Vertex Method Male Enhancement

Vertex Method Male Enhancement by Life Nutrition


Life Nutrition markets its Vertex Method Male Enhancement by the name of Premium Libido Booster for Men (PLBM). Chief actives here are:

  1. Fenugreek
  2. Tribulus
  3. Maca in powder form

Amazon sells 60 capsules carrying one PLBM bottle for $35.95.


About the Product

  1. 520mg Potent Libido Booster
  2. The advanced formula of PLBM by Life Nutrition makes it a collection of herbs. These are meticulously:
    1. Proportioned
    2. Blended

to benefit health. Each Life Nutrition chosen herb for PLBM helps men:

  1. in mating capabilities
  2. by means of increasing libido
  3. Important amongst PLBM powering herbs are:
    1. Fenugreek
    2. Tribulus
    3. Maca Powder
    4. Tongkat Ali
    5. Horny Goat Weed
    6. Panax Ginseng


Benefiting Mating Abilities

Life Nutrition harness Tribulus to flourish:

  1. Sex drive
  2. Sexual Response
  3. Urinary Tract Function
  4. Libido count

in PLBM using men. Life Nutrition chooses Tribulus for its decads old serving data. General health too benefits. Tribulus nutrients help boosting testosterone. This serves libido count. Libido count increase is Testosterone dependent. Healthy Testosterone means, in PLBM user particularly, healthy libido count.


Regarding Anti-Oxidant Support

Here, Life Nutrition involves Maca root in Vertex Method Male Enhancement formulary for its following traits:

  1. Natural antioxidants

Flourishing antioxidants. For example:

  1. Glutathione
  2. Superoxide Dismutase

Chief Antioxidant benefits if restraining Free Radicals. These are saboteurs. These spare nothing in the body. Aging is their usual tool. Every attributes suffer at Free Radicals’ hands. Performance suffers. This includes mating abilities.


Energy Boost

Life Nutrition has collected Maca Powder result data. The purpose is bettering PLBM. Result collecting convinced Life Nutrition that Maca Powder:

  1. Raises the alertness level
  2. Energizes to the next level
  3. Benefits quickly
  4. Benefits begin emerging in days.
  5. Flourishing stamina is another PLBM benefit because of Maca Powder.
  6. Maca Powder in Vertex Method Male Enhancement promotes stamina too.
  7. No wonder athletes like PLBM for its Maca ingredient.



Another jewel Life Nutrition adorns its PLBM is Guarantee. The reason are:

  1. Premium quality product
  2. Manufactured in a modern facility
  3. Made in the USA
  4. GMP Audited making processes


Expected Benefits


Well, consulting physician does benefit. However, supplement harnessing Fenugreek are equally good. PLBM is one fine example.  Life Nutrition helps men igniting:

  1. Desire for sex
  2. Better performance in mating
  3. Sexual arousal gets better
  4. Testosterone level grow
  5. All these PLBM inspired developments help men.


Muscle Gain

Healthy Testosterone level, as Life Nutrition promises through PLBM, shortens the Muscle Recovery time. Protein synthesis gets better. Muscle building kicks in. Damage muscles are repaired. Amino acid play a role. Cell uses Amino Acids here. These all process, rather PLBM inspired processes helps:

  1. Strengthening a corporeal existence
  2. Developing muscle mass


Benefiting Testosterone Level

Nature is helpful. It infuses healing abilities into herbs. Having identified those, people harness their power. Life Nutrition is a fine collective effort resulting PLBM. Life Nutrition identifies Tribulus. Tribulus nutrients support sexual health. Leydig cell performance surges. Life Nutrition rightly ascribes it to Tribulus serving in its Vertex Method Male Enhancement. Leydig cells produce Testosterone.


Supporting Mood

Mood swings do matter here. Maca root appears relevant. Consequently, Life Nutrition picks mature Maca. Maximum PLBM user benefit is the purpose. Mental well being gets better. Depression is restrained. Anxiety gets deflated. These situations secrete anti-testosterone fluid. Cortisol represents those fluids. Testosterone production suffers. Rather, suffers dramatically. The Life Nutrition team with flavonoids in Maca blesses the PLBM user with psychological benefits.


Ingredient Profile

Life Nutrition lists all PLBM making ingredients. Purposes are:

Creating awareness

  1. Suggesting what PLBM brings.
  2. Helping people making comparisons
  3. Confirming each PLBM ingredient suitability. For example, any intolerance.
  4. Letting individuals delve deeper. Regarding Ingredient roles, potency, PLBM Supplement Facts relevancy.


  • Life Nutrition chooses 10mg effective Niacin for its PLBM formulary. This much Niacin amounts to 50 % DV, another PLBM information.
  • Life Nutrition chooses 7.5mg effective Zinc for its PLBM formulary. This much Zinc amounts to 50 % DV, another PLBM information.
  • Life Nutrition chooses 1mg effective Copper for its PLBM formulary. This much Copper amounts to 50 % DV, another PLBM information.
  • Life Nutrition chooses 300mg effective Fenugreek for its Vertex Method Male Enhancement formulary.
  • Life Nutrition chooses 50mg effective Tribulus for its PLBM formulary.
  • Life Nutrition chooses 50mg effective Maca for its PLBM formulary.
  • Life Nutrition chooses 25mg effective Tongkat Ali for its PLBM formulary.
  • Life Nutrition chooses 25mg effective Horny Goat for its PLBM formulary.
  • Life Nutrition chooses 25mg effective Panax Ginseng for its PLBM formulary.
  • Life Nutrition chooses 25mg effective Caffeine Anyhydrous for its PLBM formulary.


Usage Instructions

Life Nutrition makes Vertex Method Male Enhancement usage very easy. These instructions ensure PLBM benefitting the most. Maximum benefits signify notice PLBM user satisfaction. Good business for Life Nutrition as well. Instructions are few. These are convenient. Easy to comply with.


  • Take two pills a day.
  • These can be taken any time.
  • Life Nutrition advises ingesting PLBM pills before activities.
  • Taking with food benefits further.
  • Drinking water is a must. Life Nutrition advises 250ml water. Besides, overall water intake should grow, says Life Nutrition.
  • Don’t over dose. Overdosing might overload the system. It isn’t beneficial anyway.
  • Taking a healthy diet helps PLBM benefitting even further.
  • Finally, taking exercise assists PLBM serving to the next level.


Words of Caution

  • Keep it away from children.
  • Life Nutrition manufactures Vertex Method Male Enhancement for:
    1. Over 18 males. Ideally, mature men.
    2. Men basking in sound health.
  • Ideal situation, regarding Life Nutrition preconditions, may not occur always. People:
    1. Can Have Medical conditions
    2. May be taking medicine. Prescribed medicine exclusively.
    3. May be taking a supplement. Or planning to stack one.
  • May be having trouble regarding:
    1. Heart
    2. Blood pressure
    3. Liver
    4. Kidneys
    5. Likewise
    6. in these situations, Life Nutrition advises seeking medical assistance for PLBM usage.
  • Natural ingredients don’t harm. Life Nutrition hasn’t got such PLBM feedback yet. However, allergenic reacting PLBM cannot be brushed aside. In case of adverse reaction, Life Nutrition forbids continuing its PLBM. If it doesn’t help, Life Nutrition signals visiting doctors.
  • Besides, making of PLBM doesn’t serve:
    1. Under 18 individuals
    2. Women becoming mothers
    3. Mothers nursing their infants
  • In these situations, the maker itself, Life Nutrition, forbids PLBM usage.



Provided information shows Vertex Method Male Enhancement by Life Nutrition trustworthy.

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