Velocity Max Male Enhancement

Velocity Max Male Enhancement by Herbal Nutrition


Muscle Force produces its Testosterone Booster under the title of Velocity Max Male Enhancement. Herbal Nutrition presents Velocity Max Male Enhancement on and shows $39.95 as the listed price. However, sells T5X on a discounted price of $29.95, saving $10 on one T5X bottle. Each T5X bottle carries 180 tablets. Besides, one T5X bottle fetches 30 Reward Points. Purchasing two T5X bottles from costs $54.95, saving $24.95. This purchase fetches 55 Reward Points. Buying three T5X bottles from costs $78.95 and saves $40.90. This T5X purchase fetches 79 Reward Points. These account to a free Herbal Nutrition product purchase. sells one T5X for $29.95.


T5X is Muscle Force’s multi-ingredient booster. Testosterone Booster, precisely. Muscle Force employs:

  1. An advanced formula. The multi-ingredient formula, precisely.
  2. 5x Testosterone increase occurs. It ensures optimum absorption.
  3. Effective herbal essences
  4. Includes a 2nd messenger too.
  5. Muscle gains
  6. Gain in the libido count
  7. Controls Estrogen
  8. Manages DHT


Precise Features

  1. Velocity Max Male Enhancement adds 30% further to existing Testosterone of the Muscle Force user.
  2. This Testosterone increase doesn’t invite Estroeng increase either. Another advantage.
  3. Multi-Ingredient Testosterone booster. Some examples are:
    1. Tribulus
    2. Fenugreek
    3. Zinc
    4. Saw Palmetto
  4. 2nd Messenger Boost
  5. 5 times more optimizing complex. Testosterone utility gets maximized.
  6. Successfully resists DHT conversion.
  7. Ensures healthy Estrogen levels
  8. Supports:
    1. Muscle Gain
    2. Strength Gain
    3. Libido count gain.
  9. Clinically tested formula
  10. Made in the USA
  11. Free Shipping
  12. 60-day Guarantee. Money Back Guarantee, precisely.


Supplement Facts

Muscle Force considers three T5X pills as one serving. Hence, one Muscle Force bottle carries 60 T5X servings. The T5X ingredient list displays four categroies.


The First Category

The 1,084mg Potent Clinical Strength, Estrogen Control and T5X Testosterone Boosting Complex


Herbal Nutrition shows the first ingredient Muscle Force choosing for its T5X in the First category is Tribulus Terrestris, marked by:

  1. 15% Protodioscin
  2. 60% Sapnins


Herbal Nutrition shows the second ingredient Muscle Force choosing for its T5X in the First category is Fenugreek. Its seed essence. Marked by 50% Saponins.


Herbal Nutrition shows the third ingredient Muscle Force choosing for its T5X in the First category is Chrysin.


Herbal Nutrition shows the fourth ingredient Muscle Force choosing for its Velocity Max Male Enhancement in the First category is Red Clover, marked by 8% Isolfavones.


The sixth T5X ingredient in its First Category is Kudz root.


The seventh T5X ingredient in its First Category is Zinc Sulfate.


The eight T5X ingredient in its First Category is Long Jack.


The ninth T5X ingredient in its First Category is Copper Gluconate.


The tenth T5X ingredient in its First Category is DIM.


The eleventh T5X ingredient in its First Category is Avena Sativa.


The twelfth T5X ingredient in its First Category is Saw Palmetto essence, carrying 25% Total Sterols. Free Fatty Acids too comprise it.


The last T5X ingredient in its First Category is BioPerine


The Second Category

The 625mf effective Testosterone Signalling Amplification Blend

Herbal Nutrition chooses:

  1. Flaxseed, bearing:
    1. 8% Linolenic
    2. 5% Linoleic
    3. 5% Oleic
  2. Stearic Acid
  3. Glycine
  4. Magnesium Oxide
  5. L Arginine
  6. Dipotassium Phosphate
  7. DI Malic Acid
  8. L Methionine
  9. Cordyceps Essence. A type of fungi.
  10. Nicotinaide Adenine Dinucleotide


Third Category

Herbal Nutrition chooses:

  1. 15mg Magnesium giving 4 % DV
  2. 25mg Zinc giving 167 % DV
  3. 2mg Copper giving 100 % DV

to its Velocity Max Male Enhancement Testosterone booster.


The Other Ingredient Category

There are:

  1. Dicalcium Phosphate
  2. Microcrystalline Cellulose
  3. White Film Coat
  4. Polyvinyl Alcohol
  5. Titanium Dioxide
  6. Polyetylene Glycol
  7. Tal
  8. Croscarmellose Sodium
  9. Strearic Acid
  10. Magnesium Stearate
  11. and Silica.


Usage Instructions

  1. com advises taking 3 Velocity Max Male Enhancement pills by Muscle Force in the morning.
  2. com advises taking further Muscle Force made 3 T5X pills in the evening.
  3. During both intakes, Muscle Force label advises drinking water. 8 ounces of it.
  4. com allows T5X user’s doctor advice superseding Muscle Force’s crafted T5X usage instructions.


Words of Caution

  1. Muscle Force advises seeking Medical Advice before using T5X. Muscle Force forbids taking T5X if a user:
    1. Has a medical condition. Including but not limited to:
      1. Diabetes
      2. Heart Disease
  • Psychological Disorders
  1. Prostrate Hypertrophy
  2. Hormonal Abnormalities


  1. Muscle Force exhorts the T5X user taking the medical advice:
    1. If the T5X user is taking Anti-Depressants
    2. MAO inhibitors
    3. Any prescribed drugs.
  2. Muscle Force adds that T5X doesn’t suit:
    1. Women
    2. Expectant women
    3. Nursing mothers
    4. Individuals under 18


Contacting Herbalnutritionhealth.Com

Herbal Nutrition lets its T5X user ask about:

  1. A T5X order
  2. T5X returning
  3. Requiring further information regarding T5X or its sister product on
  4. Shipping concerns
  5. Questions
  7. Concerns

This contacting is easy. Quite easy.


By Telephone

Herbal Nutrition provides 1 800 497 4709 for telephonic contact. The Herbal Nutrition Customer Support serves queries:

  1. From Monday to Friday
  2. From 9 am to 5 pm.
  3. Eastern Time


By Email

Herbal Nutrition allows emailing to its support, regarding T5X, available at support @


Postal Address

Herbal Nutrition postal address is:

  1. Herbal Nutrition, LLC
  2. 4100 Bellflower
  3. Alpharetta
  4. GA 30005


Mailing List

Joining the Herbal Nutrition mailing list for:

  1. Product updates
  2. Promotional Deals information
  3. Inside scoop


Herbal Nutrition promises keeping T5X buyers’ email address:

  1. Confidential
  2. Never sharing


Return Policy

Herbal Nutrition suggests relying its Velocity Max Male Enhancement guarantee. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Herbal Nutrition permits returning T5X:

  1. For any reason
  2. Within 60 days of T5X purchase.
  3. Herbal Nutrition takes Shipping Date as Purchase Date for T5X returning purpose. To begin the T5X refund process, Herbal Nutrition advises its T5X buyer to write to Support electronically, i.e., support @ while mentioning:
    1. The reason for return
    2. Order information
  4. Support responds electronically regarding Return Authorization:
    1. Number
    2. Email
  5. Herbal Nutrition starts return process after Herbal Nutrition Support receives T5X. Herbal Nutrition returns T5X money as it received. However:
    1. Shipping
    2. Handling

charges of Velocity Max Male Enhancement aren’t refunded. The right to:

  1. Reject any T5X returns failing in complying with Herbal Nutrition penned instructions
  2. At its sole discretion.


Posting/shipping a Return

Return a T5X bottle with a:

  1. Return Authorization Email copy
  2. Pack the returning Velocity Max Male Enhancement bottle carefully.
  3. The T5X buyer pays the return cost.
  4. The returned T5X bottle should reach Returns Department of Herbal Nutrition before 61 day dawns. provides the T5X return address.



Evidently, Herbal Nutrition’s presented Velocity Max Male Enhancement is okay.

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