,
  • Boise ID 83702

The reason is simple. It is Nutonlife.com. Many expectations:

  1. Nuton comprising tax records
  2. Comprising local government records
  • Appearing in lab findings.
  1. Appearing in experiments.
  2. Appearing in compliances.
  3. Etc.

are belied.

Google 360 shows a road. Flanked by unnamed buildings. Another Ultra Apex Keto claim busted.


Nutonlife.com shows three ‘relevant’ links:

  1. Science Knowledgebase
  2. FAQs
  • Articles and Information

These three Nutonlife.com links are shocking. The reason is simple. Nutonlife.com/articles/ is combined/ collective destination. Another weak point. There are some articles. Let’s choose “Benefits of UPK Oil” article on Nutonlife.com/articles. The author name shocks. It is Michael. Why not full name? General description is available. No citing adorns it. Why? Nuton bases its Ultra Apex Keto on UPK but Nutonlife.com dismays completely. Beyond understanding! Simply another cheating.

 About Us

Concise introduction. All necessary information. Modus operandi. Driving force. About Us shine likewise. Nutonlife.com flings disappointment again. No information about:

  1. Who founded?
  2. When founded?
  • Who leads? Etc.

 Why Us

Nuton life.com deprives Ultra Apex Keto of its:

  1. Possible superiority

to rival brands.

Another bad omen.

Incomplete Label

Nutonlife.com hurts its Ultra Apex Keto again. Not complete label. Why? No justification.

 Ingredient List

Ingredient list is very important.

  1. Features
  2. Abilities
  3. Promises
  4. Evaluation

earns benefit.


Evidently, nutonlife.com fails establishing Ultra Apex Keto integrity. Avoid it.

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