Velocity Max Male

Big Shot Male Enhancement by Rock Out 

 Rock Out sells its Velocity Max Male (BSME) on There are two choices. BSME bottle with 90 and 120 capsules. The former costs $37.99 while the later costs $49.99 on This Rock Out T-Booster adds to: 

  1. Existing Testosterone  
  1. Existing blood flow 
  1. Helps erections growing long 
  1. Promotes hardness 
  1. Increases the semen volume. Simply, greater ejaculations. 
  1. Rock Out employs: 
  • Herbs 
  • Botanicals 
  1. to result Optimal Testosterone Presence. This development makes way for: 
  • Better performance 
  • Strength gains  
  • Muscle growth 



Ingredient Profile 

Supplement Facts represents nutrient data of one Big Shot serving.  

  1. Rock Out cherry-picks Niacin for its one serving of BSME, marked by 10mg potency. BSME finds Niacin amounting to 50% DV.  
  1. Rock Out cherry-picks Zinc for its one serving of BSME, marked by 7.5mg potency. BSME finds Niacin amounting to 50% DV.  
  1. Rock Out cherry-picks Copper for its one serving of BSME, marked by 1mg potency. BSME finds Niacin amounting to 50% DV.  
  1. Rock Out cherry-picks Fenugreek, marking 50% Essence, for its one serving of Velocity Max Male, marked by 300mg potency. BSME provides no % DV.  
  1. Rock Out cherry-picks Tribulus Terrestris, marking 45% Essence, for its one serving of BSME, marked by 50mg potency. BSME provides no % DV.  
  1. Rock Out cherry-picks Maca, in the ground form, for its one serving of BSME, marked by 50mg potency. BSME provides no % DV.  
  1. Rock Out cherry-picks Tongkat Ali Roots, in the ground form, for its one serving of BSME, marked by 25mg potency. BSME provides no % DV. 
  1. Rock Out cherry-picks Panax Ginseng root, in the ground form, for its one serving of BSME, marked by 25mg potency and 10% essence. BSME provides no % DV.  
  1. Rock Out cherry-picks Caffeine Anhydrous, for its one serving of BSME, marked by 25mg potency. BSME provides no % DV. This caffeine amount equals ¼ cup of coffee. Rock Out indicates adjusting Caffeine intake accordingly. 


  1. Other Ingredients  

Rock Out selects three ingredients only. These are: 

  • Rice Flour 
  • Gelatin 
  • Plant sourced Magnesium Stearate 


Words of Caution 

  1. Keep it away from children. 
  1. Rock Out forbids using Velocity Max Male if the user is: 
  • Expecting a baby 
  • Breast feeding a baby 


There are storage instructions too. Rock Out wants its BSME stored in: 

  1. Cool 
  1. Dry 
  1. Protected from moisture 
  1. Shielded from direct sunlight 



Supporting Research 

Rock Out prides in practicality of every BSME ingredient. The reason is simple. Clinical research supports all. While Researching BME ingredients, Rock Out went through eight thousand papers. Rather, scientific papers. Some excerpts are chosen. Following mentions those. Rock Out gives a hint.  


The first Rock Out reference sprouts from a 2011 paper. Boston University School of Medicine was involved. Its BioChemistry department participated. Its A. M. Traish led researchers. Finds are listed below. DHEA bring modulation in: 

Endothelial function, Inflammation management, Insulin sensitivity improvement, blood flow efficiency, cellular immunity aspect, body composition facts, sexual function, bone metabolism dynamics, supporting physical strength, neuroprotection, Cognitive function improvement.   


Next Rock Out sorted reference is about Fenugreek. 2016 witnessed its publishing. Aging Male was the publication title. The study demonstrated Fenugreek: 

  1. Safe 
  1. Effective 
  1. in managing possible androgen deficiency 
  1. in sexual function betterment 

in increasing testosterone serum. Specially, in : 

  1. middle aged 
  1. older 



Next study appeared in September of 2014 about Longjack in Andrologia. The study demonstrated: 

  1. Longjack replacing TRT 
  1. Restoring serum testosterone restoration  
  1. Improving sexual health significantly.  
  1. Betters bone health 
  1. Improves physical condition. 


Then, it is Journal of Ethnopharmacol, 2016 Feb. It presents Longjack: 

A natural TRT alternative. Hence, restoring T-Levels. Improved sexual health is another consequence.  

  1. Next beneficiaries are: 
  • Endothelium 
  • Nitric Oxide 
  1. Rubbing off on: 
  • TT Aphrodisiac 
  • Pro-Erectile  

set of activities. 

 Next bit of support emanates from ‘Journal of Urology Internationa’ a British publication. Study hallmark was: 

  1. Double-blind 
  1. Placebo-controlled  

Anyhow, the research involved: 

  1. 50 men 
  1. Their NO levels 

They shared one particular notion. It was Erectile Dysfunction.  

They took: 

  1. L-Arginine 
  1. Placebo 

for six weeks. Nine out of twenty nine experienced: 

  1. Noticeable improvement 
  1. In their sexual abilities 
  1. 29 men amounted to 31%. 

 Rock Out mentions Forsch Komplementmed of 2009 December supporting Velocity Max Male. It quoted Randomized Clinical Trials. Maca influences: 

  1. Energy positively 
  1. Mood positively 
  1. Restricts anxiety 
  1. Sexual appetite positively  

 Usage Method 

Rock Out provides Velocity Max Male usage information too. Chief purposes are: 

  1. Supporting Customer Satisfaction 
  1. Demonstrating customer care 
  1. Ensuring maximum BSME results.  
  1. Reverting to Usage Method, best results are conditioned with: 
  • Meal 
  • Taking two pills a day 

 The Practicality 

No doubt, spurious products exist along with Velocity Max MaleUsually, those promise wonders. Rock Out adapts a different approach. Clinical support entire BSME ingredient profile. Besides, Rock Out considers not all BSME user bodies match. These can be different. The result range too differs. Even Rock Out accepts failures too. in this case, Rock Out offers Refund. Return BSME bottle to Rock Outget money back 

 Safe and Effective Care 

Velocity Max Male involves:  

  1. No embarrassing visits to clinics 
  1. No pricey prescription drugs 
  1. No pain incurring injections 
  1. No messy topical creams 

the past decade saw Testosterone Treatment flourishing. Reasons are many. Stress, sedentary lifestyle, rising engagements, poor atmosphere, etc., increases the intensity. Low Testosterone inflictions are wide ranging. What to speak of Sexual Function, even neither body nor mind escapes from Low Testosterone inflictions. Even partners cannot escape the fallout. 

 A New Dawn 

Only two BSME capsules turn over a new leaf. This promise is simple. Rock Out selection bases on: 

  1. Results 
  1. Science 
  1. Testosterone boosting takes effect: 
  • Quickly 
  • Effectively 
  • Safely 
  • Long term 

 Body increases Testosterone secreting. How come? Reasons are simple. Their names are: 

  1. DEHA 
  1. 4 Natural Herb 
  1. Why Protein 
  1. Two Essential minerals 


Similarly, Libido count rises. This support rests on: 

  1. Five ingredients 
  1. All five are proven 
  1. Long Jack is one fine example 

 Every Velocity Max Male pill increases Blood Flow, in a progressively increasing manner. Blood flow increase helps: 

  1. Love Muscle  
  1. Love Muscle activities  

Noticeable support originates from: 

  1. Tribulus Terrestris 
  1. Horny Goatweed 
  1. Zinc offers its wide ranging benefit.  

Dream of Lean Muscle moves towards fulfillment. Fat burning speed up. At least, noticeably.  

Cognition function benefits. Focus follows suit. 


Evidently, Big Shot Male Enhancement by Rock Out is okay.   

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